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Each Baby Counts - Six Month Progress Report

Dec 4, 2014 ... In addition to intrapartum stillbirths and neonatal deaths, Each Baby Counts includes babies who ... incidents during term labour that lead to stillbirth, early neonatal death or severe brain injury in .... neonatal brain injury will be identified through the National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD). We now ...


The Etiology and Evolution of Fetal Brain Injury

Mar 16, 2012 ... Chapter from the book Brain Damage - Bridging Between Basic Research and Clinics ..... newborn period. Brain injury in a fetus of LBW is potentially caused by many factors; where placental dysfunction is the underlying cause, acute ... and the effects of these agents on the fetus and newborn infant.


Association of Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid with Fetal and

association of MSAF and MAS with fetal and neonatal brain injury in order to investigate the incidence of this condition, the .... black-green colored substance. With the progress of time, the color of ... Research studies have also recognized a strong relationship of meconium passage with adverse neurologic outcome ...


Fetal and Neonatal Research

155 Ventilation-Induced Brain Injury in Preterm Neonates: A Review .... natal research. Original papers present research on all as- pects of neonatology, fetal medicine and developmental biology. These papers encompass both basic science and ..... SPECIAL LECTURE: • 30 years of tremendous progress in newborn care.


Antenatal Events Causing Neonatal Brain Injury in Premature Infants

overview of neonatal brain injury in premature LBW infants is presented to provide a theoretical background of current research. This article will not address intra- .... Fetal hypox- ia, a diminished amount of oxygen in the blood supply, has been a concern since the first report of an association between perinatal events ...


New horizons for newborn brain protection: enhancing endogenous

Jun 10, 2015 ... natal neuroprotection research has focused on pure hypoxic-ischaemic brain injury; however, accumu- lating preclinical7 8 and clinical9 evidences suggest the critical importance of the sensitising effect of inflammation. The clinical signs of NE progress after a latent period of hours to days. This timing of the ...


Critical care decisions in fetal and neonatal medicine: ethical issues

... minimise the risks to their baby. Neonatal medicine has made immense progress and enables far more babies to survive premature .... 2 To examine scientific and medical research in these fields, considering in particular: a. diagnostics; b. fetal surgery; c. neonatal care (including resuscitation); d. recent evidence on the ...


Early cranial ultrasound findings among infants with neonatal

encing obstetric and fetal complications may have important effects on the nature and timing of HI insults (7). Preclinical study findings suggest that newborn infection may sensitize the immature term brain to subsequent injury (8,9), a poten- tially important factor in low-resource settings. Understanding the nature, timing of ...


Recent Progress in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Embryonic

Mar 3, 2016 ... Progress in Magnetic Resonance. Imaging of the Embryonic ... strains and injury progression in mouse models of fetal and neonatal brain injury. Progress .... TABLE 1 | Imaging parameters of selected reports on ex vivo MRI of the embryonic and neonatal mouse brain. Study. Age. Instrument. Contrast agent.


Current Trends in the Pathology of Human Reproductive Failure

abortion, endocrinology, and fetal and neonatal deaths. A number of con- verts to the field of fetal or neonatal pathology as a special discipline have resulted. Although the .... brain. There is greatdifficulty, how- ever, in assessing the possible roles of traumatic or anoxic damage in any given child, as is perhaps best exempli-.


The consequences of fetal growth restriction on brain structure and

Nov 26, 2015 ... Suzanne Miller leads the Fetal and Neonatal Health, Neurodevelopment and Neuro- protection ... The goal of her research is to understand mechanisms that lead to brain damage in preterm infants and to develop neuroprotective therapies for ..... and myelination progress (van de Looijet al.2015). In FGR.


Progress Review: Hypoglycemic Brain Damage

Initial research on hypoglycemk brain damage hi the 1930s was aimed at demonstrating the .... Research inter- est in the structural aspects of hypoglycemic brain damage waned thereafter. Hypoglycemia was consid- ered to be a form of ischemia,23"27 and the two insults ..... ter shifts, does not occur in the neonatal brain.


ARTICLES OF INTEREST – September, 2017

Residual brain injury after early discontinuation of cooling therapy in mild neonatal encephalopathy. Lally PJ ... This retrospective cohort study sought to evaluate the implementation of a delayed umbilical cord clamping ... Fetal growth restriction with brain sparing: neurocognitive and behavioral outcomes at 12 years of age.


Histologic chorioamnionitis at term: implications for the progress of

Objective: The aim of the present study was to evaluate: i) the rate of histologic chorioamnionitis in relation to the onset of labor and mode of delivery; ii) influence of clinical parameters on the risk of histologic chorioamnionitis in laboring women; iii) neonatal outcome in relation to histologic chorioamnionitis. Methods: A ...


Efficient fetal-maternal ECG signal separation from two channel

Feb 7, 2017 ... that perinatal brain injury originates in utero, yet no means exist to detect its onset early, reliably and ... the fetal HR monitoring realm, the technological progress has been coming more gradually. This has ... The current study addresses this challenge by proposing an algorithm capable of working with only ...


Review Article Metabolomic Profiling in Perinatal Asphyxia: A

Neonatal Brain Research Group, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health and the Irish Centre for Fetal and. Neonatal Translational ... As a systems biology approach, metabolomics has huge potential to progress our understanding of ... for useful biomarkers to accurately predict injury severity in perinatal asphyxia.

Denihan-2015-Metabolomic Profiling.pdf

Hypoxia-ischaemia and the developing brain: hypotheses regarding

with brain damage in the fetus and newborn infant induced by .... because the compromised status of such a region may be improved if effective ..... In regard to the developing brain, a few studies have examined the consequences of hypoxia -ischaemia on the fetus or newborn. For example, in a study by Gunn et ~ 1 . ' ~ ~.


Perinatal Brain Damage Causation

writing from the perinatal neuroepidemiologists' per- spective. Causal Inference and a Neopragmatic View of. Etiology Research. Modern etiology research in humans needs to be based on sound ... Brain damage Fetus Immature brain Neonatal brain ... Howev- er, even in light of considerable progress in molecular.


Perfusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging patterns of

Purpose: To determine whether an early magnetic reso- nance imaging (MRI) study using perfusion-weighted imag- ing (PWI) may define the pattern of brain injury in term neonatal hypoxic–ischemic (HI) encephalopathy. Materials and Methods: Five newborns with HI encepha- lopathy or a marker of perinatal depression, ...


Središnja medicinska knjižnica

2Croatian Institute for Brain Research, School of Medicine, University Zagreb, Zagreb,. Croatia. 3Policlinic “Vili” ... fetal hypoxia and prevention of perinatal brain damage; although in this situation the delay of the delivery might cause the ..... The progress of fetal deterioration during the two weeks of surveillance is shown in ...