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Continuing Conversations: The Image of Richard Nixon in Political

examine images of President Richard Nixon as captured in political cartoons, with particular attention to the themes ... Peking” (1972), and the “Question-and- Answer Session at the Annual Convention of the. Associated Press Managing Editors Association,” given in the midst of the Watergate investigation in 1973 present ...


The Nixon Resignation at 40 Years

Sep 5, 2014 ... Student Activity: Watergate Forty Years After the Scandal. □ Editorial Cartoon Activity: Herblock | National Security Blanket. □ Editorial Cartoon Reprints: Herblock. □ Editorial Cartoons Questions: Herblock | Visual Commentary, 1972- 1974. □ Editorial Cartoons: Answers | Visual Commentary, 1972-1974.


1 U.S. History End-‐of-‐Course Practice Exam The correct answer

1. U.S. History End-‐of-‐Course Practice Exam. The correct answer for each multiple-‐choice question is in red. .... This political cartoon is a criticism of which practice in the 19th century? A. vertical integration. B. monopolization .... D. media coverage of the Watergate scandal. Citizens can be drafted into war at 18 years old.



Jun 19, 2001 ... United States Constitution in order to. (1) remove government officials from political .... Base your answer to question 39 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies. 39 The main idea expressed in the ... Watergate affair, and the Iran-Contra affair are similar is that each of these political ...


US History - Unit 10 – Modern US History

May 31, 2017 ... Identify Issues and/or problems and alternative solutions. 4. Distinguish between fact and opinion. 6. Identify and use primary and secondary sources. 9. Construct charts and tables. 11. Draw conclusions and make generalizations. 17. Interpret political cartoons. Conflict and Change. Watergate Cartoon ...


Test Taking Skills - Political Cartoons

What is the political cartoon telling the reader? 2. Read the captions ... Look for information in the political cartoon that supports your choice for the answer. 11 ... figuring out when it was drawn and what the cartoon is about. The tape reels and date point to Nixon and Watergate. The dates and caricature of FDR point to his 4  ...


9278327 USH&G Ju02

Jun 20, 2002 ... Base your answers to questions 24 and 25 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies. Source: A Political Cartoon History of the United States, Scott Foresman (adapted). J.P.. Morgan. For. Sale. U.S. Hist. & Gov't.– June '02. [5]. [OVER]. 24 Which 19th-century business practice does this ...



Jan 28, 2016 ... (2) Successes of Third Political Parties .... Base your answers to questions 23 and 24 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies. ..... Watergate affair. Task: Using the information from the documents and your knowledge of United States history, answer the questions that follow each ...


24.2 Watergate: Nixon's Downfall

Watergate office and apartment complex in Washington, D.C. However, the. 802 CHAPTER 24. Watergate: Nixon's Downfall. Terms & Names. MAIN IDEA. WHY IT MATTERS NOW. •impeachment .... Dean provided a startling answer to. Senator Howard Baker's .... Analyzing Political Cartoons. 1. What does this cartoon imply ...


AP® United States History 2003 Scoring Guidelines Form B

In your answer be sure to analyze the successes and limitations of these efforts in the period 1900-1920. The 8-9 Essay ... Document A: 1907 Washington Post cartoon. Document Information: • Teddy Roosevelt attacks Bad Trusts ... Need for political reform. • Need direct presidential primaries. • Need direct election of US  ...


Nixon, Richard - Pardon: General

questions that I have answered freely and perhaps too fast on. :&~~i~,;icy is previous occasions•. · to try and get all the ...... The media acco~Lts of Watergate, the political collliunists' debates, the daily televised ... newspaper cartoons, the " talk-sho':v" discussions, the letters- to-the-editor, the privately placed co~~ercial ads, ...


regents examination in united states history and government

graphs, political cartoons, maps, charts, and diagrams. Students will be ... Examination in United States History and Government, students will be required to answer all of the questions on the test. ..... One way in which the Watergate controversy, the Iran-Contra affair, and the Whitewater investigation are similar is that each ...


Presidents and the Constitution

Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal . .... of the constitutional questions raised in this curriculum to have been “answered” by history, we believe it is important to give students the opportunity to analyze history for ..... Have one half of the class draw a political cartoon that might have been published by a Federalist ...


Elections, Money, and the First Amendment

Watergate Scandal of 1972, Congress created the Fed- eral Election Commission (FEC) to enforce limits on contributions ... directly benefits a campaign through the funding of ad- vertising and other political communications . .... regulation premised on the notion that the answer to money in politics is to ban political speech.”.



One illustration of this is the record of political cartoons that have depicted aspects of American ... exposing Watergate as well as propaganda designed to induce support for certain politicians or parties regardless of the ... To start to answer these questions, it helps to understand how the political news media developed over ...


The Cold War on Ice

story played out at the close of a distressing decade highlighted by Watergate, Vietnam, and oil crises—an era .... Hockey's relationship with cold war politics becomes more complex when two additional hockey powers are .... détente hockey: Brooks wrote his note on a political cartoon that had appeared in the. Los Angeles ...



Sep 26, 1984 ... Shattuck, "National Security a Decade After Watergate," Democracy (Winter,. 1983). 401. Emerson, "The State ... Cartoon by Herblock, Washington Post, November 16, 1983. 499. "Shultz Defends Press Ban," ..... use it for political purposes, to trust the Government not to censor too much. Orwell knew better.


The majority of linguists and psychologists agree that the workings

Jan 27, 2013 ... political cartoons), of which the overlap is rather small: such a small overlap is made possible because. Dewey's main source is the Granger Collection in New York (and most cartoons in his book are reproduced full-page). One can see how technical sophistication grew, from the American Revolution.


A Presidential Pardon Lesson Plan and Materials

learned about the Watergate scandal and its impact on the Nixon Presidency. 2. Students will listen to and ... Students will be graded on their individual answers to the President Gerald R. Ford's. Remarks on Signing a .... of the government? 6. Create a political cartoon from the stand point of an American citizen on Sept 9,.


an alternative educational program for middle school students

... the feelings and emotions of the characters in the book, write solutions to a problem, and write his/her own philosophy of life. ..... 8. Graphics: reading and understanding visual cues, charts, and graphs. 9. Business article. 10. Political cartoons. 11. Sports coverage. 12. Letters to the editor. 13. Graphic organizers: 5W + H ...