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“Organized Obfuscation: Physician-Assisted Suicide,” Hastings Center Report ( Sept-Oct 2008). “Images ... "A Case Against Euthanasia," in Andrew I. Cohen and Christopher H. Wellman, eds., Contemporary Debates ... "Point-Counterpoint: Doubling the Human Life Span," Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences ( 2004).

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Notes on Recent Publications

Merriman points to a vast array of philosophical frameworks which were foundational for Day, particularly socialism and personalism. Her study of Day's ...... euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide define the parameters of this book . Gula's counterpoint use of Catholic theological tradition to expand, contradict, or  ...


Dietary Supplements - Balancing Consumer Choice & Safety

transplantation; surrogate decision-making; physician assisted suicide; assisted reproductive technologies; and ... more classic issues in medical ethics, primarily at the beginning and end of life. However, the Task ... on dietary supplements, their limited government regulation, and the current deficits in education regarding.



Through a combination of the illuminating overviews composed by the editor and read- ings drawn from important traditional and contemporary sources, MacKinnon's Ethics provides students with an introduction to both ethical theory and the moral debates sur- rounding a variety of contemporary issues. Edited with the ...


CURRICULUM VITAE Gail A. Van Norman, M.D. Education: 1973

2011. Should Anesthesiologists Participate in Physician-Assisted Suicide? Pro and. Con. American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting. Chicago, Il. 2011 .... Current Opinions in. Anesthesiology 17(2): 177-81, 2004. 25. Van Norman GA. Ethical Issues of Importance to Anesthesiologists Regarding Organ Donation.

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Religion and the public discourse of bioethics

lem of a fitting end to human life to unmediated medical science or yearn for physician-assisted suicide to sanction a medicalized death. But we will always ... We forget this con- cept at our own moral peril, because forgetting one's place and confusion about one's stature is the classic problem in religion, called by the name ...


An Ethics Primer

students to analyze issues in light of the scholarly discipline of ethics. ... to ethical issues. The primer is designed to be flexible enough to use with many different types of topics and science content. The primer is not intended to be used as a unit from cover to ..... Contemporary utilitarian philosophers identify other values as.


Learning from Ethicists; How Moral Philosophy is Taught at Leading

determine how ethics and moral philosophy were being taught in six leading English-speaking universities and ... inventory below), about problems they and students faced, about how they taught, about what constitutes ..... At no point were teachers at these leading English-speaking institu- tions assumed to be better than ...

Cooper - Learning from Ethicists How Moral Philosophy is Taught at Leading English-Speaking Institutions.pdf

Beyond Autonomy: Judicial Restraint and the Legal Limits

trative both of the problem and the inadequate judicial response thereto. This part then explores the scope and the roots of the physician-refusal di- lemma. In Part II , this Comment discusses the opposing positions, the con- flict of which animates the bioethical debate over physician-refusal. Part III traces the current ethical ...


Dying cancer patients talk about euthanasia Social Science

euthanasia framed the issue as a matter of freedom of choice, as preserving dignity in death, ... pros and cons of either practicing, or legalising, euthanasia .... We con- sidered that, at this point in the interview, patients were likely to be comfortable with discussing life-and-death is- sues, and unlikely to be disturbed by the ...

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Issues and Trends in Psychiatric- Mental Health Nursing

dependence. Self-concept and body image changes, de- velopmental issues, life process changes, and end of life issues. Physical symptoms that occur along ..... initiated at the first point of contact with the mental health care system.” It involves the “con- tinuous and comprehensive mental health ser- vices necessary for ...


Theory and research in social education 30/01

Jan 1, 2002 ... IN THIS ISSUE. From the Editor. Features. Discussing Controversial Public Issues in Secondary. Social Studies Classrooms: Learning from Skilled Teachers ... Theory and Research in Social Education is indexed in Current Contents, Cur- ..... physician-assisted suicide, for example, a teacher may hope that.


Obstinacy and suicide

that social science, in its modern modalities, has the means to identify the normative ends toward which ... ily doctor. Dr. Milner's wife had ended her life by assisted suicide in the summer of. 2013. Mrs. Milner had been accompanied by Mrs. Pinelli, a volunteer with Exit: Association .... This moment marked a turning point for.


Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature

William James (1842–1910) physician, psychologist, and philosopher, was a founder of American .... Pros and cons of the saintly character, 369. Saints versus “strong” men, 371. Their social function must be considered, 374. Abstractly the saint is the ..... of interior to exterior consciousness, a point modern analytic phil-.


APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers, Vol. 14, No. 1 (Fall

Ethical Trust in the Context of Robot-Assisted Surgery. Mariarosaria Taddeo. Information Warfare: The .... education in philosophy and we welcome further debate.5. Last but not least, I am on a year-long sabbatical ( ..... robotic surgery, as both sides, pro and con, argue over the meaning of the outcomes that have been ...


06 Koch p123

point/counterpoint. The point/counterpoint exchange between Thomas Koch and Peter Singer highlights the sharp differences of perspective and values that characterize so much of contemporary bioethics dis- ... commentary from the authors of this issue's Point/Counterpoint exchange, as well as reactions from readers.


Military Medical Ethics, Volume 1, Chapter 11, Physician-Soldier: A

between dedication by a physician to patriotism that may cause him to refuse service to the sick and dedication to medical ethics that ... cal and philosophical analysis that requires debate. For true debate to ... versy and initiate a critical examination of the issues physicians continue to face in military service to their country.


Gavrin JR: Ethical considerations at the end of life in the intensive

working knowledge of the philosophical principles that are funda- mental to ... death. (Crit Care Med 2007; 35[Suppl.]:S85–S94). KEY WORDS: end of life; ethics; intensive care; palliative care; death; life support; autonomy; beneficence; nonmaleficence; sur- rogate decision ... whereby physicians are obligated to pro-.


Human Dignity and Judicial Interpretation of Human Rights

laws prohibiting sodomy in South Africa, 8 and in the consideration of physician- assisted suicide in Europe. 9 But what does dignity mean in these contexts? Can it be a basis for human .... among other things to point to the respects in which all human beings are equal and in which that equal- ity is to be given effect in law: ...


British economic and social planning 1959-1970 Glen O'Hara

Thesis submitted in fulfilment of the criteria for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy . University College. London ... 'Pros and cons': a planning machinery for education. 197. 'Melting pot': Further ...... political issue: ideological motivations of the politico-economic debate in post-war Britain', Contemporary record 7, 1(1993 ), pp.