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Parabolic equation methods for electromagnetic wave propagation

Parabolic Equatioii Methods for Electromagnetic Wave. Propagation, Mireille ... wave equation for paraxial propagation in the atmosphere. This .... EMP Note Series. The following EMP-related notes have recently been published and distributed: SSN 450 “Experimental Results of Optimizing the Location of. Fced Aims in a ...


Appendix B: Suggested References

EM BOOKS. C. A. Balanis, Antenna Theory, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1982, 2nd ed., 1997. C. A. Balanis, Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics, 2nd ed., John Wiley & Sons, ... (Series on Electromagnetic Waves), New York, 1994. ... M. Levy, Parabolic Equation Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, IEE.


Propagation modeling and path loss prediction tools for high

Path Propagation, Millington Effect, Path Loss, Parabolic Equation, Finite- Difference Method, Finite Ele- ment Method, Split-Step PE Method, Impedance Boundary Condition, Hilly Island Effects. 1. Introduction. High Frequency Surface Wave Radars (HFSWR) use vertically polarized electromagnetic (EM) waves in the.


Study of the Electromagnetic Waves Propagation over the Improved

Oct 19, 2016 ... An improved fractal sea surface model, which can describe the capillary waves very well, is introduced to simulate the one- ... capillary waves of the sea surface on the EWs propagation. 2. Computing Method for Electromagnetic. Wave Propagation. 2.1. Parabolic Equation and Finite-Difference Method.


Electromagnetic Waves Propagation above Rough Surface

interaction phenomena of the wave with the propagation medium. Numerous methods are able to predict the electromagnetic wave propagation in the troposphere. Tow kinds of methods are developed in literature, exacts methods ( Mode theory [1]) and asymptotic methods (geometrical optic [2], parabolic equation [3,4]), the ...


terrain implementation wtih parabolic equation method

Key words: Ground wave propagation, parabolic equation. ABSTRACT ... terrain is also described in detail and the method is applied to typical as ... atmosphere. Electromagnetic waves propagate to longer ranges with two typical wave types: ground and sky waves. Sky waves are mostly affected by the upper atmosphere ...


Tropospheric Refraction Modeling Using Ray-Tracing and Parabolic

Long-range electromagnetic wave propagation in near-horizon direction is ... Ray -tracing is a geometrical optics method while the parabolic equation method is a full-wave approach to a homogeneous wave equation solution. Both methods have been known for ... waves is shown relative to earth curvature. The rays propa-.


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Parabolic equation method proposed by Leontowich and Fock [1,2] is an efficient simulation approach ... In radio wave propagation, PE was used first to derive explicit analytical formulae for the EM field strength ... At the same time, little attempts of using TDPE to simulate EM pulse propagation in realistic environments are.


Atmospheric Refraction and Propagation in Lower Troposphere

Jun 21, 2011 ... Influence of atmospheric refraction on the propagation of electromagnetic waves has been studied from the ... of propagation modelling of EM waves in the lowest troposphere with inhomogeneous refractivity are ..... called Parabolic Equation Method (PEM), which is the most often used full-wave method in.


Lensing effects in a random inhomogeneous medium

Oct 30, 2017 ... M. Levy, Parabolic Equation Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, vol. 45 of IEE Electromagnetic Waves. Series (The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 2000). 12. E. Bleszynski, M. Bleszynski, and T. Jaroszewicz, “Early-time diffusion in pulse propagation through dilute random media,” Opt. Lett.


A finite element discretization of the standard parabolic equation in

and a continuous, piecewise linear finite element method in space. The propagation of cylindrically symmetric sound waves over a complex terrain, emitted to the atmosphere by a harmonic ...... [23] M. Levy, Parabolic Equation Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, IEE Electromagnetic Waves Series, vol. 4, The ...


Over-the-Horizon Ka Band Radio Wave Propagation Studies in the

This paper describes the analysis of mmW radiation reception recorded by a height-distributed multi-element transmit-receive experimental propagation system. ... receiver time series recordings are time-stamped using GPS. The receivers provide ..... [5] M. F. Levy, “Parabolic equation methods for electromagnetic wave.



electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere [8, 15, 19] the Helmholtz equation can be further simplified. ... into a coupled system of one way wave equations which leads to the Bremmer series approximation for the wave ... are used to compare our method with the standard parabolic approximation. The outline of the paper is  ...


Study of Parabolic Equation Method for Millimeter-Wave Attenuation

Jun 3, 2016 ... THE PARABOLIC EQUATION METHOD. We define a reduced function u(x, z) = e. −ik0x ψ(x, z), where ψ(x, z) represents a scalar electromagnetic field component. Here, x-axis is the direction of the wave propagation, and z-axis represents the vertical direction. Based on the approximation proposed by Feit ...


Diffraction, Refraction, and Reflection of Radio Waves

SOLUTION OF THE' FROBiSM OF FE0PAGAT70N OF ELECTROMAGNETIC. WAVES ALONG TEE EARTHS SUR5ACE EC THE METHOD OF PARABOLIC. EQUATION. (journal a£ Physic^, USSR. iO, 13-54, 1946), 65. 1. Tm Case of a Plane Earth. 66. 2. The Case of a Spherical Earth. 78. TabTLe 1. 85. V. THE FIELD OF A ...



Abstract—Computational aspects of EM pulse propagation along the ... Parabolic equation method proposed by Leontowich and Fock [1,2] is .... pulse is a superposition of plane waves. H(x, t) = 1. 2π. ∫ ∞. −∞. ˜F(k)ei[kx−ω(k)t]dk. (14). In free space, ω = kc, and formula (14) yields a dispersion-less traveling wave.


Development and Use of Electromagnetic Parabolic Equation

(Keywords: Electromagnetic propagation, Modeling and simulation, Parabolic equa- ... PWE-based methods result in less complicated propagation models in the sense that direct numerical evaluation of the wave equation eliminates the need to use different approx- .... tionship between an elevation-plane antenna radiation.



Abstract—In this paper, the parabolic approximation of wave equation will be solved by the method of least squares. At first, the radio wave propagation in homogeneous media will be considered. The electromagnetic field will be expanded by proper expansion functions, which satisfy the parabolic equation in  ...


A theoretical study of the boundary conditions for parabolic equation

Oct 9, 2014 ... From this, the observed numerical instability is related to a radiation condi- tion in the upper medium. 1 Introduction. The parabolic equation algorithm for the simula- tion of electromagnetic waves propagation in large- scale 2D scenes is an efficient tool [1]. As soon as the backscattered field is neglected, ...


The Tropical Air–Sea Propagation Study (TAPS)

A field campaign designed to evaluate the ability to forecast radio wave propagation in a ... radio wave propagation over the sea surface. Several ...... Kluwer, 250 pp. Levy, M. F., 2000: Parabolic Equation Methods for Elec- tromagnetic Wave Propagation. Electromagnetic. Waves Series, Vol. 45, IEE, 336 pp. Lowry, A. R., C.