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Pre Calculus Conic sections formula sheet:

Conic Sections Formulas. Parabola. Vertical Axis. Horizontal axis equation. (x-h). 2. =4p(y-k). (y-k). 2. =4p(x-h). Axis of symmetry x=h y=k. Vertex. (h,k). (h,k). Focus. (h,k+p). (h+p,k). Directrix y=k-p x=h-p. Direction of opening p>0 then up; p0 then rignt; p

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Algebra Cheat Sheet

Point – Slope form. The equation of the line with slope m and passing through the point ( ). 1. 1. ,x y is. (. ) 1. 1. y y m x x. = +. −. Parabola/Quadratic Function. ( ). ( ) ( ). 2. 2. y a x h k. f x a x h k. = −. +. = −. +. The graph is a parabola that opens up if. 0 a > or down if. 0 a < and has a vertex at ( ),h k . Parabola/Quadratic Function.


Math Formulas For Ellipse, Parabola and Hyperbola

Math Formulas: Conic Sections. The Parabola Formulas. The standard formula of a parabola. 1. y2 = 2 px. Parametric equations of the parabola: 2. x = 2 pt2 y = 2 pt. Tangent line in a point D(x0,y0) of a parabola y2 = 2px is : 3. y0 y = p (x + x0). Tangent line with a given slope m: 4. y = mx + p. 2m. Tangent lines from a given ...


1.6 Quadric Surfaces

know what a parabola, hyperbola and ellipse are. We remind you of their equation here. If you have never seen these equations before, consult a calculus book to ... A quadric surface is the graph of a second degree equation in three variables. ... In general, the axis of a hyperboloid of one sheet is the axis corresponding to.


Quadric Surfaces

1. In the yz-plane (x = 0), the trace is a hyperbola z2. 12. − y2 = 1. Thus, the surface is a hyperboloid of one sheet. Example: Describe the graph of x. 6. = y2. 3. + z2. In standard form, the equation is x = 2y2 + 6z2. In the xy-plane (z = 0), the trace is a parabola x = 2y2. In the xz-plane (y = 0), the trace is a parabola x = 6z2.

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Formula Sheet for College Algebra Final Exam b b b a b a ba ba

Formula Sheet for College Algebra Final Exam. Properties of Exponents p p mp np p m n mp np p mn nm mn mn m n mn m n b b b a b a ba ba a a a a a a aa. 1 .6 .5. ) (.4. )(.3 .2 .1. = =........ = = = = −. −. +. Quadratic Formula a ac b b x. 2. 4. 2 −. ±. −. = Circle r radius kh center r ky hx. = = = −. +. −. ),(. ).


The Math Section on the New SAT

Starting on page 3, you will find a five-page Math Review written specifically to help you prepare your students for the new SAT. It contains Calculator Tips, a list of the Mathematics Content covered in the test, and a review of the Arithmetic, Algebraic, and Geometric Concepts, including symbols and rules, that students will ...


Math Formula Sheet for Advanced Functions and Modeling, Discrete

NCDPI Reference Formulas for Advanced Functions and Modeling,. Discrete Mathematics, and Precalculus. Stock No. 14157. (. ) (. ) 1. 1. 1. 2 n n n a a n d n. S a a. = +. -. = +. Arithmetic Sequence and Series. (. ) (. ) 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. , where. 1. 1. , where. 1. 1 n n n n a a r a r. S r r a. S r r. -. •. = -. = ≠. -. =


Algebraic Formula Sheet

Algebraic Formula Sheet. Arithmetic Operations ac + bc = c(a + b). ( a b. ) c. = a bc a b. + c d. = .... y = m(x − x1) + y1. Quadratic Functions and Formulas. Examples of Quadratic Functions x y y = x2 parabola opening up x y y = −x2 parabola opening down. Forms of Quadratic Functions. Standard Form y = ax2 + bx + c or.


Vertex Form of Parabolas

P 1 iMzaHd5eK HwSiItBh8 UIrnnfnirnoibtcee 3AelYgverbBria9 n2y.i. Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC. Kuta Software - Infinite Algebra 2. Name___________________________________. Period____. Date________________. Vertex Form of Parabolas. Use the information provided to write the vertex form equation of ...

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SAT Subject Math Level 2 Facts & Formulas Numbers, Sequences

SAT Subject Math Level 2 Facts & Formulas. Hyperbolas (Optional):. A hyperbola looks like two elongated parabolas pointed away from one another. The equation of a hyperbola centered on the origin, pointing down the positive and negative x- axes, and which intersects the x-axis at (±a, 0) is: x2 a2 − y2 b2. = 1. Compound ...


Topic 8: Open Channel Flow

Parabolic Channel. If 0 < (4 a y)1/2 < 1 Then. 3.5 z. →. Example #12: Parabolic Channel. A grassy swale with parabolic cross-section shape has top width T = 6 m when ... channel slope. 3.17. Topic 9: Energy, Specific Energy, and Gradually Varied Flow. Closed Conduit: Open Channel Flow: 3.18. 1D Energy Equation:.


Edexcel GCE Further Pure Mathematics (FP1) Required Knowledge

Required Knowledge Information Sheet. Page 2. Daniel Hammocks. FP1 Formulae Given in Mathematical Formulae and Statistical Tables Booklet. Summations o ... parabola opposite, o SP = PX o The focus, S, has coordinates (a , 0) o The directrix has equation x + a = 0. The curve opposite is a sketch of a parabola with a.

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PreCalculus Formulas

+. = larger denominator → major axis and smaller denominator. → minor axis c → focus length where major length is hypotenuse of right triangle. Latus rectum lengths from focus are b2/a. Eccentricity: e = 0 circle. 0 < e < 1 ellipse e = 1 parabola e > 1 hyperbola. Parabola. 2. (. ) 4 (. ) x h. a y k. −. = −. 2. (. ) 4 (. ) y k. a x h. −. =.

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ALGEBRA II (Common Core)

Jun 1, 2016 ... instructions from the proctor for completing the student information on your answer sheet. This examination has four parts, with a total of 37 questions. ... Your answer sheet cannot be accepted if you fail to sign this declaration. ..... 30 The directrix of the parabola 12(y + 3) = (x - 4)2 has the equation y = -6.


How to calculate and analyze the equation for a parabolic path

numerous parabolic paths from ordered pairs and find the respective quadratic equations. II. UNIT AUTHOR: Andrew Blazar, Glen Allen High School, Henrico County, Virginia. III. COURSE: Algebra II. IV. ... completed in one 90 minute class and that all work must be shown on a “Calculations Sheet.” The students will then  ...

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ALGEBRA I (Common Core)

Jun 3, 2014 ... instructions from the proctor for completing the student information on your answer sheet. This examination has four parts, with a total of 37 questions. ... The formulas that you may need to answer some questions in this examination are ..... coordinates of the vertex of the parabola defined by g(x) = f(x - 2).


Quadratic Equations and Models

Graph of a Quadratic. Function. The graph of ƒ has the following characteristics. 1 . It is a parabola with vertex (h, k) and the vertical line x = h as axis. 2. It opens up if a > 0 and down is a < 0. 3. It is broader than the graph of y = x2 if a < 1 and narrower if a > 1. 4. The y-intercept is ƒ(0) = c. 5. If b2 – 4ac > 0, the ...


On a Doubly Nonlinear Parabolic Obstacle Problem Modelling Ice

Abstract. This paper deals with the weak formulation of a free (moving) boundary problem arising in theoretical glaciology. Considering shallow ice sheet flow, we present the mathematical analysis and the numerical solution of the second order nonlinear degenerate parabolic equation modelling, in the isothermal case, the ...



REVIEW SHEETS. INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA. MATH 95. A Summary of Concepts Needed to be Successful in Mathematics. The following sheets list the key ... These sheets are not intended to be a short course. ..... Find the equation of the axis of symmetry of the parabola and the coordinates of the vertex of the parabola.