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Some Remarks on Adolescence with Particular Reference to

Some Remarks on Adolescence with Particular Reference to Winnicott and. Lacan. Alain Vanier, M.D., Ph.D. Utilizing observations on adolescence—notably those of Winnicott, as well as the work of Lacan and a clinical case—the author advances several propositions concerning the unique relationship between ...



Adolescence is not only a time of vulnerability, it is also an age of opportunity. This is especially true when it comes to adolescent girls. We know that the more education a girl receives, the more likely she is to postpone marriage and motherhood – and the more likely it is that her children will be healthier and better educated ...


Parent Child Relationships and its Effects on Adolescence

Parent-Child Relationships and its Effects on Adolescence. When we think of what a good parent-child relationship should have what are the first few things that come to mind? Some type of bond to hold the relationship together? Good communication? Caring? Whatever those things are, imagine a child growing up without ...


Nutrition in adolescence – Issues and Challenges for the Health

Nutrition in adolescence : issues and challenges for the health sector : issues in adolescent health and development. (WHO discussion papers on adolescence). 1. Adolescent nutrition 2. Nutrition disorders - prevention and control 3. Feeding behavior 4. Nutritional status 4. Adolescent 5. Review literature I. Delisle, Hélène.


Contraception for Adolescents abstract

Sep 29, 2014 ... Contraception is a pillar in reducing adolescent pregnancy rates. The. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians de- velop a working knowledge of contraception to help adolescents reduce risks of and negative health consequences related to unintended preg- nancy. Over the past ...


Community Influence on Adolescent Development | SpringerLink

Capturing what encompasses “community” in the lives of adolescents presents a continuing challenge for both researchers and interventionalists. Community often represents an amorphous influence on the lives of adolescence. Depending on the purpose, community has been defined as a geographic locality or as a ...


Conclusions: Adolescents' Preparation for the Future

The future of societies depends on their success in providing pathways whereby young people develop and prepare themselves to be contributing adults to their communities. When these pathways are well marked, stable, supported by the community, and inviting to adolescents, a society can be confident that new ...


Family Influences on Adolescent Development | SpringerLink

The topic “family influences on adolescent development” often has conjured up popular images in western societies of emotional turmoil, conflict, and rebellion by the young in reference to their parents. Fueled by dated theories and media stereotypes, parent-adolescent turmoil was supposed to be a normal occurrence  ...


Developing Adolescents

25 schools ... Acknowledgements ii. Preface 1. Professional Contexts and Boundaries 1. Introduction 3. Recognizing Diversity 4. Organization of Developing Adolescents 5. Adolescent Physical Development 7. Puberty and Sexual Development 7. Early or Late Sexual Development 8. Physical Appearance and Body Image 8.


Research on Adolescence in the Twenty-First Century

Apr 20, 2011 ... Research on Adolescence in the Twenty-First Century. Robert Crosnoe1 and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson2. 1Department of Sociology and Population Research Center, University of Texas at Austin,. Austin, Texas 78712; email: [email protected] 2Department of Sociology, Washington State ...


Key Data on Adolescence 2013

AYPH 2013. This publication remains the sole and exclusive property of the Association for Young People's Health and may only be reproduced where there is explicit reference to AYPH. To cite, please use: Hagell A, Coleman J, Brooks F (2013) Key Data on Adolescence 2013. London: Association for Young People's  ...


Key Data on Adolescence 2015

Mar 31, 2013 ... Ann Hagell. John Coleman. Fiona Brooks. Key Data on. Adolescence. 2015. The latest information and statistics about young people today. HEALTHCARE | TRAINING | EMPLOYMENT | MENTAL HEALTH | POPULATION | SEXUAL HEALTH | BEHAVIOUR. 10TH EDITION ...


Description Versus Explanation in Cross-National Research on

Description Versus Explanation in Cross-National. Research on Adolescence. The last couple of decades have seen a burgeoning of comparative studies of the behavior, health, and development of adolescents living in societies, cultures, or settings outside the United States. These studies have often been carried out.


Judgment and Decision Making in Adolescence

Judgment and Decision Making in Adolescence. Dustin Albert and Laurence Steinberg. Temple University. In this article, we review the most important findings to have emerged during the past 10 years in the study of judgment and decision making (JDM) in adolescence and look ahead to possible new directions in this ...


The Effect of Peer Presence on Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviors

ABSTRACT. The emergence of risk-taking in adolescence, which can have life altering implications such as teenage pregnancy, car accidents, or drug overdoses, has been attributed to several different aspects of development including increased reward sensitivity and immature cognitive control contingent on motivation.


Inhelder and Piaget on Adolescence and Adulthood: A Postmodern

INHELDER AND PIAGET ON ADOLESCENCE. AND ADULTHOOD: A Postmodern Appraisal. David Elkind. Tufts University. PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE. Special Section. Social scientists can never entirely remove themselves from the social-historical paradigms and discourses in which they live and work. Jean Piaget ...


A Person Approach in Research on Adolescence Some

Research on adolescence has to face a number of methodological challenges, which tend to be particularly relevant for studies concerning this period of life. Some of these issues are addressed in this article. First, a metatheoretical perspective is introduced in the form of the person approach, which is based on the ...


Defining Adolescence

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Journals, Magazines, and Newsletters at UTC Scholar. It has been accepted for inclusion in. Journal of Adolescent and Family Health by an authorized editor of UTC Scholar. For more information, please contact [email protected] Recommended Citation. Curtis ...


Body Image and Self-Esteem Among Adolescent Girls: Testing the

Adolescent Girls: Testing the Influence of Sociocultural Factors. Daniel Clay, Vivian L. Vignoles, and Helga Dittmar. Policy Research Bureau, London. University of Sussex. In Western cultures, girls' self-esteem declines substantially during middle adolescence, with changes in body image proposed as a possible explana-.


Guideline on Adolescent Oral Health Care

Methods. This guideline is an update of the previous document, revised in 2010. The update includes an electronic search using the following parameters: Terms: adolescent combined with dental, gingivitis, oral piercing, sealants, oral health, caries, tobacco use, dental trauma, orofacial trauma, periodontal, dental esthetics  ...