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Anonymous Sources: A Utilitarian Exploration of Their Justification

Unnamed Sources: A utilitarian exploration of their justification and guidelines for limited use. By Matt J Duffy, PhD & Carrie Packwood Freeman, PhD ... In 2004, the New York Times criticized its own reporting leading up to the Iraq War. An ...... Off the record: The press, the government, and the war over anonymous sources.


Washington Confidential: A Double Standard Gives Way to The

entering into off-the-record agreements with sources. Eventually ... journalism, were entitled to off-the-record briefings by government officials and could ... was a fairly routine practice in journalism and honoring commitments to unnamed and unquoted sources was regarded as a standard of professionalism. The Newspaper.

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building a better mousetrap: patenting biotechnology

INTRODUCTION. At this writing, the United States Congress is closer than ever to passing a federal reporter's privilege or shield law.1. The law would, with some exceptions, shield journalists from being compelled to testify concerning the identity of their confidential sources and other information gathered during the course ...


Brown Altitude 9 2011

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives. 16. Pearlstine, N. Off the record: The press, the government, and the war over anonymous sources. New. York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008. Print. Pearson, M. The Journalist's Guide to Media Law: Dealing with Legal and Ethical Issues.



40 Judith Miller v. United States, 545 U.S. 1150 (2005). For one key insider's account of the legal battles and the whole issue of journalists= protecting their confidential sources, see NORMAN. PEARLSTINE, OFF THE RECORD: THE PRESS, THE GOVERNMENT, AND THE WAR OVER. ANONYMOUS SOURCES (2007).



Mar 9, 2004 ... The United States government initiated war against Iraq on the basis of an inaccu - ... generated it — a very difficult feat for any government. ...... named sources. ▫ resulted when articles relied on off-the-record, anonymous sources. ▫ During Iraq War: resulted when reporters declined to sign nondisclosure ...


Newspapers use unnamed sources less often in high-stakes coverage

unnamed sources less often in high-stakes coverage. By Meghan R. Sobel and Daniel Riffe. Abstract. This analysis of unnamed sources in newspaper coverage of the ... by on-the-record as well as off-the-record information and resulted in a unique compi- .... Republicans accused the administration of over-emphasizing.


Journalism and Democracy: Does it Matter How Well the Press

Okrent flays the newspaper for overstating some claims and understating others in its coverage of the war? The answers to these questions depend upon the ..... government have veto power over U.S. military deployments? ..... named sources to unnamed ones, even though people may speak the truth off the record.


Since 1968, the Guttmacher Institute has worked to advance sexual

Government. Prior to that,. Pearlstine held leadership roles at some of the world's most influential news organisations, including Time Inc. and The Wall Street Journal. Pearlstine is the author of OFF THE RECORD: The Press, the. Government, and the War over Anonymous Sources. dr. Peter berman, Professor, Department ...


Spring 2008

spoke at Brooklyn Law School's 10th Media and Society. Lecture on September 26. He read from his recently pub- lished book, Off the Record: The Press, the Government, and the. War over Anonymous Sources (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), which concerns the controversy surrounding the outing of CIA officer. Valerie Plame.


Dangerous Liaisons: Seduction and Betrayal in Confidential Press

Aug 1, 1988 ... Lili Levi, Dangerous Liaisons: Seduction and Betrayal in Confidential Press- Source Relations, 43 Rutgers L. Rev. 609 (1991). .... and use the press to mislead.8 References to anonymous sources ...... ABEL, supra note 1, at 56; H. GOODWIN, supra note 34, at 126; Safire, Off the Record, N.Y.. Times, Oct. 29, ...


Record of understanding

the press and the media on the other hand have reached an understanding with regard ... tection of journalists' sources and information which understanding they hereby record. 2. PRINCIPLES. All parties hereto accept –. 2.1. the supremacy of the Constitution of the .... made to get anonymous sources to go on-the-record.

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The Office of Censorship's Attempt to Control Press Coverage of the

throughout the war, the press did bear with the government policy of .... become a source of anxiety for those. Allied leaders who plan attacks against enemy targets ." The War. Department immediately telephoned the Office of Censorship to say that ..... the Army, assuming that the general's comments were off the record and.


New Pressures on Old Ethics: a question of confidentiality

Jul 8, 2011 ... If “few relationships are harder to penetrate than the elusive, off-the-record ... 8 Steve Holland, 'News media relations with Obama hit low ebb over golf weekend' , Reuters.com, February 19, ..... 38 Matt Carlson, On the condition of anonymity: unnamed sources and the battle for journalism, First Illinois.


News Embargoes - Under threat, but not extinct

The embargo is a press tool that was invented a century ago, primarily for practical reasons. Sources provide journalists ... journalist has time to prepare his or her story properly and thus the source is more likely to get accurate coverage of the given .... All over the globe, governments, public institutions, science magazines ...

News Embargoes - Under threat, but not extinct - How an ancient press tool survives in the modern media world.pdf

Protection of Confidential Sources: A Moral, Legal, and Civic Duty

Feb 12, 2014 ... Laura R. Handman, Protection of Confidential Sources: A Moral, Legal, and Civic Duty, 19 Notre Dame J.L. Ethics & Pub. Pol'y 573. (2005). .... press's reliance on anonymous sources, the Abu Ghraib prison abuses would not ..... dant, on or off the record, and the prosecution believes that the interview may ...


The Conflict Between National Security and Freedom of the Press

Press undergo peer review by senior officials in the U.S. government as well as outside experts. This publication has ... the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, or the U.S. government. Authors of NI Press ...... inside information with journalists and lobbyists in off-the-record briefings and in private discussions ...


Kennedy School of Government Case Program C16-04-1773.0

Apr 1, 2003 ... on the two-week-old war in Iraq got a happy surprise: Jessica Lynch, a young Army private missing in ... purposes, while some in the Pentagon blamed the press for over-dramatizing the story and indulging in .... York Times also quoted anonymous sources—a “Central Command official” and an “Army.


Rethinking Reporter's Privilege

ymous source. It suggests that analyzing confidential-source cases based on the anonymous-speech rights of sources rather than on the information- .... sources. 2. The case was Branzburg v. Hayes,. 3 and it was decided at a moment in. American history in which the role of an investigative press-and of infor-.


Essays About 'The Elements of Journalism,' Nieman Reports

this teaching resource in the belief that the nine principles that form the foundation of. 'The Elements of Journalism' and discussion by journalists about them will be a valuable text for students in basic writing and editing courses as well as in seminars that explore theories of journalism and the role of the press in society.