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Sea Life Fingerplays/Flannelboards Octopus, Octopus Octopus

Three little fish, swimming through a. Sunken ship's door,. Find another and that makes four. Four little fish decide to dive,. They find another and that makes five. “ Four Little Ocean Friends”. Perform with felt pieces, fingerpuppets, or possibly stuffed animals/large puppets. Four little ocean friends living in the sea. The turtle  ...


Cloth Bag Kits Literature Bags

story with the bunny puppet, make Max's lists and laugh at all his mishaps; all while you enjoy this fun story. ... Mem Fox (barcode: 3682) – Use the 12 animal finger puppets to help you tell this delightful story about animals ... several plush marine animals to help enhance their learning. Sky Tree by Thomas Locker ( barcode: ...


Splish Splash

0 Using the Big Sweep finger puppets on page 28 , have children create a similar story of en- tanglement/rescue and act it out. let's Talk About It. 0 Why is it harmful to toss plastic fishing line into a lake or ocean? (Animals may become en- tangled in it; it might wrap around boat propellers and ruin them.) 0 Why can't animals ...



Sea otter puppet. Sea Life Fact Cards set. Underwater floor puzzle. Box with five ( 5) magnifiers. Box with assorted shells. Box with sea life creatures and four (4) finger puppets. Sea Life specimen set with four (4) pieces. Specimen viewing tray . Layers of the Ocean laminated page and accompanying pieces. Skeletal Secrets ...


145 A Fish Is a Fish150 A Scientist's Clues

sea? What are the best ways to say these things? How can you say them in as few words as possible? F I S H F I N G E R P U P P E T S. Use pieces of felt and fabric to create fish finger puppets (and other sea life!). Put on a puppet show in front of your exhibit, teaching your friends and family about fishes and the ocean.



OLD MCDONALD'S FARM FINGER PUPPET SET. $25.79. 15.50%. $21.79. 20009. REPTILES/INSECTS FINGER PUPPET SET. $25.79. 15.50%. $21.79. 20013. WILD ANIMALS FINGER PUPPET SET. $25.79. 15.50%. $21.79. 22060 ...... READY 2 LEARN GIANT STAMPERS, SEA CREATURES. $16.79. 15.50%. $14.19.



www.getreadykids.com for a complete product catalog, the latest product information, and the Puppet Partners line of half-body puppets. PRICE SHOWN ARE ... o – *. 2403 Set of 6 Ocean Animals. 2. 400 Set of 6 Fish. Bath Squirters! Squeeze the gently and they will squirt water! Great for laughs and fun in the bathtub.

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Seasons ed

(Stetson/ Little Hands Fingerplays & Action Songs). Five little children one March day [hold up 5 fingers] ... And then there were none. [hold out empty hands]. This can also be done with finger puppets or a flannel board. .... Spectacular Sea Stories [ocean & sea creatures]. Trips Around Town [places to visit]. Wacky Weather ...


Learning Links Directory_16_17.indd

Are You My Mother? A107 – Are You My Mother? • Baby Bird Puppet. • Story Characters. • Magnetic Board. • Find And Fit Baby Animals. • Baby Animal Lotto .... Cootie Playing Cards. • Zolo Building Set. • Finger Puppets. • Beetle Puppet. • Craft. The Very Lonely Firefly. B109 – Lonely Firefly. • Puppet. • 3D Insect Puzzle.



Toys included within the kit: Balls, wind-up toys, flip toys, tic-tac-toe, yo-yo's, tops, bean bags, baby dolls, ballerinas, cowboys, mini foods, finger puppets, dinosaurs , farm animals, ocean animals, fish, insects, amphibians, spiders, reptiles, emergency vehicles, cars, airplanes, helicopter, trains, school busses, boats, pull -back ...


.. _ u'cati Q n C u rri c u I u

bat puppet. pdf picture of bat finger puppet. Reading Rainbow - The AT family part of the PDF file Stellaluna b4c6132f. "AT” activity sheet. Curriculum Map. Lesson plan Language Arts .... The paleotropical genus Pteropus is represented by 67 species distributed across the Indian Ocean,. Southern Asia, Australia, and  ...


Two Legs, Four Legs, Six Legs, More!

Appropriate animal substitutions may be made on the day of the program if animals are not available. NOTE: Snakes, birds, and spiders are puppets only. PLANNING FOR ... We employ the “one finger touch” rule for the safety of our animals: the ..... fish that swim using fins, they crawl on the ocean floor using their arms lined ...


Creative Story Buckets

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Leegoal-Animal-Finger-Puppet-Children. • Cards with names on (print and braille). Ocean, polar bear, whale, penguin, crab, lobster, turtle, walrus, octopus, turtle, dolphin, jellyfish. • Sign graphics for creatures names. • Blue shiny material. • Pictures of creatures on sticks (role play), finger puppets ...


Vocal Development in Young Children

Tuneful singing is the marriage of tuneful thinking and physiological awareness. The child must be able to first “catch the tune” and then reproduce it in head voice . Young children must be given opportunities to experience and develop both of these important skills. Once they are able to do this, they will be on their way to a  ...

LFeierabend-Vocal Development.pdf

Boreal Forest Component Card

forest plants and animals--what they look like; what they eat; what habitat they occur in; how they are ... Make finger puppets. Copy enough cards so there is one for each student. (If you reduce them to about. 70% of their size with a photocopier, they will be a ... snow to rivers, lakes, and oceans, then back to clouds. Trees.


Over in the Ocean Activities

Book Connection: Count the baby octopus' tentacles in the book, then make the puppet, making sure ... Math Activity: Raise your left hand showing five fingers. ( These ... Finish stapling and hang the stuffed fish from the ceiling. Ocean Commotion. Making Waves. Book Connection: Count the wave tips on the Dolphin page.


Common seashore animals of Southeastern Alaska

Sep 28, 2013 ... Neoesperiopsis digitata – Finger sponge. This subtidal sponge can be occasionally found in the drift ... This oceanic species occasionally washes ashore following storms on the outer coast. The radiating brown stripes are ...... Margarites pupillus – Puppet margarite. A common mid to low intertidal species.



Am I); Finger Puppets (various birds); Kaleidoscopes; Kits: (Dream Catchers; T- Rex Excavation);. Magnifiers (Big Eyes; Bug Loupes; Magniramas); Origami paper (fluorescent; metallic; regular);. Pencils and Pens (Sea and Sage Logo); Playing cards; Plush toys (birds with sounds; birds and other animals (various plush toys ...


Ellison/AccuCut Die Catalog

Finger Puppet, Plain. 142. NA. 13274 puppets. Finger Puppet-Dragon. 154. NA. 13276 puppets. Firecracker. 171. 13280 holidays seasons. Fish #2. 66. 13298 ocean sea creatures. Fish #3. 328. F1220 ocean sea creatures. Fish #8. 329. NA. ZF1200 ocean sea creatures. Fish, Tiny. 178. 13300 ocean sea creatures. Flag. 2 .


Storytime Kit Contents.pdf

Book: Under the Sea (2 nd book). TOYS: 1. 6 Foam Bowling Pins, 2 Bowling Balls . 2. 2 Christmas Stockings. 3. Plastic Bag With 25 Seashore Sponges. 4. Plastic Bag With 7 Pond Life Sponges. 5. Plastic Bag With 1 King and 1 Queen Puppet. 6 . Plastic Bag With 1 Fish Finger Puppet. NO. 19a – Good Morning; Good Night.

Storytime Kit Contents.pdf