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TED Summative Evaluation

community. Self-assess- ment may be guided by the NYSUT Teacher. Practice Rubric. Self- assessment/reflection bridges the previous year's goal setting and ..... ✓Review/examine evidence. ✓Be prepared to set goals. ✓Develop learning or improvement plan. Evaluator role: ✓Examine evidence. ✓Guide goal setting.


NYSUT's Teacher Practice Rubric

instruction to integrate content areas and weave together knowledge of students, content, assessment, and reflection in the instructional process. Teachers .... as a guide. Teacher articulates how success will be measured. Teacher and students analyze or create success criteria. Students can articulate how their success will  ...



Teaching and. Learning. Conditions. Implementation. Guidelines. Targeted. Professional. Development. Teaching Standards. Expressed as. Teacher Practice ..... summative evaluation and other inputs. Plans will vary widely in their approaches to teacher growth and development. Mid-Year (Nov.-Mar.) 1. Self- Reflection. 2.


Using Self-Evaluation as an Alternative Measure of Educator

Jun 1, 2016 ... self-reflective practice as part of what high-quality educators do on a regular basis. Ohio's educator ... a systematic reflection on both teaching practices and evidence or artifacts that teachers collect as a part of that .... http://www.nysut.org/ resources/special-resources-sites/ted/what-is-ted. These types of.


Reaching Every Student

Grant (i3) from the U.S. Department of Education; and NYSUT Research and Educational Services. Reaching Every Student .... This resource guide provides considerations for evaluating and supporting general education ...... to help teachers self reflect on their practice and construct highly effective practice. Evaluators and ...


The New York State Teaching Standards

Sep 12, 2011 ... a. Teachers design lesson plans and adjust instruction to include a variety of strategies that support the learning needs of each student. b. Teachers design lesson plans and adjust instruction to include a variety of strategies that support the language acquisition needs of each student. c. Teachers explain ...


TED Workbook

Sep 10, 2011 ... (T) Teacher (E) Evaluator (D) District. Page #. Purpose. Relevant Notes. Timeline. 2. Introduction (D). Orientation. 3-4. The Teacher Evaluation and Development. ( TED) system (D). Scoring guidelines and measures selection options. Orientation . 5. Required (T) Self-Reflection. To be completed by teacher.


NYSUT Parent-Student Engagement and Empowerment Project

Confidence – Self-efficacy. Why? To what extent did behaviors change? Why? SUNY will conduct an evaluation of the project and assess impacts which may include the following. Teachers: Due to modeling, practice, role playing and reflection teachers reported increases in their capability, cognition and confidence.


NEA Teacher Evaluation and Accountability Toolkit

Jul 1, 2011 ... Resource Guide for National Education Association Leaders and Staff that provides critical information to ... systems that reflect a shared vision of teaching effectiveness, but in others, such systems have been ... self-assessment, presentation of artifacts, and classroom demonstrations that are all aligned to ...


Local Assistance Plan for Brentwood High School

The Local Assistance Plan (LAP) Self-Reflection Process Document provides school-based teams the ... use the results of the Self-Reflection to guide creation of a Local Assistance Plan to address all identified ...... Learning Standards), using data to plan and set student goals, Collins Writing, NYSUT Observation. Protocol ...

HS LAP Plan 2017-18.pdf

Peer to Peer Coaching for Practice Change P2P C = P C

Reflection and Feedback. • Supports the implementation of new practices. • Guides the precision of new practices. • Provides encouragement and support for the adult learner in the movement towards fluency ...

Peer Coach_LFox_MP_43016.pdf

2014 NYSUT Teachers rubric

The NYSUTTeacher Practice Rubric (2014 revised edition) has been modified to reflect teacher and evaluator feed- back from district field experience. Major revisions addressed goals to: 1. ... evidence collection. 3. Additional language to guide teaching practices that support more student-centered teaching, enhancing .



Both Probationary and Tenured teachers will be evaluated using NYSUT's Teacher Practice Rubric which can be found as .... At the beginning of each year, teachers self-reflect by reviewing the NYS Teaching Standards and the. Teacher Practice Rubric in ..... effectiveness and guide professional growth. a. Reflects on  ...


Teacher Evaluation Handbook

Aug 19, 2016 ... In order to continue to its goal of improving student achievement, the Fairbanks North. Star Borough School District makes the professional growth of its educators an ongoing priority. This evaluation process is designed to provide the time for rich and productive discussions between teachers and ...

Teacher Evaluation Handbook- Revised 8-25-16.pdf

Evaluations serve as pathways for professional growth Teacher-led

The system's handbook (NYSUT, n.d.) states, “TED defines evaluations not as culminating ... estaBlish constructive selF-reFlection. Self-reflection begins with a teacher self-reflection in which the teacher ... experiences for teachers. Good evaluations can guide and support professional learning (Curtis & Weiner,. 2012) .


Teacher Rubric with Suggested Teacher and Student Look-fors

1. Parent/Family Engagement. A. Reflection Indicator. 1. Reflective Practice. 2. Goal Setting. B. Assessment Indicator. 1. Variety of Assessment Methods (p. 6). 2. Adjustments to Practice (p. ... extends their thinking. 3. Teacher guides students to answer each ..... and effort to conduct self and/or peer assessments. 2. Students ...


How to Negotiate an Interest-based Contract:

Tip: Union Park leaders now suggest setting guidelines for selecting teacher representatives on the negotiating ... gave themselves more time to complete contract negotiations—moving their self-imposed deadline .... teacher performance beyond evaluators' observations (student and parent reflections, student attendance ...


Local Assistance Plan (LAP)

Aug 25, 2017 ... School Address: 299 Bury Drive, Syracuse NY 13209. Directions: Please complete this template using the information collected with the Local Assistance Plan Self-Reflection document. The Plan ... Lack of the use of available data to guide instruction. Consistent student discipline/management procedures.

SMS LAP Plan.pdf


to devote to deeper thinking and reflection. The focus for your lesson will likely be a specific comprehension ... Self-monitoring and decoding big words (e.g., they skip or mumble through words and continue ... reading and help guide your during-reading prompts, observations, and after-reading teaching points. Select a Text.


Uncommon Measures: Teacher Self-Evaluation to Encourage

highlight the importance of the self-reflective practice as part of what high-quality educators do on a regular basis. ... are used as a guide for whatever professional learning the teacher will take part in during the upcoming ... http://www.nysut.org/ resources/special-resources-sites/ted/what-is-ted. 2. Reflection that is ongoing ...