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Materials and Structures for Nonlinear Photonics

Abstract In this chapter we summarize progress in materials and structures for all- optical signal processing that ... Signal Processing,. Springer Series in Optical Sciences 194, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-14992-9_1. 1 .... recent results in silicon, which shows that strong nonlinear absorption can exist at wavelengths well into the ...


Springer Series in Materials Science

29 Inorganic Nonlinear Optical Materials By C. Chen ... Uwe Kreibig Michael Vollmer. Optical Properties of Metal Clusters. With 236 Figures. Springer ... Series Editors: Prof. Dr. U. Gonser. Fachbereich 12.1, Gebiiude 22/6. Werkstoffwissenschaften. Universitiit des Saarlandes. D-66041 Saarbriicken, Germany. Prof.


High-Order Harmonic Generation from Laser Ablation of Various

These sources easily cover the spectral range between 10 and 100eV photon energy of harmonics, and with few-cycles laser systems even up to several 100 eV. For practical. R. A. Ganeev, Nonlinear Optical Properties of Materials,. 43. Springer Series in Optical Sciences 174, DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-6022-6_2,.


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Dec 20, 2003 ... 1–160 [In Russian]. [4] V.G. Dmitriev, G.G. Gurzadyan, D.N. Nikogosyan: Handbook of Nonlinear Optical. Crystals. Springer Series in Optical Sciences, Vol . 64, ed. by A.E. Siegman (Springer,. Berlin, 1991), pp. 1–221. [5] D.N. Nikogosyan: Beta barium borate (BBO). A review of its properties and applications ...


Optical Properties of Nanocomposites Containing Metal Nanoparticles

novel non-linear materials, nanodevices and optical elements. ... Metal–Glass Nanocomposites, SpringerBriefs in Physics, ..... M.: Optical Properties of Metal Clusters, Springer Series in Material. Science, vol. 25. Springer, Berlin (1995). 8. Shalaev, V.M.: Optical Properties of Nanostructured Random Media, Topics in Applied.


Electro-optic single-crystalline organic waveguides and nanowires

Recent Developments,” in Nonlinear Optical Effects and Materials, P. Günter, ed., Springer Series in Optical. Sciences Vol. 72, chap. 3 (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2000). 3. Y. Shi, C. Zhang, ... L. Mutter, M. Jazbinšek, C. Herzog, and P. Günter, “ Electro-optic and nonlinear optical properties of ion im- planted waveguides in ...


Linear and nonlinear optical properties of terbium calcium oxyborate

SPIE 3425, Optical Diagnostic Methods for. Inorganic Transmissive Materials ( San Diego, CA, 1998, pp. 148–159). 22. V. G. Dimitriev, G. G. Gurzadyan, and D. N. Nikogosyan, “Handbook of Nonlinear Crystals,” in Springer Series in Optical Science(Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 1991). 23. G. Aka, A. Kahn- Harari, ...


Optical Properties and Optical Spectroscopy of Rare Earth Ions in

Springer Series in Optical Sciences 181, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-02338-0_2, ... absorption). Note that in the case of a nonlinear absorption process, such as up- conversion (i.e., the process in which two or more pump photons are used to get an ... characteristics of the host solid material contribute to the nature of the pure.


Polarization selectable nonlinearities in elongated silver

1. U. Kreibig and M. Vollmer, Optical Properties of Metal Clusters, Springer series in materials science (Springer,. 1995). 2. N. Del Fatti and F. Vallee, “Ultrafast optical nonlinear properties of metal nanoparticles,” Appl. Phys. B 73,. 383-390 ( 2001). 3. F. Hache, D. Ricard and C. Flytzanis, “Optical nonlinearities of small metal ...


Nanoparticle containing channel waveguides produced by a multi

2015 Optical Society of America. OCIS codes: (190.4400) Nonlinear optics, materials; (190.4390) Nonlinear optics, integrated optics; (160.4236) Nanomaterials; (230.7370) Waveguides. References and links. 1. U. Kreibig and M. Vollmer, “Optical Properties of Metal Clusters,” Springer series in materials science, Springer:.


Optical Properties of Gold Nanorings

Feb 3, 2003 ... The optical response of ring-shaped gold nanoparticles prepared by colloidal lithography is inves- ... Metal nanoparticles exhibit a wide variety of optical ..... ( Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1995). [2] K. Sakoda, Optical Properties of Photonic Crystals,. Springer Series in Optical Sciences Vol. 80 (Springer-. Verlag ...


Research of nonlinear optical properties of copper nanoparticles

PHYSICAL JOURNAL D. EDP Sciences c Societ`a Italiana di Fisica. Springer- Verlag 1999. Research of nonlinear optical properties of copper nanoparticles. L. Guoa ... 73.61.Tm Nanocrystalline materials – 83.70 Surfactants – 42.65.R Nonlinear optics. 1 Introduction. Colloidal-size metal and semiconductor particles with.


Dipole limit in second-harmonic generation from arrays of gold

Photonics 1(1), 41–48 (2007). 2. U. Kreibig and M. Vollmer, Optical Properties of Metal Clusters, Springer Series in Materials Science (Springer,. New York, 1995). ... linear and nonlinear optical responses of gold nanoparticle arrays,” J. Opt. A Pure Appl Opt. 7(2), S110–S117. (2005). 10. B. K. Canfield, S. Kujala, K. Jefimovs , ...


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Springer Series in Optical Sciences. Volume 36. Editor: Peter W. Hawkes .... electron-lens properties that are important for an understanding of the modes of operation of an electron microscope. In Chap. .... diffraction and diffraction contrast used by material scientists lose some of their power if they are not presented on a ...


Optical, Thermal, and Mechanical Properties of L-Serine Phosphate

Feb 3, 2016 ... bonding properties with the ions of organic and inorganic salts. Amino acids are playing vital role in the field of nonlinear optics [9]. L-Serine is one of ..... developments,” in Nonlinear Optical Effects and Materials, vol. 72 of Springer Series in Optical Sciences, pp. 163–299, Springer,. Berlin, Germany, 2000.


Curriculum Vitae of Prof. David N. Nikogosyan

Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitzk, Moscow Region. ... including nonlinear optics, fibre optics, femtosecond lasers, femtosecond spectroscopy, .... (Springer, New. York 2005) pp.1−427. 253 citations. 2. D.N. Nikogosyan: Properties of Optical and Laser-Related Materials. A Handbook. ( Wiley, Chichester ...


K. Shimoda, Introduction to Laser Physics (Springer Series in Optical

BOOK REVIEW. K. Shimoda, Introduction to Laser Physics. (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, Vol. ... Several good book introductions to quantum electron- ics and nonlinear optics have been published recently. How ... proach is needed to the selection of the material and a clear exposition is required. In my opinion, Prof.


Second-order nonlinear optical effects in novel side-chain liquid

Departments of Chemistry and Polymer Science, University of Southern Mississippi, Box 5043, Southern Station,. Hattiesburg, Mississippi ... Second- order nonlinear optical susceptibilities of a series of newly synthesized liquid crystalline polymers and ... Organic and polymeric materials have drawn considerable interest in ...


THz Control in Correlated Electron Solids: Sources and Applications

grams with dramatic differences in physical properties as doping, applied pressure, or magnetic fields are ... Springer Series in Optical Sciences 171, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-29564-5_23,. © Springer-Verlag Berlin ... Compared to other nonlinear materials like ZnTe and GaSe this material takes the advantage of having a ...


Nonlinear optical properties of a gold-silica composite with high gold

We study the intensity-dependent absorption coefficient of gold-silica composites as a function of fill fraction at frequencies near the plasmon resonance. ... linear optical properties of metal-rich composite materials are few. The optical ..... “ Optical properties of metal clusters,” in Springer Series in Materials Science ( Springer-.