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NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (2005-149) 3rd printing

NIOSH POCKET GUIDE TO CHEMICAL HAZARDS. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. September 2007. DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2005-149. First Printing – September 2005. Second Printing ...



DHEW (NIOSH) Publication No. 87-1 14 (1987). National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH/OSHA Pocket Guide to. Chemical Hazards. DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 97-140, Washington, DC (June. 1997). National Fire Protection Association, Fire Protection Guide on Hazardous Materials, 1 Ith ed.


Byproducts of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Use in the Electric Power

Distribution World summarized methods that may allow for on-site and field monitoring of SF6 byproducts with portable instrumentation (Baumbach et al. 2000). The NIOSH Pocket Guide to. Chemical Hazards (NIOSH 1997) presents measurement methods and signs and symptoms of exposure for S2F10, SF4, SO2, HF, and ...


NUREG/CR-6624 "Recommendations for Revision of Regulatory

Dangerous to Life or Health Concentrations (IDLH)" (Ludwig et al., 1994) and published in NIOSH's Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (NIOSH, 1997) for revising the current Regulatory Guide 1.78 (AEC, 1974). IDLH values, published regularly since 1981 by NIOSH in the updated versions "Pocket Guide to Chemical.


Hazardous Gas Data

HAZARDOUS GAS DATA. How to Use This Gas Data. Where does the Hazardous Gas Data come from? It comes from the NIOSH Pocket. Guide To Chemical Hazards, June 1997. Edition. It is for sale by the U.S. Gov- ernment Printing Office, Superinten- dent of Documents, Washington, DC,. 20402 (stock no.


Melting Plastics in Autoclaves Can Result In Respiratory Hazards

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards. Retrieved from http://www.cdc.gov/ niosh/npg. 2. Grainger. QuickTips Technical Resource #213. Retrieved from http ://www.grainger.com/content/qt-types-of-plastics-213. 3. Hadar, J., Tirosh, T., Grafstein, O., & Korabelnikov, E. (1997). Autoclave Emissions-Hazardous or Not.


Hazardous Materials Guide For First Responders

4. Emergency Action Guide (1995), American Association of Railroads, Washington, DC. 5. Chemical Hazards Response Information System,. Hazardous Chemical Data Manual, Vol. II (1993), U.S.. Department of Transportation, U.S. Coast Guard,. Washington, DC. 6. NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (1990), U.S..



COLORLESS LIQUID [Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients. Volume 2. Edited, translated, and revised by T.E. Furia and N. Bellanca. 2nd ed. Cleveland: The Chemical Rubber Co., 1975., p. 55]**PEER. REVIEWED**. Colorless liquid. [ NIOSH. NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards. DHHS. (NIOSH) Publication No.


Carcinogenicity of Inhaled Vanadium Pentoxide in F344/N Rats and

pational Safety and Health, NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical. Hazards, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Wash- ington, DC, 1997, p. 328). Key Words: carcinoma; adenoma; soluble particles; lung; vana- dium pentoxide; vanadium; reactive-oil-fly-ash (ROFA); inflam- mation; fibrosis; boilermaker's bronchitis.



Industrial Hygienists, Cincinnati, OH (1988). [3] NIOSH [1978]. Vinyl acetate: Method P&CAM 278. In: Taylor DG, ed. NIOSH Manual of Analytical. Methods, 2nd ed., Vol 4. Cincinnati, OH: U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Publ. (NIOSH) 78-175. [4] NIOSH [1997]. NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards.


List of international Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) [not

OELs. (Standards on Workplace. Atmosphere of Dangerous and. Hazardous Materials). UK. TWA. 2001 not given. 0.02. NCO. COSHH Exposure Limit Values. STEL. 2001 not given. 0.07. NCO. U.S.. TWA. 2003. 0.005 not given. ACGIH Threshold Limit Values. REL. 06 1997. 0.005. 0.035. NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical.


section 1. chemical product and company identification section 2

guarantee that these are the only hazards that exist. References: NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards, June 1997. Merck Index, 13th Edition, Merck & Co, 2001. WAC 296-62-07515, WISHA web site as of MSDS date. 29CFR1910.1000, OSHA web site as of MSDS date. ACGIH TLV's AND BEI's 2005. TSCA and SARA ...


24/7 Emergency Contact Number: 1-888-295-5156 What is HMX

1997. Toxicological profile for HMX. Atlanta,. GA: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists ( ACGIH). 2003. Guide to Occupational Exposure. Values. Cincinnati, OH. NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards. 2003. Atlanta, GA: U.S. Department of Health  ...


Toxicological Profile for Ethylbenzene

1997. Time dependence of blood concentrations during and after exposure to a mixture of volatile organic compounds. Arch Environ Health 52(1):26-33. ...... NIOSH. 2005. Ethylbenzene. NIOSH pocket guide to chemical hazards. Atlanta, GA: National. Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for Disease Control ...



The 35 capitalized Elements listed on the following chart are those regulated by OSHA as Heavy Metals, including the italicized compounds [1]. Many of the compounds listed can be found in the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards and other databases including NIOSH [21], IDLHC [22], and ICSC [23]. Others can be ...



Jul 7, 2003 ... Exposure limits according to 'ACGIH TLV's and BEI's 2002' and 'NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (NPG) 1997'. This MSDS is only valid until the next revision. The information given herein is taken from sources believed to be accurate as of the date herein. However, N.V. Gouda. Vuurvast makes ...


Off Road Diesel Fuel

Jun 11, 2013 ... 24-hr Emergency Phone Number: “FOR CHEMICAL EMERGENCY” Spill, Leak, Fire, Exposure or Accident. CALL CHEMTREC – Day .... Off Road Diesel Fuel. Page 4 of 8. Section 8 - Exposure Controls / Personal Protection. OSHA PEL. ACGIH TLV. NIOSH REL. NIOSH. Ingredient. TWA. STEL. TWA. STEL.


Ozone Application in Aquaculture (PDF)

Virginia Cooperative Extension programs and employment are open to all, regardless of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, genetic informa- tion, veteran status, or any other basis protected by law. An equal ...


Oatey Great White Pipe Joint Compound

Hazard(s) not otherwise Frequent or prolonged contact may defat and dry the skin, leading to discomfort and dermatitis. classified (HNOC) The ... 13463-67-7). U.S. NIOSH: Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards ... Carcinogenicity In 1997, IARC (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) concluded that crystalline silica.

Oatey Great Whitte Pipe Joint Compound.pdf

Ammonia (NH3) Measurement in Livestock and Lab Animal Facilities

(NIOSH). NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards last reviewed. April 2011. 2 US Occupational Health & Safety Administration. Regulation (Standards-29 CFR) , 1997. Table Z-1 Limits for. Air Contaminants-1910.1000. 3 ACGIH: Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values. (TLVs) and Biological Exposure Indices (BEIs) ...