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ii. Important Information. Precautions. Please read this manual carefully before using your NEC GT6000/. GT5000 Projector and keep the manual handy for future refer- ence. Your serial number is located on the bottom of your GT6000/. GT5000. Record it here: If you are a user of the GT6000R, read the supplied document.


NP610/NP510/NP410/NP405/ NP310/NP305/NP510W/NP410W

Please read this manual carefully before using your NEC NP610, NP510, NP410, NP405, NP310, NP305, NP510W,. NP410W, NP610S, and NP510WS projector and keep the manual handy for future reference. CAUTION. To turn off main power, be sure to remove the plug from power outlet. The power outlet socket should ...


Projector Control Command Reference Manual

Jun 16, 2015 ... This manual describes the commands used to control an NEC-made projector from a PC or other external device. A projector can be controlled by exchanging commands with an external device connected via a serial port or network. The manual assumes basic knowledge of projectors. For information ...



The Extron VSC 500 is a single input, high resolution computer-to-video scan converter that combines high performance, essential features, and value. It is ideal for everyday use in videoconference facilities, conference rooms and boardrooms, and for recording the output of a computer as an NTSC or PAL video signal.


User manual

Read instructions. All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the appliance is operated. 2. Notes and warnings. All notes and warnings in the operating instructions should be adhered to. 3. Cleaning. Unplug the projector from the wall socket before cleaning. Use a damp cloth for cleaning the projector  ...


User Manual

Important Safety Instruction. 1. Read these instructions –before using this projector. 2. Keep these instructions –for future reference. 3. Follow all instructions. 4. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions : A. Do not block any ventilation openings. To ensure reliable operation of the projector and to protect it from ...


Owner”s Manual GENERATOR Ev601o

Owner”s Manual. GENERATOR. Ev601o. EV4010'. Equipment. Click here to save thi. I. II- ... manual is considered a permanent part ofthe generator and should remain with the generator if resold. The information and specifications included in this ..... National Electric Code (NEC). For protection against electrical shock, ...


Jed Micro PTY LTD T460/T461/T462 manual: V403 Part B Specific

NEC LCD (old codes Mitsubishi projector style codes, e.g. “00_r1”): . ..... The generic Acer manual says it is, but the projector tested by JED, a P1265, does not allow it. Some of this family do support wireless ...... NEC 38400 baud, with audio (0-62): GT950, GT1150/GT2150, GT5000/GT6000(fixed 38400), LT85/ LT150,.


Conext™ Grid Tie Solar Inverter

Conext™ Grid Tie Solar Inverter. Conext TX 2800 NA. Conext TX 3300 NA. Conext TX 3800 NA. Conext TX 5000 NA. Owner's Manual www.schneider- electric.com .... NEC. US National Electrical Code NFPA–70. PV. Photovoltaic. RMS. Root Mean Square. STC. Standard Test Conditions specific to photovoltaic panels.

Conext TX Owner_s Guide.pdf


GERMANY. FON. +49 (0)2266 4764 - 0. FAX. +49 (0)2266 4764 - 43. E-MAIL info @lang-ag.com. INTERNET www.lang-ag.com. NEC PRICELIST. 2016 ...... High- end universal videowall mount with manual front service for 46“ & 55“ XUN/S/V- , XS- and P-Series, portrait. Connector ...... Lamp for GT5000/6000 (SUPER ECO).


NuView Projection Lenses ScreenStar Conversion Lenses Navitar

Liesegang. Luxeon. Marantz. Megapower. Microtek. Mitsubishi. NEC. Optoma. Panasonic. Philips. Plus. Projection Design. Proxima. Runco. Samsung. Sanyo. Sharp. Sony. Toshiba. ViewSonic ...... A. All NuView lenses are manual lenses, that is, you must focus or zoom the lens by hand (your power zoom and power focus ...

2005 Catalog - Projection Lenses, Accessories.pdf

Phase IX Commodity Supplier DOHUK Medical Equipment Dohuk

Commodity. Supplier. DOHUK Medical Equipment. Dohuk. CODE No. General terms and conditions. - Set of recommended spare parts for two years. - Service and operation manuals in English Language. Spare parts for Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Targa BT 3000, SUP/97/26098/1. Cliniline S.A, Switzerland. 02-07- 00001.


PDF - Complete Book

boot config-file 2-20 boot enable-break 2-21 boot helper 2-22 boot helper-config- file 2-23 boot manual 2-24 boot private-config-file 2-25 boot system 2-26 ..... standard Cisco IOS Release 12.2 commands, see the Cisco IOS documentation set available from the ...... Switch(config-ipv6-acl)# deny tcp any any gt 5000.


Frequently asked questions

Refer to the lamp installation procedure in your user guide and re-install the lamp . The lamp may need to be replaced. Q: What is the recommended resolution to set my PC? A: SVGA (800 x 600) or XGA (1024 x 768). Q: The image displayed is not “square?” A: If the top part of your image is smaller than the bottom image, ...


GE BuyLog — Section 20: Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Protections and cable sections. Cable sections input and output recommended by NEC standards. Recommended external fusing of input wiring. Alternatively ..... 1No 3 pole 6 ms maximum transfer time manual bypass. 2 TB = Terminal Block. Models. GT5000 RT. GT6000 RT. Overload capability. Overload behavior during.



... der Grafikkarte und ändern ihn gegebenenfalls in einen mit diesem Projektor kompatiblen. Modus. Acer ⇨. [Fn]+[F5]. Asus⇨. [Fn]+[F8]. Dell ⇨. [Fn]+[F8]. Gateway ⇨ [Fn]+[F4]. Mac Apple: Systemeinstellungen ⇨ Anzeige⇨ Einrichtung ⇨ Spie- gelanzeige. IBM/Lenovo ⇨ [Fn]+[F7]. HP/Compaq ⇨ [Fn]+[F4]. NEC ⇨. [Fn ]+[F3].



ご注意☆. スマートフォンと操作用 PC の接続は以下の理由に. より、お断りさせて いただいております。 1. 機種や状態によって正常に動作しないため. 2. インターネットと 接続可能な状態になるため. Page 3. プロジェクター操作マニュアル. 【全体像】. 【操作 用 PC】. コンセントへ. プロジェクターへ. 【プロジェクター本体】. PCへ. コンセントへ. 1.



PLASMA SUPPORT BRACKET NEC 40". Lg Flat Panel Mounts. 7 pounds ...... NEC VT45. Projector Mounts. 4 pounds. 212. RPA452. YAMAHA LPX-500. Projector Mounts. 5 pounds. 212. RPA460. CEILING MOUNT DAVIS DL450. Projector Mounts. 6 pounds. 212 .... NEC GT-5000, GT-6000. Projector Mounts. 6 pounds.


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2 Cámaras de video-robotizadas, Panasonic, mod. 3CCDdigital. - 2 Antenas receptoras de luz con mando a distancia de iluminación, Bosch. - 1 Máquina de proyectar y rebobinar películas, Kinoton. - 1 Proyector de audio-video, NEC, mod . GT5000 50.60 Hz. 8.0/4.0A. - 1 Mesa de Control de iluminación de focos de techos ...


Teatro Arriaga

El Teatro Arriaga de Bilbao (Bizkaia, España) es un edificio neo-barroco de finales del siglo. XIX, obra del arquitecto Joaquín de Rucoba. Esta dedicado al compositor español Juan. Crisóstomo de Arriaga, el Mozart español. Nace con tal nombre en 1890 ocupando el mismo lugar donde se ubicaba el Teatro de la Villa.