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Swather Adaptors

for fast and simple attaching and detaching of boom or swather heads. Quick & easy hook up with quick-attach. Swath with a Nitro 4000 - Unsurpassed Versatility. What you've come to expect from a Nitro—and much more. MacDon D Series Draper Header. Miller Adaptor Kits Available for 4275, 4315, and 4365 Series Nitro.


EZ-Pilot Steering System: Supported Vehicle Platforms

Always follow the installation instructions provided with the platform kit for your vehicle. Caution: Do not ... Installation instructions. For the latest ..... Miller. Nitro Sprayer. 2200HT, 2200SS, 2200T, 2275HT, 4215, 4215HT,. 4240, 4240HT, 4275 , 4315, 4365. Miller. Sprayer. N2, N2XP. Redball. Sprayer. 7830. Vector. Sprayer.

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NA Price Book December 2014 PK 12.17.14

Dec 17, 2014 ... Manual Guidance. 5. Automatic Guidance. 6. Automatic Guidance AES-25. 7. Automatic Guidance 3rd Party Steer Ready. 8. Automatic Guidance Integrated ...... AGA3766. 4700, 4710,. 600.00. $. AGA3955. 4720, 4730, 4830, 4920, 4930. 600.00. $. Miller Sprayers. AGA3966. 4215, 4240, 4275, 4315, 4365.


The aftermath: tallying damage

Jul 10, 2014 ... Doug Schofer of Melville, Sask., searches for sandbags that fell off his tractor's bucket. The road into his farm was flooded but luckily his house, barns and bins were safe. Residents of eastern Saskatchewan and Manitoba scrambled to protect themselves and their belongings from floods last week. Although ...


Guidance for Human Health Risk Assessment

REACH Regulation. TK. Technical concentrate. In accordance with FAO manual ( FAO, 2010), TK may also be the final product from preparation of the active substance but it may contain additives (not formulants) in addition to a stabiliser, for example as safety agents. TK may also contain solvent(s) (including water), either.


Autopilot System: Supported Platforms Version 4.3

Mar 1, 2013 ... Automated Steering System Installation Instructions describe an alternative roof mounting kit, and how to produce ..... Miller. 4000 Nitro. 4215, 4240, 4275, 4315, 4365. Miller. 5000 Nitro. 5215, 5240, 5275, 5333, 5345, 5365, 5400. Miller. 5000 Nitro AGR. 5215, 5240, 5275, 5333, 5345, 5365, 5400. Miller.

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Apr 7, 2016 ... WHEEL NUT TORQUE SETTINGS FOR TRAILER APPLICATIONS. Recommendations for Torque Settings for various wheel nut / stud specifications: Note: Every manufacturer has a different torque range so check your owner's manual. However here are some recommendations: • An impact / rattle gun if ...


Bourgault Cutting Edge - Winter 2013, Canadian Edition

Two thousand and fourteen (2014) will mark 40 years since Bourgault. Industries Ltd. began its manufacturing operations in a 4600 square foot facility, located in St. Brieux, Saskatchewan. Because my father, Frank Bourgault, was very community minded, he had a desire to use his inventive talents, his experiences in ...


Isolation and characterization of the ccmM

1980, Kaplan et al. 1980, Miller and Coleman 1980). In cyanobac- ... ized with N- methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine and the G3 mutant was ..... 4275-4279. Ogawa T (1991b) Cloning and Inactivation of a gene essen- tial to inorganic carbon transport of Synechocystis. PCC6803. Plant Physiol 96:280-284. Ogawa T (1992) ...


cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC6803

Jul 6, 1995 ... plate under air. Seven mutants were rescued as colonies that grew slowly or not at all on the low-Na+ plate. Two of these mutants, SC1 and SC2, were subjected to physiological and molecular analyses. Gas Exchange Measurements. Air- grown cells of the WT and mutant strains were suspended in 25 ml ...


Scanning the mitochondrial genome for mutations by cycling

Oct 7, 2016 ... Miller 1977). Following the evolution of DNA analysis, (e.g. methodology and throughput) mutational spectrometry has been extensively used to study ..... 4275 . 4378. 6. ГGCATACCCCCGATTCCGCTACGA. CTTTTATCAGACATATTTCTTAGG. 55. 54. 4395. 4444. 6. ГTTTAGGATGGGGTGTGATAGGTGG.


Transformation of Isopropylamine to L-Alaninol by Pseudomonas sp

N-methyl-N!-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (MNNG) according to the protocol of. Foster (10). A suspension of ... gen), resulting in plasmid pME4275, in which ipuC is under the control of the T7 polymerase promoter. ... column (Novagen) according to the manufacturer's instructions, and the pure protein was stored at J20°C in 200 ...


Novel Subtype of Type IIs Restriction Enzymes

Apr 19, 2000 ... Biochemical anal- yses demonstrated that BfiI, like the nuclease of S. ty- phimurium, cleaves DNA in the absence of Mg2+ ions and hydrolyzes an artificial substrate bis(p-nitrophe- nyl) phosphate. However, unlike the nonspecific S. ty- phimurium nuclease, BfiI restriction enzyme cleaves. DNA specifically.


Pleiotropic Effects Induced by Modification Deficiency Next to the

Nov 21, 1985 ... methylthioribosylzeatin[N6-(4-hydroxyisopentenyl)-2-methylthioadenosine, ms2io6A], which is a modification normally present next to the anticodon (position 37) in tRNA reading codons starting with uridine. The gene. miaA, defective in the mutant, is located close to and counterclockwise of the purA gene ...


sensitive for growth

Jul 2, 1984 ... of the cell cycle. When ts13 cells were arrested in G1 at the restrictive temperature of 39.6°C, the levels of RNA comple- mentary to p13-2A9 and p13- 4F1 were as high as 10 times that found in a resting population, while the expression of se- quences complementary to p13-2A8 did not significantly change.


Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC6803

(pHPG7) with a 7.5-kbp DNA insert that transforms the G7 mutant to the wild-type phenotype was isolated from a genomic library of wild-type Synechocystis sp. strain PCC6803. Complementation tests with subclones identified the mutation site in G7 within 208bp. Sequencing of nucleotides in this region elucidated an open.


in Tetrahymena thermophila

Laurie A. Stargell, Josephine Bowen, 2 Christopher A. Dadd, 3 Peter C. Dedon, 4 Maria Davis, s. Richard G. Cook, 6 C. David Allis, 3 and Martin A. Gorovsky 2'r. tDepartment of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. 02115 USA; 2Biology Department, University ...


Neuregulin-Increased Expression of Acetylcholine Receptorε

Abstract: Selective transcription of acetylcholine recep- tor (AChR) subunit genes by neuregulin is one of the mechanisms involved in the synaptic localization of. AChRs to the neuromuscular junction. Neuregulin stimu- lates ErbB receptor tyrosine kinases and subsequently activates the Ras/ERK pathway, which is required ...


Plant Farnesyltransferase Can Restore Yeast Ras Signaling and

Farnesyltransferase (FTase) is a heterodimeric enzyme that modifies a group of proteins, including Ras, in mammals and yeasts. Plant FTase and subunits were cloned from tomato and expressed in the yeast. Saccharomyces cerevisiae to assess their functional conservation in farnesylating Ras and a-factor proteins,.


Protein dynamics control proton transfer from bulk solvent to protein

pH was jumped from 8 to 5 by nanosecond flash photolysis of the ''caged proton,'' o-nitrobenzalde- hyde, and subsequent proton transfer was ... 1998; Miller and Agard. 1999; Feher and Cavanagh 1999; Wolf-Watz et al. .... monitored for a longer time in manual pH jump experi- ments (data not shown); (2) protein secondary ...