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Mathematics and Sex

MATHEMATICS AND SEX. JOHN ERNEST*. Our title might well evoke a smile. To a rationally minded person it would be hard to imagi subjects which are less related. Yet it is one of those irrational features of our cultural and social structure that a person's sex is, and has been, very relevant to that individual's opportunities ...


Gender and sex differences in student participation, achievement

Australian Council for Educational Research. Changing Minds: Discussions in neuroscience, psychology and education. Issue #1 April 2016. Gender and sex differences in student participation, achievement and engagement in mathematics. Dr Sarah Buckley ...

Gender and sex differences in student participation achievement.pdf

Autism, maths, and sex: the special triangle

Aug 12, 2015 ... Autism, maths, and sex: the special triangle. X+Y is a semi-fictional film about a child called Nathan who loves maths, who also has an autism spectrum condition , and is also male. If these three aspects of Nathan's character were just a one-off coincidence, it wouldn't be important to draw attention to it.


Social Background Differences in High School Mathematics and

1988: High School Transcript Study. How does social background affect participation in science and mathematics in the. 1 990s? The average numbers of Carnegie units students completed in mathematics and science are broken down in table 2 by sex, race-ethnicity, and socioeconomic status (SES) quartile membership.


Sex Differences in Math-Intensive Fields

Abstract. Despite impressive employment gains in many fields of science, women remain underrepresented in fields requiring intensive use of mathematics. Here we discuss three potential explanations for women's underrepresentation: (a) male–female mathematical and spatial ability gaps, (b) sex discrimination, and (c ) ...


DOCOMENT RESUME Mathematics Achievement, and Sex on

IDENTIFIERS. A9STPACT. Curcio, Frances P. The Effect of Prior Knowledge, Reading and. Mathematics Achievement, and Sex on Comprehending. Mathematical Relationships Expressed in Graphs. Final. Report. Saint Francis Coll., Brooklyn, N.Y. Dept. of. Education. National Tnst. of Education (ED) , Washington, D.C..


Mathematics and the Oedipal Struggle

Sexual knowledge, rather like mathematical knowledge and musi- cal knowledge is not a great deal of use unless it arises from, or can be integrated with experience .. Just as parents (and perhaps also teachers) can take an unhealthy interest in children's sexuality, this is also the case with mathematics and with music.


Gender differences in science, technology, engineering

unemployment rate. In 2011, the unemployment rate for men aged 25 to 34 with a STEM university degree. Chart 1 Number of STEM university graduates aged 25 to 34, by sex, 2011. Note: STEM includes science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science. Source: Statistics Canada, National Household ...


High School Mathematics Preparation and Sex Differences in

High School Mathematics Preparation and Sex. Differences in Quantitative Abilities. Virginia A. de Wolf. University of Washington. A sample of 2,093 students was selected from all Washington State high school juniors taking a pre- college test battery in spring 1973. For the total group of males vs. the total group of females ...


Bright Girls, Mathematics and Fear of Success

BRIGHT GIRLS, MATHEMATICS AND FEAR OF. SUCCESS. Abstract. A review of the relevant literature has identified two important areas of sex differences in the field of mathematics. Not only do considerably more boys than girls perform very well in mathematics, but girls, far more frequently than boys, choose not to.


Twenty-five years of research on gender and ethnic differences in

irrefutable evidence that girls were less likely than boys to choose math and science courses and careers although their grades in math were as high as or higher than those of boys. Thus, the critical question became, If not a math gene, then what motivates one sex, but not the other, to go on in math and science?


Teacher Ideology and Sex Roles in Curriculum Texts

to elaborate on the nature of teachers' ideological perceptions of sexism, sex roles and feminism. By analysing sex stereotyping in the school texts of one secondary school for the subjects English, mathematics and French, the research reported in the paper substantiates much of the previous research in this area which has ...


Math and Sex: Are Girls Born with Less Ability?

with stretched fibers shortening, thus di- minishing the previously expanded ven- tricular space. Within a short time scar tissue forms, constructed from the glial cells that pack between the nerve cells. "The reconstitution of the mantle," re- port Epstein and his colleagues, "does not result in the reformation of lost ele- ments ...


Neuroscience and Sex/Gender | SpringerLink

This special issue publishes interdisciplinary scholarship which aims to map and re-imagine the relations between neuroscience and gender studies. neuroGenderings: The Network. The authors of the present special issue were all participants in the workshop neuroGenderings: Critical Studies of the Sexed Brain (Uppsala ...


Impact of school-type and sex of the teacher on female students

ABSTRACT. The purpose of the study was to identify female students' altitudes toward mathematics when studying under four conditions and to assess the impact of school-type and sex of teacher on students' attitudes toward mathematics. An instrument to measure attitude toward mathematics was administered on a ...


Sex Differences in Intrinsic Aptitude for Mathematics and Science?

This article considers 3 claims that cognitive sex differ- ences account for the differential representation of men and women in high-level careers in mathematics and sci- ence: (a) males are more focused on objects from the beginning of life and therefore are predisposed to better learning about mechanical systems; ...

Spelke 2005 sex differences in math.pdf

Sex-Stereotyping of Children's Success in Mathematics and Reading

SEX-STEREOTYPING OF CHILDREN'S SUCCESS. IN MATHEMATICS AND READING1,'. JANICE R. MOKROS3 AND ELISSA KOFF. Wellesley College. Summmy.-Fifth and sixth graders' evaluations of the social attractiveness of boys and girls who were described as highly successful in either mathematics or reading ...


Children's Achievement and Causal Attributions in Mathematics and

ABSTRACT. The purpose of this study was to investigate (a) the consistency of tenth graders' causal attributions about success and failure in mathematics and reading and (b) the predictive relationships between these causal attributions and the children's academic achievement and sex. Attributional ratings were factor.


National differences in gender–science stereotypes predict national

Jun 30, 2009 ... predict national sex differences in science and math achievement. Brian A. Noseka,1, Frederick L. Smytha, N. Srirama, Nicole M. Lindnera, Thierry Devosb, Alfonso Ayalac, Yoav Bar-Anana,2,. Robin Berghd, Huajian Caie, Karen Gonsalkoralef, Selin Kesebira, Norbert Maliszewskig, Félix Netoh, Eero Ollii,.


Influence of Attitude Towards Mathematics and Study Habit on the

the achievement in mathematics was most closely related with attitude towards mathematics and study habit. Analysis of data indicated that there was no significant difference on achievement in mathematics of the students in case of medium and sex. The regression equation thus obtained shows that attitude towards ...