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Module Quizzes

This document contains all of the multiple choice questions that appear in the General and Industry. Modules within the WorkSafe .... Go back to the safety instructions/operator manual to see if David's advice was right. 4. Asked David to use the ... a. the length of time spent handling the load b. twisting sideways, bending and ...


Welcome to the General Module of [email protected]

Manual Handling. 4. Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods. 5. Noise. 6. Electricity. 7. Mechanical Equipment. 8. Falls from Height. 9. Personal Safety. 10. Personal ... Whenever you spot a hazard, assess the risk by asking yourself two questions: • How likely is ...... Questions. You may now try the multiple choice test.



East Grampians Health Service. 2016 MANUAL HANDLING QUIZ. HAZARDOUS MANUAL HANDLING TASKS. Circle Correct. Answer. 1. Only tasks that involve lifting heavy objects are considered hazardous manual tasks. True False. 2. Health workers have a legal responsibility to take reasonable care of their own health.


Health & Safety Assessment

The ECS Health and Safety Assessment is made up of 45 multiple choice questions drawn randomly from ... The assessment uses a selection of the questions from the question bank printed in this guide, however, the ... What manual handling operations mean in the context of an employee and what employers must do.


Safe Patient Handling Training for Schools of Nursing

Quiz for Didactic SPH. Appendices. Appendix ... that manual patient handling and relying on body mechanics is unsafe (Nelson et al., ..... Safe Patient Handling Training for Schools of Nursing Curricular Materials 15. Select the one best answer to these multiple choice questions. 1. Ergonomics means a. Making changes to ...


HSA Guidance on the Management of Manual Handling in the

guidance underlines the need to put an effective manual handling risk assessment process in place and it outlines ..... section on the selection of staff to become instructors and arrangements to provide in-house ..... physically suited to carry out the task in question and the type of protective clothing or footwear being worn.


NPTC Level 2 Certificate in Working Safely in Agriculture

There are 15 sample multiple choice questions available in this paper. • Please note that the exam will consist of 30 ... work\Multiple choice questions\Sample test papers\H_S sample test paper level 2 (17.01.06).doc. (17/01/06) ... Bending the back during manual handling can result in injury from: (a) sprained forearms. (b).


Manual Handling in Health Care Services

Manual Handling Operations of the Occupational Safety & Health Regulation. It advises on a systematic ..... selection and implementation of preventive and protective measures to eliminate or minimise risk. ... "YES" answer to the questions in the checklist means control of the risk factors is required. Generally the more the ...


Manual handling training: Investigation of current practices and

little evidence supporting the effectiveness of both technique and educational based manual handling training. There ..... Section four incorporates six questions assessing the internal validity (confounding, selection bias), questions in this ...... Approaches that use multiple factors such as a risk assessment are more likely to ...


2013 HSC Construction

15 marks. • Attempt Question 22. • Allow about 25 minutes for this section. Section IV Page 20. 15 marks. • Attempt Question 23. • Allow about 25 minutes for this section ... Use the multiple-choice answer sheet for Questions 1–15. 1. What is ...... (b) What manual handling procedures should a worker follow in order to prevent.


2015 HSC Entertainment Industry

15 marks. • Attempt Question 22. • Allow about 25 minutes for this section. Section IV. Page 20. 15 marks. • Attempt Question 23. • Allow about 25 minutes for this section ... Use the multiple-choice answer sheet for Questions 1–15. 1. What is the part ... (D) Arrange for staff training in correct manual handling. 6. What is the ...


Multiple-Choice Test Preparation Manual

Sometimes a multiple-choice item will refer to other material in the test. This could be a reading passage, chart, graph, table, report, situation, etc. The candidate must refer to this material in order to answer such questions. Candidates use a pencil to enter their answers on a standardized answer sheet. This is done by.


2013 HSC Retail Services Marking guidelines

2013 HSC Retail Services. Marking Guidelines. Section I. Multiple-choice Answer Key. Question. Answer. 1. C. 2. B. 3. A. 4. B. 5. C. 6. C. 7. D. 8. B. 9. C. 10. A. 11. D . 12. B. 13 .... Manual Handling (correct lifting/moving techniques) ... There is a range of legislative requirements that need to be considered when handling food.


Specimen questions for HS

Candidates are assessed by a 30 question, 35 minute, multiple choice examination. Candidates have to answer ... A Administration. B Manual handling. C Adequate lighting. D Excessive noise. 6. Trailing electrical cables which trail through the middle of a busy walkway: A Are very unlikely to cause any injury. B Are likely to ...


TExES School Counselor (152) Preparation Manual

The TExES School Counselor (152) test is designed to assess whether an examinee has the requisite knowledge and skills that an entry-level educator in this field in. Texas public schools must possess. The 100 multiple-choice questions are based on the School Counselor test framework. Questions on this test range from ...


2008 HSC Exam Paper - Construction

Attempt Questions 1–15. Allow about 15 minutes for this section. Use the multiple -choice answer sheet for Questions 1–15. To what category does the sign shown belong? (A) Action required. (B) Hazard warning. (C) Mandatory restriction. (D) Emergency information. 2. What is the purpose of manual handling standards?


Skin Tears Workbook

The answers to the multiple choice questions can be found under. “Assessment Part 1: Multiple Choice Answers”. You will self-mark these questions. Once you have successfully completed the learning activities your Line. Manager/Mentor ..... handling techniques according to local manual handling policy. • Never use bed ...



... contain 45 multiple choice questions made up from questions covering ten topics. Each question will require you to pick one correct answer from a choice of four. The numbers of questions that will be used from each topic are: Test Section . No of Questions. General Health & Safety at Work. 6. Manual Handling Operations.


Manual handling

Incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work. It causes work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) which account for over a third of all workplace injuries. Manual handling injuries can happen anywhere people are at work. Heavy work, awkward postures, manual materials handling, ...


Strategies for Answering Multiple Choice Questions

Strategies for Answering Multiple Choice Questions. Read the directions. Are you being asked to find the best response or a correct response? Answer each question in your head first before you look at the possible answers. Read the stem and all of the choices before selecting your answer. If you aren't sure of the correct ...

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