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Compaq Visual Fortran Programmer's Guide

Compaq Visual Fortran. Programmer's Guide. Compaq Computer Corporation. Houston, Texas. Date: August, 2001. Software. Version: Visual Fortran Version 6.6. Operating. Systems: Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 95,. Windows 2000, or Windows NT Version 4 ...


Compaq Visual Fortran Language Reference

This manual contains the description of the Compaq Fortran (formerly DIGITAL. Fortran) programming language. It contains information on language syntax and semantics, on adherence to various Fortran standards, and on extensions to those standards. This manual is intended for experienced applications programmers ...


PGI Visual Fortran User's Guide

PGI Visual Fortran User's Guide. Version 2017 | ii. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Preface............................................................................................................ xii. Audience Description......................................................................................... xii. Compatibility and Conformance to Standards............................................................xii. Organization .


Reference manual of the FORTRAN utility library TTUTIL v. 4

27. 8.3. Compiler specific problems. 27. 8.3.1 Digital Visual Fortran and Compaq Visual Fortran. 27. 8.3.2 All Macintosh MPW Fortran compilers. 28. 8.3.3 Macintosh Absoft Fortran 90 compiler. 28. 9. Reference manual of interface calls. 29. 9.1. Reading of TTUTIL format datafiles. 29. 9.2. Writing of TTUTIL format datafiles.


C:\karen\Dispersion\user's guide\AERMODUG-finalkw12.wpd

Sep 13, 2004 ... interpreted as conveying official EPA approval, endorsement, or recommendation . The following trademarks appear in this guide: Compaq Visual Fortran is a registered trademark of Compaq Computer Corp. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp. Lahey LF95 is a registered ...



SWAN IMPLEMENTATION MANUAL by. : The SWAN team mail address ... This Implementation Manual is a part of the total material to implement the SWAN wave model on your computer system. ..... Some compilers, e.g. Compaq Visual Fortran and Intel Fortran version 9.x (or higher), measured record length in 4-byte or ...



To execute the above instructions, just open a command prompt. – In case of Compaq Visual Fortran compiler, use nmake instead of make. – This setup does not support OpenMP for Windows systems. – This installation currently supports MPICH for Windows NT/2000/XP. (Professional); Win9x/ME are not supported.


WRAP Programming Manual

this programming manual. Executable files are distributed for use on desktop computers operating under Microsoft Windows. Recent versions of the Fortran programs have been compiled with. Compaq and Intel Visual Fortran compilers within the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated. Development Environment. The code ...


Intel(R) Math Kernel Library for Windows* OS User's Guide

Although Compaq no longer supports the Compaq Visual Fortran* (CVF) compiler, Intel MKL still preserves the CVF interface in the IA-32 architecture implementation. You can use this interface with the Intel® Fortran. Compiler. Intel MKL provides both stdcall (default CVF interface) and cdecl (default interface of the ...


IMSL Fortran Numerical Math Library Version 7.0

1970-2010 Rogue Wave Software, Visual Numerics, IMSL and PV-WAVE are registered trademarks of Rogue Wave Software, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. JMSL, JWAVE,. TS-WAVE, PyIMSL and Knowledge in Motion are trademarks of Rogue Wave Software, Inc. All other company, product or brand names are the ...


Fortran Resources

Sep 16, 2008 ... Etzel M., Dickinson K., Digital Visual Fortran 90 Programmer's Guide, 1999,. Digital Press. ISBN 1-55558-218-4. • Gehrke, Fortran 95 Language Guide, 1996, Springer ISBN 3-540-76062-8. • Lawrence N., Compaq Visual Fortran: A Guide to Creating Windows Applica- tions, 2001, Digital Press.


BPIP User's Guide

Apr 21, 2004 ... properly stored in the appropriately sized arrays. There is no need to recompile BPIP. BPIP was rewritten to Fortran 90 standards and recompiled with. Compaq Visual FORTRAN version 6.6 compiler. The OPEN and CLOSE statements have been commented out in the source code. 3.3 INPUT FORMAT.


The open source RFortran library for accessing R from Fortran, with

Dec 15, 2010 ... generally, RFortran obviates the need to re-organize Fortran code into DLLs callable from R, or to re-write existing R packages ... and the Intel and Compaq Visual Fortran compilers. Extending its support to ... and post-process them, manually or automatically, using other software (e.g., Excel, Matlab). This.


users guide for the aermod terrain preprocessor (aermap)

EPA approval, endorsement, or recommendation. The following trademarks appear in this guide: UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Visual Fortran is a registered trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel, Inc.



-cvis The same subroutines OCPINI and FOR need also to be adapted when the Compaq. Visual Fortran compiler is used in case of a parallel MPI run. Windows systems have a well-known problem of the inability of opening a file by multiple SWASH executables. This can be remedied by using the option SHARED in the ...


I have been using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 and Visual Studio 6.0

I have been using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 and Visual Studio 6.0 for years. I finally decided it is time to do whatever it takes to upgrade to the latest Fortran and C++ compilers. Neither of these old compilers are supported and they are not compatible with. Windows Vista. I have found that there is not that much information ...


Strand7 R246 API Manual

for Fortran. 4. For some languages, explicit loading of St7API.dll is required via the Windows API call LOADLIBRARY. The code to do this is also provided in the Strand7 API Toolkit for the languages where it is needed: St7APILoad.cpp for C ++. St7APILoad.f90 for Compaq/Intel Visual Fortran. 5. As most of the API functions ...

Strand7 R246 API Manual TOC.pdf

Instructions to install Aspen 12.1 toolkit & in-house databanks

Nov 1, 2004 ... Install a Fortran compiler. • This must be Compaq Visual Fortran 6.5 or later. However, note that the latest version of this compiler is Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6. A technical memo on the. Aspen Tech web site: http://support.aspentech.com /webteamcgi/SolutionDisplay_view.cgi?key=107864 states: AES 10.2 ...


Dominguez Channel Estuary Model Study DCEM User's Manual

EFDC.f – f77 source code. • EFDC.com – common block file. • EFDC.par – parameter file. Compiling of the source code files requires a Fortran 95 compiler, such as: • Absoft Pro-Fortran MP. • Compaq Visual Fortran 6.0. • Intel Fortran ( used to compile DCEM executable file). • Lahey-Fujistu F95 Express. • PGI Fortran ...

DCEM Manual.pdf

Doc-To-Help Small Manual

IMSL Fortran Library User's Guide ... IMSL, PV- WAVE, and Visual Numerics are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by, and PV- WAVE Advantage is a trademark of, Visual ... VAX, VMS, OpenVMS — Compaq Information Technologies Group, L.P./Hewlett Packard Corporation; Tektronix 4510 Rasterizer —.