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Argument and Its Uses!

Keywords: argument. argumentation. persuasion, uses of arguments. informal logic. good argument, dialectic. rhetoric. ... and Canada, one in which a key innovation was to examine texts that were chunks of real discourse ..... of argument cogency that Johnson and I introduced in 1977 in Logical Self-Defense : acceptability,.


Culture Sensitive Arguments

inevitably evokes the title of Deborah Tannen's book The Argument Culture ( 1998;. 1999). Tannen's claim is .... Logical Self-Defense, when they define ' ethnocentrism' as “a tendency to see matters exclusively through ... aware of the fact that the Western Greco-Roman tradition of rhetoric and argumentation is not a culturally ...


2006 Spring/Summer

The revised edition includes a new chapter on public debating and more than 100 new debate topics for use in the classroom. LOGICAL SELF-DEFENSE. KEY TITLES IN RHETORIC, ARGUMENTATION,. AND DEBATES SERIES. RALPH H. JOHNSON, University of Windsor. J. ANTHONY BLAIR, University of Windsor.


The Logic Of Natural Language

what that phrase may be taken to mean and of why this logic is so important, Section 2 provides an account of the key ideas: logic, reasoning and argument, and of the relationship between logic, rhetoric and dialectic. Section 3 is a discussion of the norms that apply to natural language arguments. There are two types of ...


CEU Press Catalog 2013 Spring Summer.indd

Gaston, E., 232 pages, 2012. 978-1-61770-026-2 paperback $24.95 / €21.95 / £ 18.99. Logical Self-Defense. – Key titles in rhetoric, argumentation, and debates series. Johnson / Blair, 328 pages, 2006. 978-1-932716-18-4 paperback $25.95 / €23.95 / £19.99. Many Sides. – Debate across the curriculum (Revised edition).

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Theoretical and Technological Perspectives on Online Arguments

May 8, 2017 ... tween logic, dialectic, and rhetoric has shaped (and is still shaping) the whole debate on argumentation. As for practical applications, some of Plato's thesis in the Republic can be seen with ... some key challenges in Artificial Intelligence, such as the modeling of non- .... Logical self-defense. Toronto: ...


Logical Reasoning

updated: December 2, 2017. Logical Reasoning. Bradley H. Dowden. Philosophy Department. California State University Sacramento. Sacramento, CA 95819 USA ... This book Logical Reasoning by Bradley H. Dowden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- ..... Detecting Obscure Argumentation .


What do Normative Approaches to Argumentation Stand to Gain

Jan 1, 2013 ... informal logic. In each case, the room for the integration of rhetorical insights into argument evaluation is found to be restricted by dialectical and logico-epistemic norms endorsed in ... associated with the names of Gorgias, Protagoras-Isocrates , Aristotle, and Plato, respectively. ...... Logical Self-Defense.


Elements of Argumentation

ISBN 978-0-262-02643-7 (hardcover : alk. paper) 1. Artificial intelligence. 2. Reasoning. 3. Logic. 4. Information technology. I. Hunter, Anthony, 1962– II. Title. Q335.B489 2008 ... Argumentation normally involves identifying relevant assumptions and ... the chapter, we will provide motivation of some of the key elements of.



Keywords: informal logic, formal logic, logic, argument, argumentation theory, critical thinking, pragmatics .... many of them judge introductory courses on logic, fallacy, and even rhetoric not relevant to their interests. ...... traditional logic: the very title of our text, Logical Self-Defense, already suggests that argument is like an ...



Joseph Conrad's title, relying exclusively on the classical rhetorical models that have been central for so long to ... study of Chinese rhetorical traditions has revealed numerous practices of logic and argumentation, layer ... sometimes a debate, that has already begun, and highlight both the promises and the challenges such ...


Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: The Benefits of Aristotelian Rhetoric in

Krista C. McCormack, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: The Benefits of Aristotelian Rhetoric in the Courtroom, 7 Wash. U. Jur. Rev. 131. (2014). ... categories: logical argument (logos), emotional arguments (pathos), and ..... Claiming self-defense in Missouri, or the use of force in defense of persons, requires a jury to determine  ...


Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Argument Mining

Aug 12, 2016 ... momentum to what will hopefully become a regular part of the Argument Mining workshop series. This year .... Unshared Task: Perspective Based Local Agreement and Disagreement in Online Debate. Chantal van ... 14:40–15:00 Rhetorical structure and argumentation structure in monologue text. Andreas ...


Core Curriculum Section Descriptions

This course emphasizes: 1) fundamental writing mechanics, 2) argument construction and use of evidence, and 3) rhetorical thinking/flexibility to address various situations, audiences, and genres. Each faculty member selects a theme ...... women's ability to achieve gender equality? Section Title: Self-Portraiture in Image.


Argumentation Theory After the New Rhetoric

among other terms, the key term identification to the traditional conceptual system . nev- ertheless, burke's definition of .... The theory of argumentation should show how choices that are made and decisions that ..... informal logical alternative. in Logical Self-Defense they explain that the premises of an argument have to meet  ...


Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper

you do, for your thesis should provide some hint as to what the main argument will be. To sum up, a thesis statement .... The second example is the introduction to my paper “Welfare, Achievement, and Self-. Sacrifice”: .... The key to having your essay follow a logical structure is to make an outline before sitting down to write.


When Different Perspectives Interact: A Historical Account of

Special attention will be paid to key events, such as the Second International Symposiums on Informal Logic (SISIL), the founding of ..... and Argument. Rhetoric, argumentation and logic. Informal logic 6.3,. 10-16, 1984. Robert C. Pinto. Dialectic and the Structure of. Argument same title. Informal logic 6.1,. 16- 20. Maurice ...



ones over whether a series should be analyzed in terms of its parts or ... theory of argument in Parts One and Two-of-rhe booR. In Section. III, below, Johnson focuses on Toulmin's the- ory of criticism as set forth. in Part Three of the text; in Section rv he ...... Logical Self-Defense and to Kahane's Logic and. Contemporary ...


Concept Mapping, Mind Mapping and Argument Mapping: What are

Keywords: Concept mapping, mind mapping, computer-aided argument mapping , critical thinking, argument ... These mapping tools take a variety of names including: “concept mapping”, “mind mapping” .... show the relationship between the key concepts and their subordinate or super-ordinate elements. 6. Add examples ...


Was Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Policy Motivated by

with the details of Jackson's Indian removal policy, there is significant debate with respect to his .... given perpetual title to their new land as well as compensation for improvements on their old. The cost of their removal ... dictated that Indians must not occupy areas that might jeopardize the defense of this nation; and second ...

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