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State responsibility: Second report on State responsibility, by Mr

G..Saqlain. “Civil.liability.in.English.and.Islamic.laws:.a.comparative.view”,. Islamic and Comparative Law Review. (New. Delhi),. vol.. XII,. No..1,.summer. 1992. Mckendrick,.Ewan. Force Majeure and Frustration of Contract.. London,. Lloyd's. of. London.Press,.1995..363.p. Mcnair,.Lord,.ed.,. International Law Opinions,.vol..II,.


bankarske garancije prema odredbama novog zakona o obveznim

Sveuč. Rij. (1991) v. 27, br. 1, 171-209 (2006). 173. Koristit će se domaća i poredbena literatura, a u onom dijelu u kojem sadržaj odredbi koje donosi ZOO nije izmijenjen, pomoći će i dosadašnja ... law označavaju jamstvo odnosno ugovor o jamstvu, koji podrazumijeva akcesornost ... 2 Lloyd''s Law Report 251. DC., a za ...


Conflict of laws in the discharge of debts in bankruptcy

depend on the characterisation given to that discharge under the foreign legal system: i.e. ... sustained in the Lloyd's market in recent years have wreaked .... (d) tbe various ways of extinguishing obligations, and prescription and limitation of actions ...". The Giuliano Report. (OJEC 31 October, 1980, C 282, p 1) notes that.


The Foreign Currency Loan Experience in 1980s Australia with

Faculty of Economics and Business. ISBN 1 86487 791 X. ISSN 1446-3814. December 2005. The Foreign Currency Loan Experience in 1980s Australia ... between the context that gave rise to the foreign currency facility and the general legal culture ...... [reproduced in Australian Law Reports (1991), v.99, 567-600;.


Page 1 3. The University of Sydney School of Economics and

tension between Judgments provides an exemplary case study in banking law in Australia. ... 2005b: 1):. Beginning in 1982, and with impending deregulation of the. Australian financial sector, three major banks (and some lesser players) fashioned loan ...... [reproduced in Australian Law Reports (1991). v.99, 567-600;.


Preventing repeated domestic violence: a demonstration project on

Finally, we thank Karen Clarke, the Domestic Violence Prevention Worker for continued hard work under extreme pressure. SAM LLOYD. GRAHAM FARRELL ... 1. Background and Information-Gathering. This paper focuses upon work undertaken in Merseyside Police 'C' Division to prevent repeated domestic violence.


Law as a resource in agrarian struggles

The purpose of this series is to report on ongoing research at the Agricultural ... PREFACE vü. INTRODUCTION. 1. Franz von Benda-Beckmann. UMBU HAPI VERSUS UMBU VINCENT. 23. Legal pluralism as an arsenal in village combats ...... Rudolph, Lloyd I. and Susanna Hoeber Rudolph (1987), In pursuit of Lakshmi .


Fraud Report

Oct 20, 2002 ... consequences. For example, section 57 of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) contains the offence of procuring sexual penetration by threats or fraud. This makes fraud a difficult concept to delineate. An indication of the far-reaching scope of fraud is apparent from Appendix C–1 which sets out 137 deception offence.


Sea Mines 2007

International Defence Review, January 1991, v. 24, no, 1, p. 73-74. Annati, Massimo A. “MCM (Mine Countermeasures -- ROVs (Remotely Operated. Vehicles) the ... Report.” Jane's Defence Weekly, January 22, 1994, v. 21, no. 3, p . 12. ______. “US Navy Exercises Its New MCM Capability.” Jane's Defence. Weekly, May 1 ...



Interactions, properties, and proposed structures: U.S. Geological Survey Open- File. Report 87 557, p. 1 21. McKnight, D.M., 1988, Metal-tolerant algae in St. Kevin ...... law for this recrystallization; (2) running hydrotherma| experiments ( with Whitney, Geologic ...... Ford, Arthur B., Kistler, Ronald W., and White, Lloyd D .,. 1986 ...


A Critical Appraisal of the Federal Arbitration Act 1925 and of the

1.4.1 IN GENERAL. 1.4.2 JUDICIAL TEM PERING. 1.4.3 U n ific a tio n a n d RAPPROCHEM ENT T h ro u g h. T re a tie s. 1.4.4 A-NATIONAL USAGES AND PRINCIPLES. 1.5 Traditional ..... Advisory Committee on. Arbitration Law, A Report on the UNCITRAL Model Law on ...... Corp, [1993] 2 Lloyd's Rep. 48, 50- 51.


sustavi općeg ograničenja odgovornosti u pomorskom pravu

Obrađuje se pitanje Sustava općeg ograničenja odgovornosti u pomorskom pravu. Nakon povijesnog prikaza međunarodne regulative ovog pravnog problema, rad obrađuje ovo pitanje u važećim međunarodnopravnim vrelima i hrvatskom pravu. Istražuje se i kako se nastoji urediti ovo pitanje u najnovijem pokušaju ...


Instituting Environmental Protection: From Red to Green in Poland

1. A Failed Promise: Socialist Environmental Protection. 1. Subject and Object. 2. Marxist Ideology and the Socialist System. 3. Socialist Legal Analysis. 5. The Parameters. 6 ..... out the 1970s and into the 1980s reports of environmental problems in Commu- nist Eastern ...... ronmental Protection Agency 1991, v–vii). Without ...


The effect of better street lighting on crime and fear: a review

This report suggests, on the basis of the available research evidence, that lighting ... 1. Introduction. 2. Public perceptions of lighting for crime prevention. 3. What offenders think about lighting. 4. The effect of lighting on crime. 5. The effect of lighting on ..... bystanders who noticed them 'in the act' would intervene personally.


Industrial Gazette

2 By sections 51BA and 51BB of the Act, the Commission is obliged to give the Minister for Employment Protection ("the Hon. Minister"), Chamber of ...... (“The Solholt”) [1983] 1 Lloyd's Law Reports 605 at 608, the Court said:- “A plaintiff is ...... (Australia) Pty Ltd [1991] v Gorgevski (No 1) 36 FCR 20; 41. IR 452 and compare ...


Crime on industrial estates

authors were asked to produce an abridged version of their original reports. ... 1. Number of units on each estate. 4. 2. Activity on industrial estates. 5. 3. Number of employees. 6. 4. Crimes on five industrial estates reported to the police. 11 .... In Britain, land use has come under legal planning controls, with attempts to zone it.


Hydraulic Piping Standard Handbook Revision 1

Germanischer Lloyd . .... Classification Societies' rules which are meant to assist in the standardization of hydraulic piping as well as to act as the foundation for ...... Class of piping sys- tem. Nominal diameter. (mm). Design temperature. (°C). Type of documentation. NV certificate. Works certificate. Test report. Pipes 1). I. > 50.


chemical, biological and nuclear terrorism/warfare a bibliography

1, p. 1-5. Alexander, Yonah. “Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century: Threats and. Responses” DePaul Business Law Journal, Fall 1999 / Spring, 2000, v. 12, no. ...... EMBO Reports,. November 2000, v. 1, no. 5, 387-389. http://www.nature.com/ cgi- taf/DynaPage.taf?file=/embor/journal/v1/n5/full/embor541.html&filetype=pdf.


An Uneasier Case for Copyright Than for Patent Protection of

on inventions as an exception to the general exclusion of monopolies. Statute of. Monopolies Act, 1623, 21 Jac. 1, ch. 3, reprinted in 33 HAIsBURY'S STATUTES OF. ENGLAND AND WALES 5-7 (1987). The sense of the times following the American. Revolution is reported in Graham v. John Deere Co., 383 U.S. 1, 7-8 ( 1966):.



14, no. 17, p. 26. Gentry, John A. “Knowledge-Based Warfare: Lessons from Bosnia.” The Officer (ROA. Security National Report), January/February 1999, v. 75, no. 1, p. 137-142. Giboney, Thomas B. “Commander's Control from Information Chaos.” Military Review,. November 1991, v. 71, no. 11, p. 34-38. Glashow, Jason.