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Ancestor-reverence as a Basis for Pan-Africanism and the African

Dec 23, 2016 ... Libation: An Afrikan Ritual of Heritage in the Circle of Life. Lanham: University Press of. America. Ntuli, P. P. (1999).The Missing Link between Culture and Education: Are we still chasing gods that are not our own? In. Makgoba, W. M. ( ed), African Renaissance: The New Struggle. Sandton and Cape Town: ...


Death and After-life Rituals in the eyes of the Shona

Deutschen Nationalbibliographie; detaillierte bibliographische Informationen sind im Internet über http://dnb.ddb.de/ abrufbar. Diese Arbeit wurde von der Fakultät Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft der Universität Bayreuth als. Doktorarbeit unter dem Titel “Death and After-life Rituals in the eyes of the Shona : Dialogue with ...



Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion is the only religion that has ever existed and ever will .... Religious Heritage born of our direct Ancestral blood-circles through ritual, art, food, music, handmade ... dance, ritual procurement and administering of medicine inclusive of the use of mineral life ( stones, crystals) ...


A Kwanzaa Prayer

preserve and continue the heritage they have left us. May the NGUZO ... Libation is as old as religious ritual itself, and in fact was practiced in both the New Testament and the He- brew Bible. ... African cos- mology is like a circle, we move from one stage of life to the next in a circle with the belief that even after a person dies.



KEYWORDS: Libation, Prayer, Cultural Heritage, Traditional Worship, Religious Tolerance. INTRODUCTION ... characterizes solidarity traditional festivals, various activities in rites of passage (birth, puberty, marriage and death) and ... Nkrumah introduced the pouring of libation to African ancestors at political rallies (Hagan,.


Comfa, Obeah, and Emancipation

Jan 1, 2015 ... practices, today. A 2014 Libation Ceremony in Georgetown honoring the 1838 emancipation ... memory of “Africa” and African identity, including the use of varying ritual practices associated with Obeah. .... into the ritual inner circle and were placed in central positions between Bishop Irving and the orisha.


Stools in Asante Culture BY David Kumah (B.A. HONS.) A thesis

I hereby declare that this submission is my own work towards the MA (African Art and Culture) and that, to the ... significance but also every aspect if their life; every part of their objects has a purpose, deep meaning and .... The stool is an object associated with rites of passage; although it does not necessary posses sacral ...


ukang: the rituals of crime detection in the annang social justice

The Annang people of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria like most African communities are very religious in every aspect of their culture. As a result of these religious inclinations, they tend to read and interpret their daily social interactions from the point of view of the involvement of the gods in their everyday life. Consequently ...



Mar 17, 2009 ... to these influences and challenges, some Ewe youth currently are ignorant about their cultural heritage, and are therefore, losing their cultural identity. This study, therefore, is in response to the need for examining the aspects and functions of Ewe indigenous knowledge system, values, and musical practice ...


aetiology of igbo cultural rites (a case study of abiriba community)

Cultural Rites: Cultural rites are rituals observed at various periods of life or season to communicate achievement of ... colonialists, the missionary stereotype of African culture as primitive, fetish, and pagan has persisted; ... rites using sages that cherished the cultural heritage in the face of colonial and missionary onslaught.


The Role of African Traditional Religion, Culture and World-View in

Key words: African Traditional Religion, Rituals, World-view, Healing, Post-war healing. 1. ... productive life. The Dinka community, which was much affected by the civil war, has to be assisted to regain its own social balance and harmony. Therefore, healing of afflictions and cleansing of evils caused by the civil war is.


Igbo Culture and His..

suggests that religion has long been an integral part of Igbo life. The myth points to the origins of agriculture, ... distant places – as opposed to the majority of African traditions of origin - it suggests that the Igbo people .... He was the custodian of ancestral lands, the keeper of the ritual objects that symbolized political authority ...

Igbo Culture and History.pdf

Interaction of Secularism and Religion among Ibibio ethnic group of

Feb 24, 2015 ... Background: The cultural heritage of a people is often valued though with interjection of other forces of ... with secular knowledge and modern way of life, the Ibibios in Nigeria like other Africans may have lost ... which are non-religious as inferred in Christian circles such as general knowledge and day to.



AIC growth in the South African society. 1.1 The nature and revolutionary life of ancestors in life of. Africans. The AIC view of ancestors can be described using any of the following terms: ... Their view of the ancestors' life circle is spiral in that, after a while they ... rituals, for example, by bestowing health, wealth and other ...


africans concept of masquerades and their role in societal control

members must only hierarchically advance to discover for themselves the aura and other rituals associated with Elimin. It is also a taboo to mention or discuss. Elimin among women. This has to do with the fact that to Esan, Elimin is the spirits of the departed ancestors who partook in and controlled the life and destiny of the ...

06281307Africans Concept of Masquerades and Their Role in Societal Control and Stability Some Notes on the Esan People of Southern Nigeria.pdf


libations or burning incense, are such simple and obvious procedures that any people might adopt them without ... seem so obvious to us was attempted until a multitude of diverse cir- cumstances became focussed in some ... ritual in the ancient and aromatic East was inspired by such squeam- ishness as a British sanitary ...


The restoration of King Gbehanzin Palace – Royal Palaces of Abomey

became the sixteenth country in the African continent having committed itself to pro- tecting its cultural and natural heritage of outstanding universal value. Three years later, in 1985, the site of the ... life of the Royal Palace-Museum of the kingdom of Dahome - one of the kingdoms of sub-Saharan Africa which developed ...



Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies 109 ... Social and Economic Research (ISSER); Institute of African Studies(IAS), and the ..... African Journal of. Administrative Studies, 75, pp.21-35. Simpson, S. N. Y., and Berko, O. L. (2009). An evaluation of financial health of non-life insurance companies from developing ...


1. The Individual and Society

So is our racial or ethnic heritage. Our culture also shapes the way we work and play. .... “Who am I?” is a question that each of us asks at some time in our life. In answering, we define ourselves. The word .... want to research and then compare rites of passage in several different cultures. What do they all have in common?


The Understanding of God in African theology: Contributions of John

First of all, I am most grateful to God for His boundless love and grace upon my life, and for enabling me to begin and complete ... connection with the African traditional religio-cultural heritage to make the concept of God to become relevant to African ..... 2.4.1 Des Prêtres noirs s'interrogent and the Roman Catholic circle .