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large-scale computational biology, including procurement and licensing of commercial software systems, in-house and contracted software development, and open source software. Click and SAVE 80%. Legal Guide to Botnet Research. 2013, 144 pages, 8.5 x 11, paperback. This valuable book provides input to determine ...


Legal Issues Associated With Data Collection & Sharing

Jul 6, 2011 ... legal analysis on each dataset. • PREDICT risk process rovides researchers and organizations with more certainty. • DHS Broad Agency Announcement funded development of two publications. – Legal & Policy Tool Chest for Cybersecurity R&D. – Legal Guide to Cybersecurity Research on Botnets.


Botnets: Detection, Measurement, Disinfection & Defence

The current legal frameworks of various EU Member States and their national ... fight against botnets. The applicability of promising detection and mitigation approaches is also limited through certain conflicts between data protection laws and laws that .... Research institutions should be more strongly integrated and, where.

2011 Mar ENISA - Botnets Detection Measurements Disinfection and Defences.pdf

Legal Implications of Countering Botnets

mitigation of botnets. As a result, a number of legal requirements, as well as potential risks, relevant in the fight against botnets are outlined. 1 Legal Analyst at NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. 2At the time of writing ..... Ollmann, G. The Phishing Guide: Understanding and .... Botnet Research Survey.


Cybersecurity Research: Addressing the Legal Barriers and

Sep 28, 2015 ... participant mentioned the “Legal Guide to Botnet Research” and the “Legal Guide to Cybersecurity. Research”31 as potential resources. --. Resource for students. One participant suggested that university students would benefit from a simple web resource that outlined the issues and described potential ...


Botnet Tracking: Tools, Techniques, and Lessons Learned

Apr 11, 2006 ... research has shown that tracking botnets requires both hard resources and soft skills, and that there are .... Most previous botnet research has focused on analyzing common bot software and its capabilities ..... activity are too often abandoned due to difficulty of finding any legal authority to deal with Internet ...


Proactive Botnet Countermeasures – An Offensive Approache

However, while being technically feasible, such actions raise legal and ethical ... software (a bot). Bots are commanded by an operator and can typically be advised to send Spam mails, harvest information such as license keys or banking ..... This section contains some case studies where we present our research on the.


Citadel Trojan Malware Analysis

This feature makes it more difficult for researchers to directly download configurations from Zeus Tracker for decryption and analysis. Campaigns. In addition to fraud against online banking, Citadel has been linked with at least two other major campaigns that install additional malware. The practice of banking trojans ...


March 2013 Final Report U.S. Anti-Bot Code of Conduct (ABC) for

Mar 1, 2013 ... A guide is provided for both barriers to participation in the Code as well as for the ongoing development of metrics. Recommendations for each report ..... common definitions of bots for industry and methods to distinguish bots and bot families from other malware for measurement purposes. The research.

CSRIC_III_WG7_Report_March_ 2013.pdf

Cyber Operations in DOD Policy and Plans: Issues for Congress

Jan 5, 2015 ... Congressional Research Service. 7-5700 www.crs.gov. R43848 ... directives guide the conduct of military operations in cyberspace, sometimes referred to as cyberwarfare, as well as the ... by the tension between legal authorities codified at 10 U.S.C., which authorizes U.S. Cyber. Command to initiate ...


Your Botnet is My Botnet: Analysis of a Botnet Takeover

the Torpig botnet exhibits certain properties that make the analysis ... botnets. Similar measurements focused on DNS queries [34, 35] or DNS blacklist queries [37] performed by bot-infected machines. Other researchers analyzed network traffic (netflow data) at the ..... previously established legal and ethical principles [ 3].


BYOB: Build Your Own Botnet

Jul 27, 2011 ... A recent report on botnet threats (Dhamballa, 2010) provides a sobering read for any security professional. According ... then that researchers feel the need to address “not merely the numerous binaries but the network of attackers itself” .... are few laws for proper Internet usage. As David Thomas, one of the ...


Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

NIST Special Publication 800-61. Revision 2. Computer Security Incident Handling. Guide. Recommendations of the National. Institute of Standards and Technology. Paul Cichonski ... reports on ITL's research, guidelines, and outreach efforts in information system security, and its ...... of malware that destroys data.


Good Practice Guide for Incident Management

2 GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE FOR INCIDENT MANAGEMENT. TABLE OF CONTENTS. 1. Management Summary. 4. 2. Legal Notice. 5. 3. Acknowledgements. 6. 4 ..... Next is research on the incident, what has happened , who is ..... constituency – eg, a determination that a large number of IP addresses are part of a botnet.


Governance of Cybersecurity: 2015 Report

Oct 2, 2015 ... Security, International Guide to Privacy, and Roadmap to an Enterprise Security Program (endorsed by the Global CSO Council). She is author of the Legal Guide to Cybersecurity Research and the Legal. Guide to Botnet Research, both published by the ABA. She was editor and co-author of the 2010 UN.


Applying Ethical Principles to Information and Communication

Jan 3, 2012 ... The Menlo Report [17] summarizes a set of basic principles to guide the identification and res olution of ethical ... extend traditional ethical principles to enable ICT researchers and oversight entities to appropri ..... botnets, users of computer interface designs), but the subject could also be the ICT itself (e.g.,.


Understanding the Mirai Botnet

Aug 16, 2017 ... technical interventions, as well as propose future research ... across borders and legal jurisdictions, and it infected de- ... 2 The Mirai Botnet. Mirai is a worm-like family of malware that infected. IoT devices and corralled them into a DDoS botnet. We provide a brief timeline of Mirai's emergence and discuss.


Towards Community Standards for Ethical Behavior in Computer

functions. If the broader society also accepts those princi- pals and standards, an even greater benefit results in terms of societal trust in computer security research. While both influenced by ethical frameworks, and serving as a guide for classes of ethical behavior, a full discussion of the legal issues surrounding computer ...


So You Want to Take Over a Botnet

etary information for competitive advantage (industrial espionage), etc. The arms race between criminal actors who create and operate botnets and the computer security indus- try and research community who are actively trying to take these botnets down is escalating in aggressiveness. As the sophistication level of botnet ...


Taking Down Botnets - Background

Apr 10, 2015 ... involvement with law enforcement or use of legal process, and without any formally accepted code of conduct, standards for ethical evaluation, or external ... mitigation of botnets [16], evaluating the ethics of research involving social honeypots to counter crimi- nal activity targeting social network users [9], ...