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Why Pay Your Debts?: Medieval Iceland's Answers

Professor of Law and Legal History, Faculty of Law, The University of Manitoba. ** Originally written for the ... It may seem silly, then, to seek lawful Icelandic answers to the medieval question, "why pay your ... Andrew Dennis et al. trans., 1980); and LAWS OF EARLY ICELAND: GRAGAS II (Andrew Dennis et al. eds. & trans.


Some Aspects of Householding in the Medieval Icelandic

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Faculty Scholarship at University of Michigan Law School Scholarship Repository. It has ... Miller, William I. "Some Aspects of Householding in the Medieval Icelandic Commonwealth. ... household analysis fares in the Icelandic setting and to show that Iceland.


Gender symmetry in law?:

men of Iceland made a law that neither a woman, nor a man under the age of ... on this and other issues, a brief rehearsal of Icelandic law is necessary.2 ... juridical gender symmetry alleged by the episode. The Grágás texts do concur, in fact, with the second half of the saga's statement, that women and men under sixteen ...


Of Outlaws, Christians, Horsemeat, and Writing: Uniform Laws and

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Faculty Scholarship at University of Michigan Law School Scholarship Repository. ... Page 2. OF OUTLAWS, CHRISTIANS, HORSEMEAT,. AND WRITING: UNIFORM LAWS AND. SAGA ICELAND. William Ian Miller*. Our word law is a loanword from Old Norse. 1 It ...


Committee - Congress of Local and Regional Authorities - Council of

Mar 29, 2017 ... 7 See Samband (Icelandic Association of Local Authorities), Local Government in Iceland, available at www.samband.is. 8 See Laws of Early Iceland: Gragas I : The Codex Regius of Gragas With Materials from Other Manuscripts, University of . Manitoba Icelandic Studies, V. 3, 1980. 9 E. M. Hlynsdottir The ...


The Influential Power of Women in Viking Age Iceland

Pulling the Strings: The Influential Power of. Women in Viking Age Iceland. Kendall M. Holcomb. Western Oregon University, [email protected] ..... 24 Jenny M. Jochens, "Consent in Marriage: Old Norse Law, Life, and Literature," Early Law and Society 58, no. 2. (1986): 144. http://www.jstor.org/ stable/40918735.


The Icelandic Althing: Dawn of Parliamentary Democracy

that Viking Age Iceland was democratic and much like an early republic. In the mid-twentieth century, however, this .... government was the Althing, a national assembly of freemen,2 which operated through a socio-political ... and the Free State's early laws called Grágás show few consistent similarities. Whatever the truth in ...


Thrainn Eggertsson November 1991 Department of Economics

Department of Economics. University of Iceland. 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Fax (354 ) 1 - 26806. ANALYZING INSTITUTIONAL SUCCESSES AND FAILURES: ..... of May 4, 1872. 22. Log um afrffiarmalefni, fjallskil o.fl. Nr. 42/1969. Stjornartidindi A (Offical Gazette A),. 1969, pp. 346-57. 23. Gragas (1852) Vol. II, p. 113-22.


Private Creation and Enforcement of Law

Aug 28, 2006 ... land's conversion to Christianity, of the two Icelandic bishops) all seats in the lögrétta were held by the owners of goëorð, or men chosen by them. The early history of Iceland thus gives us a well-recorded picture of the workings of particularly pure forms of private enforcement and creation of law, and of the ...


The creation of a Scandinavian provincial law: how was it done?

as the Icelandic Grágás, the main Svea law, the Uppland law and the Hälsinge Law. It attempts to show ... 1 Laws of Early Iceland: Grágás, the Codex Regius of Grágás with Material from other Manuscripts, ed. A. Dennis, ... 2 K. Å. Modéer,' Nordic medieval laws revisited', in How Nordic are the Nordic Medieval Laws?, ed.


Evidence for 13th century Norse residence and trade in the Red

Runestone Keys to a Lost Empire. By Bob Johnson PhD, adjunct professor, U of MN. & Janey Westin, BA, calligrapher, stone letter carver, and specialist in ... A little early history. Iceland was settled by Norsemen beginning about 870 AD. Greenland settlement began with Erik the Red about. 985 AD. Most of the land on  ...

Iceland, stepping stone.2.. revised 2 21 2015.pdf

Never in Public: Women and Performance in Old Norse Literature

May 2, 2016 ... University of Illinois Press, American Folklore Society are collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend ... In the medieval Icelandic family sagas, women as well as men gained and bestowed honor by ..... early Roman law, in that "the woman was . . . similarly considered to be lacking in juridical ...


Raiders from the North: Irish Enslavement during the Viking Age

Chapter II: Scandinavia and Ireland before and during the Early Viking Age…….. ………...…18 ... And to all of my Viking and Irish ancestors: this one is for you. ... Iceland. During the Viking Expansion, there were significant changes in Norse culture and identity. The Norse did not necessarily merge into the existing Irish Celtic ...


Scripta Islandica 60 (2009)

to destroy it.2. These are the words of Bishop Brynjólfur Sveinsson of Skálholt in a let- ter to Professor Villum Lange in Copenhagen, the librarian of King Fre- derik III ... when I began my studies at the University of Iceland in the 1980s.3) Let us return to .... in the two facsimile series Manuscripta Islandica and Early Icelandic.


Making, using and resisting the law in European history / edited by

gian and Icelandic, sources that document conflict resolution in medieval Norway and. Iceland. Laws and legislation were important in all three countries. .... the University of Erfurt, compiled a series of Latin glosses, thus placing the text within .... Grágás. Versions of the text survive in two codices, the Konungsbók, from ca.


Choosing the Avenger: Some Aspects of the Bloodfeud in Medieval

Jan 1, 2015 ... American Society for Legal History and The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois are collaborating ... Foote and Richard Perkins, Laws of Early Iceland: Griags (Winnipeg, 1980). For the definition of murder, see 1 Gragas, ? 88 and 2 Griags, ? 315. ... M. Magnusson and H. Palsson (London, 1960). 7.

miller choosing avenger.pdf


R . D . Full\. TH E eosrnov 0 1' FRU,IJ SLAVES IN MEDIEVAL ICELAND, J6n H nefill .... By Peter Foote. (Christine E. Fell). 119. A I :It II' AF. N ( lItH iSKIl NI '",,( ;A .. ,1)Co UM. FAl i K"'KIN N A ~ N()ItI'GS. KO Nll NG A T AL. Edited hy Bjurm Einarsson. (Peter Foo le ) .... been the most popular elementary Old Icelandic textbook for.

Saga-Book XXII.pdf

Child welfare and professionalization

Apr 12, 1991 ... in interplay with professionalization of social child care, found valid for the Icelandic çase, .... Bardy, M. (1988) Childhood as a cultural concept - and its ... 2. Benneche, G. (1982) Retsikkerheten i barnevernet -aktuelle problemer. Nordisk Sosialt Arbeid 2/1981, pp. 22 -29. Berglind, H. and Pettersson, U.



II. ON THE. ViNLAND LEGENDS ON. THE. VINLAND MAP. P. G. Foote. 73. PROFESSOR A. H. SMITH 19°3-1967. P. G. F. 99. THE VIKING SOCIETY 1892- 1967. ... David M. Wilson. (Peter S. Gelling). 264. OLD NORSE-IcELANDIC. STUDIES: A. SELECT. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Compiled by Hans Bekker-. Nielsen. (A. R. Taylor).

Saga-Book XVII.pdf


ii. The Problem of Revenge in Medieval Literature: Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, and Ljósvetninga saga. Ann Park Lanpher. Doctor of Philosophy. Department of English. University of Toronto. 2010. ABSTRACT. This dissertation considers the literary treatment of revenge in medieval England and Iceland. Vengeance and ...