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Ensuring Liveness Properties of Distributed Systems

School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia [email protected] ... currency that is equipped to ensure liveness properties of distributed systems without making fairness ... the work involves the study of adequate language or model extensions, and their expressive power.


Connectionist Sentence Processing in Perspective

COGNITIVE SCIENCE Vol 23 (4) 1999, pp. 615–634 ... uted representation and emergence of grammar from such systems can easily obscure the often close relations between connectionist and symbolist systems. This paper ... corresponding computations must be carried out in a series of chronologically distinct phases: ...


cvEng basic

Luciano was the chair of the bachelor degree program in Engineering Computing Systems (Cremona campus). ... formal approaches for modeling and specification languages, he then moved to UML and the design of ... Laurea degree in Electronic engineering - Computer Science from Politecnico di Milano (april 1992 ).


Algebraic Process Calculi: The First Twenty Five Years and Beyond

PA '05. Bertinoro, Forl`ı, Italy, August 1–5, 2005. Luca Aceto. Andrew D. Gordon. ( editors). BRICS Notes Series. NS-05-3. ISSN 0909-3206. June 2005. BRICS ..... What counts as a successful theory in Computer Science? Consider obvious exemplars such as. • Process Calculi. • Type Systems. • Model-checking. It is not the ...


A Brief Scientific Biography of Robin Milner

he moved to a lectureship in mathematics and computer science at The City .... Beyond PCF, full abstraction studies have been undertaken for a wide variety of languages. However it is fair to say that for the case of concurrency, the one of ... The proofs needed to show computer systems correct are, in a way, tedious.



D. Lewis and Peter Shoemaker at the Center for Information and Language Studies, ... puter Science Department at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. ..... Methods, Models and Applications. NATO Science Series III: Computer and Systems. Sciences, vol. 190, pp. 267–285. IOS Press, Amsterdam (2003). 15.


Supporting software evolution in component-based FOSS systems

FOSS systems. Open source project. Model-driven engineering (MDE). Configuration management abstract. FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) systems ..... Science of Computer Programming 76 (2011) 1144–1160. 1147. Fig. 3. Overview of the Evoss approach. according to the specific upgrade phase in which they ...


The Birth of Model Checking*

This research was sponsored by the National Science Foundation under grant nos. CNS- 0411152, CCF-0429120, ... that we are dealing with an abstraction of the actual system under study. Emerson and I gave a .... his statement that Model Checking has not contributed to the task of computing the reachable state space of ...


A bibliography for the development of an intelligent mathematical

new modeling languages and systems for mathematical programming, and this stems from three basic reasons. First ... analyzed in a series of papers by Greenberg, Lundgren and Maybee [l 98 1 - 891. Schrage's .... feasible subsystems of linear relations, Theoretical Computer Science 147, 1995,. 181 - 210 (previously listed ...


iberSPEECH 2014

Nov 21, 2014 ... Iberian Languages. IberSpeech is a joint event resulting from the merging of two conferences, the ”Jornadas en Tecnología del Habla” and the Iberian ... Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. ..... Towards Spoken Language Interaction with 'Intelligent' Systems: where are we, and.


Combining Theorem Proving and Model Checking through Symbolic

Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International. Menlo Park CA 94025 USA. Phone: +1 (650) 859-5272 [email protected] http://www.csl.sri.com/~shankar/. Abstract. Automated verification of concurrent systems is hindered by the fact that the state spaces are either infinite or too large for model checking, and the case ...


At the Critical Moment: Conditions and Prospects for Critical

Sep 16, 1996 ... emergence of critical management studies: after briefly pointing to the fact ..... in social science. Plainly, this is a large and complex issue which has broader implications than the study of management. From at least the 1950s, the ... series of competing perspectives (Bernstein, 1976) and, ultimately, for the.

Critical Mgmt chap8.pdf

Certification of software for real-time safety-critical systems: state of

Jun 2, 2009 ... This paper presents an overview and discusses the role of certification in safety- critical computer systems focusing on software, and partially ... Specifically, certification issues as related to real-time operating systems and programming languages are reviewed, as well as software development tools and ...


a hybrid architecture forrecognising speech signalsin malayalam

Cochin University of Science and Technology. Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 488-497, Mar. 2013. ... Decomposition and Discrete Wavelet Transform for Malayalam Speech. Recognition,” International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 93-96 ...


SKYWare: The Unavoidable Convergence of Software towards

Oct 5, 2014 ... Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol. 21, no. 11 (2015), 1405-1424 ... the most important steps towards. Knowledge: the Unified Modeling Language (UML ) and its specializations (e.g. ... Driven Engineering) /MDA /MDD were a further step towards software as the way to. "program" knowledge within ...



Organization (NATO) science committee conference [170]. ... computing science while pragmatists take the view that software engineering is a practical ... 3. more complex systems. The question that was asked in 1968 is just as valid now: “How can. we predictably create better software systems?” 1.2. The current state of ...


The Rocky Path to Complex-Systems Indicators

47, 171-188 (1994). The Rocky Path to Complex-Systems Indicators. KENYON B. DE GREENE. ABSTRACT. Traditional economic and social indicators are briefly discussed and a ... different directions for further study and practice. ... the discussions of the limitations of the Newtonian paradigm and the discussion of science.


A Hiking Trip Through the Orders of Magnitude: Deriving Efficient

Aug 12, 2016 ... Paul Tarau. Department of Computer Science and Engineering. University of North Texas ... natorics of lambda terms, simply-typed lambda calculus, simply- typed nor- mal forms. 1 Introduction ... that rely on lambda calculus as an intermediate language, as well as in generation of random tests for user-level ...


Geometric Modeling of Mechanical Parts and Processes

Dec 4, 1977 ... science technology they may be called problems in repre- sentation and planning. This essay deals with a subset of the problems listed above. It focuses primarily on schemes for modeling the geometry of objects and, to a lesser extent , on schemes for modeling the geometrical aspects of manufacturing.


Concepts and Criteria to Assess Acceptability of Simulation Studies

puter Science, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada KIN. 9B4. ... II. Partitioning the Problem. The problem of acceptability of a simulation study can be partitioned into the acceptability of different components of a simulation study such as simulation results, data .... computer language used is not one of the traditional.