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Security Policy for FIPS 140-2 KVL 3000 Plus

Jan 1, 2016 ... KVL 3000 Plus Security Policy. 9. Firmware Integrity Test: The KVL supports loading its main firmware using a PCCard Flash Card. To authenticate the data, the KVL uses a DAC (Data. Authentication Code) modeled after the FIPS approved method described in. FIPS PUB 113 documentation (Computer ...


KVL 3000 Plus Key Variable Loader Specification Sheet

KVL 3000 Plus. Key Variable Loader. Specification Sheet. ASTRO MODES OF OPERATION. The KVL 3000 Plus supports two types of key management, defined by two different modes of operations: • Advanced Securenet (ASN) Mode – ASN mode is the standard mode of operation on the KVL 3000 Plus. ASN mode  ...


Motorola Two-Way Encryption Products and Protocols Disclaimer

Mar 14, 2006 ... certifies all public use encryption products using government standards known as . “FIPS”, or Federal Information ... DVP is not used to describe it): http://www. freepatentsonline.com/3639690.pdf. Another document that .... and a new keyloader (the KVL 3000+) were developed. Only the KVL3000+ is able to.



KVL 3000/3000+ keyloaders and keyloading cables. OPTIONAL. ACCESSORIES . • 3600 mAH Li-Ion battery. • USB modem. • USB programming cable. STANDARD FEATURES. The KVL 4000 ships standard with the following: • MC55 PDA. • Security adapter. • Battery charger. • 2400 mAH Li-Ion battery. • User Manual.


TDFM-136B Quick Reference Guide - NIICD

Jun 6, 2014 ... MAIN Multi-function rotary encoder (default: Main volume, press for ON, press & hold for OFF). 4. GUARD Multi-function rotary encoder (default: Guard volume, press for Squelch defeat). 5. Data port – for use with KVL 3000+ keyloader or TDP-136 Programming software. Need USB Driver. 6. MN/GD (Toggle ...


8005-4 Harris Model Unity XG-100 Reference Guide

For OTAR operation, the appropriate Key Encryption Keys. (KEKs) must be loaded into the radio using a KVL 3000 Plus. When using a Motorola Key. Management Facility (KMF) for. OTAR, the OTAR registration should be set to interoperability. Otherwise, the OTAR registration should be set to standard. DISPLAY ...


NIICD TDFM-136/136A Quick Reference Guide

May 2, 2014 ... MAIN (Rotary+Switch) – Power ON/OFF and Main channel volume control. 4. GUARD (Rotary) – Guard channel volume control. 5. Squelch Defeat (Push button) – Press to open squelch (in analog modes of operation). 6. Keyloader/ Data Port – Not available on some models. Use with KVL 3000+ keyloader.


North America LMR Product Guide

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. 1. N O R T H A M E R I C A. Product Guide. LAND MOBILE RADIO www. vertexstandard.com contents ... Operate in hazardous environment. Optional. Optional. Monitor user angle. Alert user when not in range. ○. ○. PrivAcy need for discreet communications:.


Harris Unity Product Guide - XG-100 Full-Spectrum Multiband Radio

USB Cable. USB computer interface cable for use with the. RF-6650P Communications Planning Application. KVL Cable. Adapter cable supports loading encryption keys with the Motorola® KVL-3000+. AA Clamshell. Battery pack for use with AA-sized batteries. Lithium Battery. Rechargeable lithium battery pack. Antenna.


Motorola Two Way Encryption Modules By Radio Series XTS 3000

Jul 7, 2007 ... Current XTS3000 firmware is EMC3.58 (or higher). UCM internal ... UCM Algorithms may be added using an appropriately equipped KVL3000/KVL3000+ key variable loader using PCMCIA (PC Cards) loaded into the KVL. 3000 / 3000+ . ..... Motorola documentation indicates that a "D" model loader is ...


Harris Falcon III ® AN/PRC-152A Wideband Networking Handheld

TRANSMITTER. Power Output. User programmable 250 mW to 5 W. 10 W SATCOM burst mode. Harmonic Suppression. 40 dB. RECEIVER. Sensitivity ... Type 3 DES. Key Fill Device Compatibility. AN/CYZ-10 DTD, KOI-18, KYK-13, KYX-15, MX-18290,. AN/PYQ-10 (SKL), KIK-11 (TKL), KIK-20, KVL-3000/4000. Key Storage.


WSCA 06913

This searchable pdf document contains all Kenwood radio equipment offered through ... User Guide. • Premium Warranty: 3 Years**. All Accessories / options: 1 Year. Purchase Battery, Charger, Antenna separately. ** Note: To maintain immersion specs (IP67/68), ..... KVL-3000 Plus/4000 Interface Cable for P25 Portables.

JVCKenwood Pricing.pdf

BH12T Reference Guide

trademarks and must be treated accordingly. 1. 1.1. 4 en | Introduction. Photo Beam 5000/3000 Series Heater. 2015.07 | 01 | F.01U.315.476. Installation Guide. Bosch Security Systems, Inc. ... Apply Kirchhoff's Current Law (KCL) and Voltage Law (KVL) to estimate the voltage drops on each wire section, in case multiple ...



communications architecture (sca) operating environment as the an/prc-152, the rF-. 310m-hh offers ... and local agency personnel. a first for tactical radios, nato customers can use the radio for both coalition ... capable devices and the KVl- 3000+. multiple mission fill files can be stored to extend the adaptability of fielded  ...


A Guide to ASTRO™ Digital Radios

Aug 12, 2007 ... Guide to ASTRO™ Digital Radios. Figure 3.3 A photo illustration of the two different flex connectors used on Motorola Inc. XTS 3000™ controller boards. This connector interfaces the user-electronics (knobs, buttons and switches) to the radio. Type “B” connectors are the most common. Type “A” connectors ...


ASTRO® XTS™ 5000 Digital Portable Radio

This radio is restricted to occupational use only to satisfy FCC RF energy exposure requirements. Before using this product, read the RF energy awareness information and operating instructions in the Product Safety and RF. Exposure booklet enclosed with your radio (Motorola Publication part number. 68P81095C98) to ...


ES Models II / III Portable Radio Operating Manual

Operating Manual for the. 5100 ES Portable Radio. 51SL ES Portable Radio. 51FIRE Portable Radio. 51LT ES Portable Radio. Ascend™ Portable Radio. Project 25 Conventional and Trunked. Analog and Digital Conventional. SMARTNET. ®. /SmartZone. ®. Multi-Net. ®. Trunked. Part Number 002-5100- 72501. October ...


2010 Product Catalog AN/PRC-148 Family of Radios

Quick reference guide, laminated. Holster, ACU digital camo. Keyfill adapter on 10-pin Maritime version only. *Versions: □. AN/PRC-148(V)3(C), Maritime, immersible in salt water to 20 meters for 2 hours, Part Number PRC6999-ABS- XXX. 6-pin (Part Number PRC6999-ABS-CIS) and 10-pin audio connector configurations ...


MS Two-Way Radio Express Products List (EPL) 3744

Jan 22, 2016 ... Viking Li-ion Battery. N/A. N/A. N/A. EFJohnson Price Guide | January 22, 2016 ...... Radio Features that can then be viewed / shared / managed by all registered users for the account. Note: Radio Feature License Keys can be .... KVL-3000 Plus/4000 Interface Cable for P25. Portables. 262.50. $. $. 210.00.

MS EPL Price List_Consolidated - 01.22.16.pdf


KPG-94 KVL Key Loader Interface Cable11. • P25 GPS Location ... Cloning. • Easy Option Ports (26-pin)5. • Voice Guide & Storage (Option) ... Operating Voltage. 13.6V DC ± 15%. 13.4V DC ± 15%. 13.6V DC ± 15%. 13.4V DC ± 15%. Current Drain. Standby. Less than 0.6A. Receive. Less than 2.3A. Transmit. Less than 12A.