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Korg M1 Owners Manual

Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the Korg Music Work Station M1. Please read this manual carefully to obtain optimum performance and help assure long term reliability. PRECAUTIONS. ENVIRONMENT. Avoid using this unit in environments where it will be exposed to the following conditions: * Direct sunlight.


Korg M1 Manual

Basic Operation. The M1 has synthesizer sounds, sampled sounds, and drum sounds permanently stored as 144 multisound waveforms. Additional waveforms can temporarily be accessed from an MSC ROM card inserted in the rear slot. Multisound waveforms are passed through a variable digital filter (VDF) and a variable ...


Korg M1 Service Manual.pdf

A SCREW CT B ZMC 3X8 715230308. B SCREW CT B ZMC 4X10 715230410. C SCREW PLAX B BZMC 3X8 745060308. D SCREW PLAX B ZMC 4X10 745030410. E WASHER TWU ZMC 4 784030400. F SCREW CT B BZMC 3X8 715260308. G SCREW TPZG B ZMC 3X25 725030325. PART NAME PART CODE. NO.


korg m1r manual.pdf

from the rated AC voltage, consult your KORG dealer about a suitable voltage transformer unit. INTERFERENCE WITH OTHER ... we suggest that you keep this manual handy at all times, for reference. ...... (l) Press the PROG key of the mode select keys; this puts the M1 in the PROGRAM Mode. (2) Select the number of the  ...


M1 Owner's manual

des KORG M1. «. (2) MIDI THRU. (3) MIDI OUT. (4) MIDI IN. (5) DISPLAY KONTRAST Regler. Mit diesem Regler können Sie die Helligkeit und den. Kontrast des Displays einstellen. (6) DAMPER Pedal Anschluß. Anschluß für ein Sustain Pedal. (7) ASSIGN Pedal/SWITCH Pedal Anschluß (1, 2). Zusätzliche Anschlüsse für ...


Owner's Manual

Keep this manual. After reading this manual, please keep it for later reference. Keeping foreign matter out of your equipment. Never set any container with liquid in it near this equipment. ... Then contact your nearest Korg dealer or the store where the ... accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to  ...


KORG Pa600 1.10 Upgrade Manual (M1)

If new, your instrument might already include the new Operat- ing System. To check, please go to the Media > Utility page, and read the version number in the lower area of the display. To load the new Operating System, please read the instructions supplied with the installation file in our web site. (www.korg.com).


KROME Operation Guide

To begin, please watch the Video Manual and read the Quick Start Guide. Operation Guide. Put simply, the Operation Guide is designed to answer the question, “How do I do this?” It explains the names and functions of each part of the. KROME, basic operation, an overview of each mode, how to edit sounds, record on the ...



Ililllllll. SERVICE MANUAL. MUSIC WORKSTATION. M1. CONTENTS. 2 3 6 7 5 96. MMWUWWW. „Q_ „.„. AMM„A„. SI A.T.. NDAR.A. OLRG D. |AGADE. MRmmRcw. CUD ANI. lT TOEL. FCKIBRS. ÜUCMW.ET. _mRmRCwM. SÑBGRRP . . . . . . . 1 2 3 4 5 67 ...


microARRANGER Quick Start Guide

KORG will not be responsible for damages caused by data loss. LCD DISPLAY. Some pages of the manuals show LCD screens along with an explanation of operation and functionality. All sound names, parameter names, and values are merely examples and may not always match the actual display that you are working ...


KORG Gadget Guide

This is a digital PCM synthesizer Gadget powered by KORG iM1. It has special sounds that cloud only be produced by the legendary M1 that defined an era. There are enormous sound programs that will cover your needs for a huge variety of music genres. “Smart Sound Browser” and “Easy Edit” enables the most efficient ...


Korg Triton Rack Manual

iii. Thank you for purchasing the Korg TRITON-Rack expandable HI module/ sampler. To ensure trouble-free enjoyment, please read this manual carefully and use the instrument as directed. About this manual. The owner's manuals and how to use them. The TRITON-Rack come with the following owner's manuals.


Korg Legacy Collection EasyStart

Mac OS X (10.2.6 or later). CPU: Apple G4/800MHz or faster, G4/1.25 or faster recommended. Memory: 256MB or larger, 512MB or larger recommended. Display:1024x768 – 32000 color or higher. Audio Interface: Stand-alone: Core audio com patable audio interface (Mac's on-board sound output port can be used).



Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the KORG FC6 Foot Controller. To get the most out of this ad- vanced instrument (?) for the longest possible time, we recommend that you read the manual thoroughly and carefully. * Refer also to owner's manuals of the KORG products (such as the A3, etc.) being used with and ...


Korg DW-8000 Owner's Manual

Korg DW-8000. To obtain optimum perfonnance from this advanced digital synthesizer, please read this manual carefully before using this synthesizer. eluded to store clear stereo effects trolled by footswitcn. (Chorus, Doubiing, Short Delay, and. Long Delay) for each of E4 tone colors in the programmer. 8 Key Assign mode ...


PCG Tools Manual

Manual. Tools for Korg Workstations PCG and Related Files version. 2.8.1. Release Date. February 2, 2017. Developer. Michel Keijzers (MiKeSoft). Online version: http://pcgtools.mkspace.nl/download.php?click_manual=yes ...


Service Manual Korg SDD-3000

B 1110. 1,1. 4 5 7 w 17 n m L: w up. H. 3 6 mm n ,1 .2 ._ 1:11 Wm _ I mu. 14 c 9 man >81. 4 r _ m 5 m 3 , .53.. 41. 7 I 08- . “1x mud u\O 1 .. ~ 0 moo . 3Q H l. M I wlw 000 1 .YI§J.. '- 44H 1. Iva '8' \I .2 0 ~00 1 .11_.11111fI1.1-I111$OI111P1I¢111 11. 2 m1. 4 .I rm a; 4 3a m 7 M w 1'1. Own 1.. I K. mun. H 9 84 2. 6.“. m“. mmm law!


TRITON Le Parameter guide

Abbreviations for the manuals. BG, PG, VNL. References to the manuals included with the TRITON Le are abbreviated as follows. BG: Basic Guide. PG: Parameter Guide. VNL: Voice Name List. Switches and knobs [ ]. References to the keys, dials, and knobs on the TRITON Le's panel are enclosed in square brackets [ ].


Compatibility with Mac OS X v10.10 Yosemite/ v10.11 El Capitan

Nov 1, 2017 ... You can download the latest versions for free at http://www.korg.com/us/support/ download/ (except some products with notes as follows). **: All our software do not support Snow Leopard 64-bit mode. Product Name v10.10 Yosemite support v10.11 El Capitan support v10.12 Sierra support v10.13 High ...


RK-100S Parameter Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Korg RK-100S KEYTAR. To help you get the most out of your new instrument, please read this manual carefully. This RK-100S parameter guide explains the parameters that you can edit on the. RK-100S in addition to providing basic instructions for usage. Read this guide when you want to ...