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The Challenge of Intellectual Property Enforcement for Agriculture

Keywords: Counterfeit, food fraud, crime, enforcement, intellectual property rights, public health, agriculture ... ensure protection against unfair trade practices.'3 The .... half-a-world away. The growing global economy relies on the quick and efficient flow of goods around the world, and these very processes are co-opted by.


Product Counterfeiting in Michigan: Articulating the Nature of the Risk

York City,' New York: City of New York, Office of the Comptroller, available at: http ://www.comptroller.nyc.gov/bureaus/bud/04reports/Bootleg-Billions.pdf. Phillips, T . (2005), Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods: The True Story of the World's. Fastest Growing Crime Wave. London: Kogan Page. PSI (2011), 'Arrest ...


Metal nanomaterials for optical anti-counterfeit labels

Mar 15, 2017 ... The global economic, security, and health challenges presented by counterfeit goods require new approaches toward anti-counterfeit labels. This review describes recent advances in the use of metal nanomaterials for optical anti- counterfeit labels that may offer a multiplexed approach to security tags that ...



... no marshals, and most import- antly to them, no profits. 6. •. $525.0. 450.0. 375.0. 300.0. 225.0. 150.0. 75.0. 0.0. 1984. $5.5. $512.0. 2005. Source: Tim Phillips, Knock Off: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods: The True Story of the World's Fastest Growing Crime Wave, 2005. GLOBAL FLOW OF. COUNTERFEIT GOODS.


The globalization of crime - A transnational organized crime threat

counterfeit goods s undermine licit trade and en- danger lives; money-laundering s in rogue jurisdictions and uncontrolled economic sectors corrupts the banking sector, worldwide. So serious is the organized crime threat that the UN. Security Council has on several occasions consid- ered its implications in Afghanistan, the ...


Working Paper Series Cover new

1. Counterfeiting is a major economic problem, called “the world's fastest growing crime wave” ……………………………………………….(Phillips, 2005). 1. .... While literature on economics of counterfeit goods and services were ... Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods by Tim Phillips describes in detail how the.


A Strategic Approach Using Governance, Risk and Compliance

counterfeit market and also have created a Governance Risk Compliance model at al level to deal with online ... and hence customer fall prey for this brand imitation. ...... [22] T. Phillips. (2007) Knockoff: The deadly trade in counterfeit goods: The true story of the world's fastest growing crime wave. Kogan Page Publishers.



Phillips, Tim. Knock-Off: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods. The true story of the world´s fastest growing crime wave. London: Kogan Page, 2005. Ronnie ( pseud.), Interview on 10. October 2006, Cubao, Quezon City. San Diego, Bayani; Nini Valera. “DVD pirates paid off by film fest producers”. Philippine Daily Inquirer .


The Illicit Global Economy: The Dark Side of Globalization

occasionally give the public a glimpse of the world of illicit actors and the threats they pose. ...... Crime (New York: Overlook Press, 2002); Tim Phillips, Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit. Goods: The True Story of the Worldʼs Fastest Growing Crime Wave (London: Kogan, 2005); Loretta. Napoleoni, Rogue ...

Andreas The Illicit Global Economy.pdf

The Lowest Cost at Any Price: The Impact of Fast Fashion on the

Dec 1, 2014 ... examines the fast fashion business model and its unethical practices in the broader context of the global ...... Counterfeits: Counterfeit goods rely not only on design and creative copying, but also on trademark infringement. Counterfeit products are low-cost ... polarized: either it's entry price or true luxury…


The Impact of Plain Packaging on the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

Oct 28, 2009 ... statistics for calculating precisely the size of the worldwide illicit tobacco problem. Some estimates ..... Counterfeit goods differ from 'knockoffs' and gray goods in the sense that: (a) knockoff ..... substances banned in the EU: see Europol warns of growing trade in counterfeit pesticides worth billions of. 13 ...


An Examination of the Booming International Trade in Counterfeit

Jan 23, 2007 ... scope of the worldwide trade in counterfeit trademarked goods, while noting that United States ... Organized Crime Control Act, N.Y. PENAL LAW §§ 460.00– 460.80 (McKinney. 2006). 17. N.Y. PENAL .... See Tina Cassidy, Bagging the Knockoffs: There's Nothing Like the Real Thing,. BOSTON GLOBE, Dec.


Journal Article

support or subsidies to strengthen intellectual property enforcement in the less developed world.9 In fact, .... IPR enforcement [in the US Government] could be counted on two hands”.19 Likewise, Chris Israel, the .... 22 Tim Phillips, Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods (London: Kogan Page, 2005), p.36. 23 Fink ...


In Praise of Copying

Such as imitation. Clearly, we are living through such a shift right now, but without any particular sustaining vision of what lies be- yond. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Rather ..... require one to tell a history of the world, which is perhaps why no ...... Tim Phillips, Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods ( London:.


Intellectual Property:

websites and hack into computer systems to capture trade secrets in order to produce counterfeit goods or make ... According to the World Intellectual Property Organization's 2013 IP indicators report, there were more ... While most people don't think about the illegal knockoffs they buy online or on the street corner as stolen ...

Intellectual Property-Making It Personal_web1.pdf

Globalization of Law Enforcement - A Study of Transnational Public

Oct 15, 2012 ... Property Organization (WIPO), of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and of the . World Health ..... crime is often presented in media reports as a story of savvy criminals who exploit globalization and law .... mass murder in the case of deadly counterfeit medicine (Akunyili 2007). Due to the health and safety ...


Books for You: An Annotated Booklist for Senior High. NCTE

Beginning in 1992, teenagers became one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. population. Also. 19 ... Scieszka in such titles as The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and The. Stinky Cheese Man, with the latter ..... North West Company, Pierre and his companions trade goods for furs and learn how to live in a land of  ...


Bit Bang II

Mar 5, 2010 ... Point Press (2002). 14. Tungate, M.: Luxury World: The past, present and future of luxury brands: Kogan Page, (2009). 15. Phillips, T., Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods: The True Story of the World's. Fastest Growing Crime Wave : Kogan Page, (2007). 16. Lehdonvirta, V.: Virtual Consumption ...


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history, riding 'staff on the fast and dangerous trains of our late seventies. He is part .... They didn't offer to share their lunch with me, it's true, and they showed no ..... 1 significance, and it would add relish to mingle the everyday with the world- historical. Inevitably, and aptly, the life story approach led Staffrider into the field of.


Tobacco Underground

THE CENTER FOR. PUBLIC INTEGRITY. Investigative Journalism in the Public Interest. The Global Trade in. Smuggled Cigarettes. InternatIonal ConsortIum. ICIJ ..... cigarette smuggling is not even considered a crime. Nor is it a priority for law enforcement. Counterfeit cigarettes have tested positive for a range of dangerous.

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