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Mysticism in the Analytical Psychology of Carl Jung and the Yoga

Harold Coward is Associate Dean of Humanities and Professor, Department of Religious Studies, the University of ... unifying effect upon the whole personality. Especially ... to Job), but rather the psychological dynamics indicated. Jung's analysis shows mystical experience to occur when the finite, conscious ego is inwardly.


2013 Hereford talk Jung and Christian Spirituality with ICON for

Mar 15, 2013 ... Jungian psychology and the Christian contemplative tradition. ... counter the corrosive and personally debilitating effects of modernity on the psyche .... the Christian Mystical Tradition, Professor Andrew Louth succinctly describes mysticism as –. 'characterized as a search for, and experience of, immediacy ...


Emile Durkheim and C. G. Jung: Structuring a Transpersonal

Jul 1, 2013 ... religion as manifested in social experience, while Jung emphasized religion as revealed by the inner world of the psyche. Meštrović (1984) has countered the mid- twentieth-century implication that Durkheim had no use for psychology, observing that Durkheim (1924/1974) stated unequivocally, “Collective ...


Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature

First published in 1902, The Varieties of Religious Experience initiated the psycho- logical study of religion, paving the way for Freud and Jung as well as for clinical and paranormal branches of psychology. Written with humour and erudition, its theories of conversion, saintliness, ecstasy and mysticism continue to provoke ...



ism and identify Jungian psychology as an important, if implicit, mid-twentieth- century instance of panentheistic thought. Using the example of Jungian psychology, I demonstrate how the viewpoint of panentheism undoes the implications of disenchantment for the relationship between science and religion, promoting greater ...


Kabbalah, Jungian Psychology, and the Challenge of Contemporary

observed that one of Jung's great contributions to both psychology and theology was to rethink the experience and function of religious symbolism in the context of the modernist critique of religion and the “death of God” as these had been proclaimed in his day. In this essay I argue that a mystical understanding of the divine ...


The Intrusion of Psychology into Christian Theology

Psychological Mysticism. Introduction ... inflammatory than the issue of the relationship between secular psychology and. Christian theology. Some popular Christian teachers are willing to embrace the theories and practices of ..... First of all, the encounter experience has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity, with the ...



underpinnings of the modern "psychology of religion" school, which he considers an attack on Christian theism. Jung's aberrations fall within the sphere of this particular battle. His atheism is masked by language that "explains" religious experience in the language of modern psychology. Three books authored by Jung are ...

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human soul

the first scientists to explore the human soul as something more than a religious experience. Dods' speech on electrical psychology in 1850 at the Hall of Representatives ... transformed from a mystical, nonmaterial being of life to a physical, scientifically ..... Jung strongly believed that the unconscious had an impact on an.


[PDF] Man and his Symbols – Carl G.Jung

Carl G.Jung. But for a dream, this book would never have been written. That dream — de- scribed by John Freeman in the Fore- word—convinced Jung that he ..... religious experience. Above, a decoration on the back of a throne belonging to the 14th-century B.C. Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen is dominated by a sun disk; ...


Revisiting Jung's concept of innate sensitiveness

Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2004, 49, 337–367 ... Given this interaction, one treatment task is to distinguish the effects of such childhood ... (Jung 1913, para. 399). This paper revisits Jung's concept of innate sensitiveness by (a) discussing recent empirical research on sensitivity, including the author's (Aron & Aron.


Jung's Kabbalistic Visions

boundaries between psychological science and religious experience. Keywords ... study is to explore significant points of contact between Jewish mysticism and analytic psychology. Finally, I will briefly indicate how Jung's own mystical inter- pretation of his ... belt and not in your mind, your brain just counts for nothing, your.


A-level Religious Studies Candidate exam responses RST4A: Topic

mysticism such as noetic and passive show God's/ U.R's divinity or magnificent and his power and transcendence. ... is worthy of worship. The verifiability of religious experiences also has a significant impact on how far they can be a .... encouraging and do not condemn the experiencer, they are mental events and therefore.


Rediscovering the Later Version of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's hierarchy has important consequences for theory and research: (a) a more comprehensive ... deeper understanding of religious violence; (d) integration of the psychology of religion and spirituality into the .... b This may involve mystical experiences and certain experiences with nature, aesthetic experiences ...


Jung and Modern Art, A Critical Appraisal

And fuse with Jacob's mystic heart,. To wrestle with the .... Psychological Club, Jung appraised Riklin's art: “his smaller work had a certain aesthetic value, his larger .... religion. Both as a psychiatrist and based on his own experience [' confrontation with the unconscious'] Jung had acute awareness of power of archetypal.


Seeing the light in psychotherapy : exploring transformational

Romer, Tiffany Anne, "Seeing the light in psychotherapy : exploring transformational change through object relations, self psychology .... I will describe Jung's views, his incorporation of spirituality and his reception within the field of ... differentiating between various spiritual, religious, and mystical experiences. To briefly ...


The Mystical Impact of Near-Death Experiences

of deceased or religious figures, and a border beyond which one cannot return to earthly life. Most NDEs include features from all four, although many experiences are dominated by one or more component. O. The Mystical Impact of Near-Death. Experiences. SHIFT: AT ... race, or history of mental illness—predict either the.


Unitive/mystical experiences and life changes

Dec 1, 2010 ... College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Counseling Psychology. Accepted by the Doctoral ... explored the type of changes reported after a unitive mystical experience, the relationship ... my pathological sense of humor, and never failed to remind me that nothing in life is so awful that it ...


On Transcendence in Transpersonal Psychology Michael Daniels

For Maslow, the problem is less acute because he advocates a form of mystical atheism that does not fully acknowledge the kind of personalised religious experience reported by Jung. This highlights, I believe, an interesting problem for Jung and for transpersonal psychology in general. Many people, although I am not one ...


Jung and the 'Other'

challenge is not only enlightening, but contains implications for pluralism and the motor for further critical ... A Critical Discussion of Jung?s Experience in Africa: The place of Psychological Life by. Roger Brooke. Jung?s ...... personal dignity. In religious, mystical or holistic experiences, the individual is seized and controlled.