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Rheology Bulletin Volume 76 Number 1 January 2007

Jan 1, 2007 ... Page 1 ... Anthony J. McHugh. Jan Vermant. Meetings Policy Committee (2005- 2007). Robert K. Prud'homme, chair. Antony N. Beris. Albert Co. Gerald G. Fuller .... Figure 1: The transient creep response of a viscous Newtonian fluid and a viscoelastic polymeric gel with equivalent instrument inertia and.


Curriculum Vitae

Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering,. Volume 29, Issue 1, January 2001, Pages 1-16. 46. Dexheimer, D. Jackson, C. and Barrufet M.A. “A Modification of Pedersen's model for saturated crude oil viscosities using standard black oil PVT data”. Fluid Phase Equilibria,. Volumes 183-184, 1 July 2001, Pages 247-257.


Science Journals — AAAS

phases in 3D systems, including the Weyl topo- logical semimetals (39, 40). REFERENCES AND NOTES. 1. M. Z. Hasan, C. L. Kane, Rev. Mod. Phys. 82, 3045–3067. (2010) ... V. Galitski, I. B. Spielman, Nature 494, 49–54 (2013). 20. T. F. J. Poon, X.-J. Liu, Phys. .... 7 OCTOBER 2016 • VOL 354 ISSUE 6308 sciencemag.org ...


List of articles authored by Prof. K.R. Rajagopal

Thermodynamics and stability of non-Newtonian fluids, Developments in Mechanics, Vol. 10 [1979] ... Remarks on a creeping flow of an incompressible third grade fluid, The Journal of Technology,26 (1): 67-71 ...... Simulation of fiber spinning including flow-induced crystallization, Journal of Rheology, 49, 683-703 [2005].


High Performance Machining Enabled by Adaptive Machine

Page 1 ... Within this paper three issues will be addressed: first the frequency shift depending on the carriage's position will be examined, the frequency ... 1. Introduction. Machine tools are on the one hand every year more performant in terms of accuracy, flexibility and productivity thanks to new concepts, devices or new ...



Journal of Rheology, Vol. 41, No. 1, January / February 1997, pp. 75-91. 17. 32. Badoni D. and N. Makris 'Pile-to-Pile interaction in the Time Domain –. Nonlinear Axial Group Response' Geotechnique No 47, No. 2, June 1997, pp. 299-317. 5. 33. Makris, N. "Three Dimensional Constitutive Laws with Fractional Order Time.

CV Makris Sept 2012_B.pdf

Application of the Rapid Visco Analyser as a Rheological Tool for

VOL. 111, NO. 2, 2005 165. Application of the Rapid Visco Analyser as a. Rheological Tool for the Characterisation of Mash Viscosity as Affected by the .... was 1°C/min. The total time of mashing was 123 min. This temperature profile was chosen to simulate an up- ward infusion-mashing programme as is typically used.


Measuring of Electrical Properties of MWNT-Reinforced PAN

Apr 2, 2012 ... Page 1 ... exponential decrease of the volume resistivity while surface resistivity shows no significant changes, neither between pristine PAN ... 0.1 vol.% in solution, where the conductivity changed from. 3×10. −17 to 1.6×10. −8 S/cm. Kota et al. [17] have studied the electrical and rheological percolation of ...


Role of heat advection in a channeled lava flow with power law

JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH: SOLID EARTH, VOL. 118, 2764– 2776 ... Received 14 December 2011; revised 12 February 2013; accepted 14 February 2013; published 6 June 2013. [1] The cooling of a lava flow, both in the transient and the steady state, is investigated considering that lava rheology is ...


Curriculum Vitae: Venkat Ganesan The University of Texas at Austin

EDITORIAL ACTIVITIES: 1. Editor of the Special Issue of the Journal of Polymer Science. Part B. Polymer Physics Edition,. December 2009. 2. Editorial Advisory Board, Macromolecules (2011 – present). PUBLICATIONS LIST: A. Refereed Archival Journal Publications (In reverse chronological order):. Publications from work ...



BRITISH DENTAL JOURNAL VOLUME 199 NO. 2 JULY 23 2005. 73. Can a single composite resin serve all purposes? J. J. M. Roeters,1 A. C. C. Shortall2 and N. J. M. ...... composites for posterior use. Dent Mater 1996a; 12: 350-354. 32. Silikas N, Watts D C. Rheology of urethane dimethacrylate and diluent formulations.


Iskander Akhatov CV.pdf

Dec 23, 2010 ... Page 1. 1. Iskander Akhatov. CV. Iskander S. Akhatov. CURRICULUM VITAE. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. North Dakota State University ... Mathematics. B.S./M.S. in Physics (with Honors). 2 Professional Appointments. 2011-current. 2008-current. 2005-current. 2003-2008. 2000-2003.

Iskander Akhatov CV.pdf

The dark side of microrheology: non-optical techniques

Nov 3, 2014 ... term 'microrheology' is often used to refer to optical particle tracking methods that measure a local ... 1 Introduction. Rheology as the science of flow correlates the deformation and deformation rate history of a material to its state of stress, which is related ...... Journal of Rheology 49, 4 (July 2005), 919–922.


Cellular Stress Failure in Ventilator-injured Lungs

(Received in original form August 11, 2004; accepted in final form January 21, 2005). Supported by grants from the ... Originally Published in Press as DOI: 10.1164/rccm.200408-1036SO on February 1, 2005 .... AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE VOL 171 2005 expanded network ...


Soybean oil as a renewable feedstock for nitrogen-containing

Soybean oil as a renewable feedstock for nitrogen-containing derivatives www. rsc.org/ees. Volume 1 | Number 6 | December 2008 | Pages 597–680. ISSN 1754 -5692. Published on 19 September 2008. Downloaded on 04/11/2017 04:00:08. View Article Online / Journal Homepage / Table of Contents for this issue ...


Volume-of-fluid simulations in microfluidic T-junction devices

Page 1. 1. Volume-of-fluid simulations in microfluidic T-junction devices: Influence of viscosity ratio on droplet size. Mehdi Nekouei and Siva A. Vanapalli. Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, ... we find that at a given capillary number, the size of droplets does not vary appreciably when λ


GTPase Activity, Structure, and Mechanical Properties of Filaments

Aug 5, 2005 ... JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, Feb. 2006, p. ... Baltimore, Maryland 21218,1 and Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Florida,. Gainesville ..... VOL. 188, 2006. GTPase ACTIVITY AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF MreB. 969 on November 6, 2017 by Google Indexer http://jb.asm.org/.


In-Situ Versus Post-Synthetic Stabilization of Metal Oxide

May 16, 2012 ... Page 1 ... 1. Introduction. Within the last two decades, the synthesis and application of nanoparticles has evolved as one of the most active fields of research ...... Vol.21, No.1,. (January 2010), pp. 41-49, ISSN 0921-8831. Moghimi , S.M.; Hunter, A.C. & Murray J.C. (2005), Nanomedicine: Current Status and.


The origin of contractional structures in extensional gneiss domes

Page 1. 1. GSA Data Repository 2017068. The origin of contractional structures in extensional gneiss domes. 1. P. F. Rey1, L. Mondy1, G. Duclaux2, C. Teyssier3 , D. L. Whitney3, ... from experimental rheology of wet olivine for the mantle, quartz-rich rocks representative of the upper crust, and mafic granulites for the lower.


Luc L. Lavier, Ph.D.

1. CURRICULUM VITAE (September 2015). Luc L. Lavier, Ph.D. Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin. 1 University Station C1100, ... Invited Professor (15 Janury 2014-15 February 2014), Conseil National ..... and numerical modeling, Gondwana Research, Volume 27, Issue 1, January 2015,.