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Teaching Concurrency: Theory in Practice*

in computer science. The field of computer science that studies languages for the description of (models of) computer systems and their specifications, and ...... Introduction to Process Algebra. Texts in Theoretical Computer. Science. An EATCS Series. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2000. 17. R. Hamberg and F. Vaandrager .


A brief history of process algebra

This note addresses the history of process algebra as an area of research in concurrency theory, the ... 132. J.C.M. Baeten / Theoretical Computer Science 335 (2005) 131 – 146 computer science. In planning the workshop, the question came up how the present .... automata, in this case mostly called transition systems.


Ensuring Liveness Properties of Distributed Systems

School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia ... Alternatively, op- erational system descriptions can be rendered in a model of concurrency, such as Petri nets or labelled transition systems. Such models are ...... EATCS Series, Springer, doi:10.1007/978-3-662- 04293-9.


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Apr 20, 2015 ... Formal methods are best described as the application of a fairly broad variety of theoretical computer science fundamentals, in particular logic calculi, formal languages, automata theory, and program .... complexity. We introduce transition systems, safety, liveness and fairness properties, as well as.

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Topics in Concurrency Lecture Notes

Apr 9, 2009 ... The aim of this course is to introduce fundamental concepts and techniques ... cesses (CCS). Pure CCS. Labelled-transition-system semantics. Bisimu- lation and weak bisimulation equivalence. Equational consequences and ... know the basic theory of concurrent processes: nondeterministic and paral-.


Unfoldings - A Partial-Order Approach to Model Checking

Jan 12, 2008 ... EATCS Monographs in Theoretical Computer Science, ISBN: 978-3-. 540-77425- 9, Springer-Verlag, .... In this book we show that concurrency theory, the study of mathematical formalisms for the description ..... In this chapter we introduce transition systems as a formal model of sequen- tial systems, and ...


The Concurrency Column Luca Aceto

The Concurrency Column by. Luca Aceto. BRICS, Department of Computer Science .... regularly teach our students in Aalborg in an introductory concurrency theory · course, and whose proof has reached ... notions of behavioural equivalence over labelled transition systems is (strong) bisimulation equivalence [60, 66].


Grammars as Processes

loves, formal languages and concurrency theory, and showed how a model of computation derived from this connection ... of computer scientists without having to introduce them. The “grammars as processes” .... Figures 4 and 5 show two PRSs together with the transition systems they generate. R a. −→ A. A a. −→ A A. B b.


Durations for truly-concurrent transitions

formalized model for real-time systems (with an application to a subset of timed CCS). ... 2.1 An introduction to HDA. Operational models for concurrency start with (ordinary) transition systems. A transition system is a structure (S,i,L,Tran) where S is a set of states, i is the ...... Theoretical Computer Science, 64:221-269, 1989.


An Introduction to History Dependent Automata

Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 10 (1998) ... in more detail in 21]. 1 Introduction. In the context of process algebras (e.g., Milner's CCS 13]), automata (or la- beled transition systems) are often used as operational models. They allow for ... standard theories and algorithms do not apply to -calculus. This is a ...


Operational Petri net semantics for CCSP | SpringerLink

Jun 2, 2005 ... As opposed to many other approaches to Petri net semantics, our definition is operational as it is based on Plotkin-style transition rules. ... P. Degano, R. DeNicola, U. Montanari, A new operational semantics for CCS based on condition/event systems, Nota Interna B4-42, Dept. of Computer Science, Univ.



Oc European Association for Theoretical Computer Science ... ganising computations; and CCS, the π-calculus, and bigraphs for working with complex ... transition systems. As well as making the transition, now standard in the field, to operational semantics, Robin, jointly with David Park, introduced the central idea.


Pi calculus versus Petri nets: Let us eat “humble pie” rather than

Abstract. In the context of Web Service Composition Languages (WS-. CLs) there is on ongoing debate on the best foundation for Process-. Aware Information Systems (PAISs): Petri nets or Pi calculus. Example of PAISs are Workflow Management (WFM), Business Process Manage- ment (BPM), Business-to- Business ...



Oc European Association for Theoretical Computer Science ... 1 Introduction. Context and Motivation. The challenging nature of concurrent systems is no longer a novelty for computer science. In fact, by now there is a consolidated ... This development of concurrency theory coincides with the transition towards.


A Symbolic Model Checker for ACTL | SpringerLink

Abstract. We present SAM, a symbolic model checker for ACTL, the action-based version of CTL. SAM relies on implicit representations of Labeled Transition Systems (LTSs), the semantic domain for ACTL formulae, and uses symbolic manipulation algorithms. SAM has been realized by translating (networks of) LTSs and, ...


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Milner, R 2008, 'Bigraphs and Their Algebra' Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, vol 209, pp. 5-19. ... bigraphs is presented, showing how they can be developed from standard graph theory using elementary category theory. ... Model In defining a model for spatially-rich systems we have to consider who will.


Representations of Petri net interactions

Introduction. In part owing to their intuitive graphical representation, Petri nets [28 ] are of- ten used both in theoretical and applied research to specify systems and ... ations of CCS. More recently, similar operations have been used by Reo [2], glue for component-based systems [8] and the wire calculus [30]. Indeed, in [17].


Kleene Coalgebra – an overview

We show applications of the framework to three types of probabilistic systems: simple Segala, stratified and Pnueli-Zuck. 1 Introduction. Computer systems have widely spread ... became one of the cornerstones of theoretical computer science . ... text of the most important application of regular expressions at that time, in the .


CCS and petri nets | SpringerLink

Jun 4, 2005 ... Semantics of Systems of Concurrent Processes pp 334-357 | Cite as ... 152 Downloads. Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 469) ... As an alternative semantic model for CCS with a clear distinction between concurrency and nondeterminism, Petri nets may be used.


An extended expansion theorem | SpringerLink

Jul 6, 2005 ... Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 494) ... By exploiting the algebra of transitions, we define a general form of expansion theorem which is the heart of a finite axiomatization of a strong observational equivalence for ... Download to read the full conference paper text.