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(KAN) on Sustainable Consumption and Production Exploratory

Future Earth Knowledge-Action Network (KAN) on Sustainable Consumption and Production. Exploratory ... transition & development, defining the parameters of SSCP, methods and data targets, and more fundamental inquiries ..... SCP research linked to the issues prominent in the field of ecological economics, including a.


Sustainable Consumption - RM - Life Cycle Thinking.pdf

Published online in Wiley InterScience. (www.interscience.wiley.com) DOI: 10.1002/eet.434. Sustainable Consumption and. Resource Management in the Light of. Life Cycle Thinking. Oksana Mont1* and Raimund Bleischwitz2. 1 International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University, Sweden,.

ELEC4332 WK1b - Sustainable Consumption - RM - Life Cycle Thinking.pdf

Establishing a Clean Economy or Strengthening Indigenous

Establishing A Clean Economy or Strengthening Indigenous Sovereignty: Conflicting & Complementary ... Scholarship on socio-technical transitions has theorized pathways for a transition toward sustainable energy systems. .... Transformative Politics: Environmental Governance and Social Movements Literature .


Collapse and recovery of a social-ecological system in Arctic Norway

and households, and the economic opportunities that have opened up as a result of a combination of ecological change and institutional and political reforms. Key Words: coastal cod; community response; individual vessel quotas; Porsáŋgu; red king crab; resilience, Sami Parliament; tipping points; Várjat vuotna.


sanitation, wastewater management and sustainability unep

6.3 Recovery and reuse as a driver for environmental protection. 78 ... 8.1 The economics of the sanitation and wastewater management gap. 103 ..... Institutional and social sustainability. Financial sustainability. Sustainable health protection. Technical sustainability. FIGURE 1.5. Figure: Stockholm Environment Institute. 10 ...


Understanding Relationships between the Heiltsuk Nation and

The Heiltsuk culture and economy have always been based on the abundance of fish, wildlife, and ... derstand relationships between (1) Indigenous people and (2 ) social justice and environmental groups. It looks at why they .... from environmentalists because of non-sustainable logging practices. Following massive civil ...


New Zealand

the Working Party on 9 November 2016. They aim to help New Zealand green its economy and improve its environmental governance and management. Particular emphasis is on water resources management and sustainable urban development. “New Zealand's natural environment is part of its cultural identity and a.



influence consumption practices, and the distribution and availability of choices. This paper explores this ... governance would focus on and support local socio-‐ ecological justice. Claire Baker -‐ Polanyi, economics and ... with social anthropology, he demonstrates how economic relations were successfully submerged in ...


Equity and Quality in Education: Supporting Disadvantaged

the reduction of school failure as a priority, OECD countries show little consistency in their policies and practices to support low performing disadvantaged schools and students. Challenges remain as to what ... Equity in education can contribute to economic competitiveness and social cohesion .......... . 23. Fair and inclusive ...



Oct 10, 2013 ... Innovative fiscal policy in the context of sustainability . ... Impact of fiscal policies changes on the budgetary revenues and sustainable economic growth . .... studies designed to assess the sustainability in the EU context from the economic , environmental and social point of view. Specifically this case study ...


The Arctic Human Health Initiative: a legacy of the International

Apr 24, 2013 ... the health impact of anthropogenic pollution, rapid modernization and economic development, climate variability, infectious ... research (7 projects), environmental health research (7 projects), behavioural and mental health research ..... The Inuit Cohort: A Community of Research Practice Across Canada.


Water in a changing world: the United Nations world water

on socio-economic development objectives and formulating policy and operational decisions to achieve them. Their decisions, which respond to life and livelihoods .... Economic drivers 32. Social drivers 36 chapter 3 technological innovation 41. Recent trends and advances in science and technology 42. The technology ...


Economic Growth including Energy, Waste Management and

and improved consumer controls, which has significant environmental and economic benefits. 320. Better Building Performance for Economic Growth. 334. A net-zero energy New Zealand at household, community and national levels. 349. New Zealand Energy: Secure, Sustainable, and Economical. 363. Economic local ...


Northern Voices:

to traditional economic and cultural practices, and the many challenges facing most of the ..... such as MBC, APTN or Aboriginal newspapers? Figure 3: Aboriginal News Consumption .... skilled workers with technical and professional training (Northern Labour Market Committee, 2010). Under $10,000 to $29,999. $30,000 to ...

NAPC Report.pdf

Improving Equity in Health by Addressing Social Determinants

Sep 25, 2011 ... Lindsey Martinez-Mackey for technical editing the chapters to provide balanced content given the range of perspectives .... conditions and other aspects of environmental hygiene” (WHO, 1948). ... social and economic development, and human rights has increased in all spheres: government, non-.



First Nations communities, especially in remote areas, face economic, social, and environmental ... technical (applicability of the T'Sou-ke Solar Community Project to meet Skidegate's energy needs) and social ..... ke Centre for Sustainable Living, founded on four objectives, or pillars: energy autonomy, food self- sufficiency ...


Higher education, research and innovation: changing dynamics

ing decade, it is, therefore, entirely fitting that the UNESCO Forum should take stock of the new dynamics in ... amongst governments, the economic sector and research universities are growing exponentially, so that new .... Knowledge generated by research is the basis of sustainable social development. In this regard,.


Caribbean aboriginals online: Digitized culture, networked

to economic and social rights, property rights, gen- eral provisions ... A comparatively new field of Work for IWGIA over the last two years has been that of providing project support for the em- powerment of indigenous peoples in Russia , where we have ... bility of being part of this new technological revolution. In theirarticle ...


Seeing Ourselves in the Mirror: Giving Life to Learning

A special note of thanks is extended to Angie den Brok for her technical support in providing the conference photos, .... change in learning to advance social, cultural, economic and political development of First Nations, Inuit ..... “socio- ecological order, and each comprises a tangible presence that, when revisited and the.


Social Indicators

Political attention in New Zealand in recent years has been concerned with the quality of life of ... Globalisation, technological innovation, environmental challenges, and occupational and demographic ... 3 Cited by Clive Hamilton, ” Economic Growth and Social Decline: How our Measures of Prosperity are Taking us Down.