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Student Survival Pack

The Hunger Games. STudent Survival Pack. Find Additional Discussion & Ideas on www.hungergameslessons.com. All references to the novel are referring to the following ... This unit is not affiliated with Suzanne Collins, Scholastic, Scholastic Books®, Lionsgate®, or The Hunger Games ... Answer the following questions:.


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Hunger Games Curr. Guide

Los Angeles County Office of Education. Division of Student Programs. Summer Novel Study. Curriculum Guide. The Hunger Games. A Young Reader Medal .... Theme 2: Survival. Essential Questions: How can using individual strengths and/ or intelligence help someone survive? What is the importance of alliances to ...

hunger games curr. guide.pdf

Education Package Project 3: Resources of Panem

Jun 15, 2015 ... This curriculum module is designed to support your use of The Hunger Games in your class. It provides stepwise instructions, resources, handouts, and assessments for a project-based learning (PBL) unit in which students will ideate on the needs of residents of different Districts, research building methods ...


HUNGER GAMES TRIVIA (All questions are 1 point unless

What survival skill did Katniss learn from her father? Hunting. 8. Why was it ... What does Katniss do that proves to Haymitch that she might actually do well in the Hunger Games? Katniss throws a ... Claudious Templesmith offers a feast backpack at the Cornucopia for each tribute with things they really need. Peeta threatens ...


The Hunger Games

THE HUNGER GAMES, GARY ROSS, 142 MINS, USA, 2012. The Hunger Games. Education Resource Kit ... Ask students to read the Suzanne Collins books, The Hunger Games before watching the film. o The film has been given an M ... photos of your group acting out events from these key plot points. This will be used.


FEMA's Be a Hero! Youth Emergency Preparedness Curriculum

ANSWER KEY. 15 -17. Student Handouts: Emergency Kit Checklist. Family Communications Plan. Family Meeting Planner. 18. Survey, Are You Ready? 19 .... kids/games. Test student know-how in a wide range of emergencies, and help teach how to build the perfect Emergency Kit! *Designed for younger audiences, but ...


A Teacher's Guide to Lord of the Flies

Fans of The Hunger Games will immediately identify this ... students to the timeless themes of survival, society versus the individual, and the savagery possible in human nature. Students will undoubtedly recognize the parallels between. Golding's novel and favorite ..... discussion, ask students to answer these questions:.


Lost at Sea

Your task is to rank the 15 items in terms of their importance for you, as you wait to be rescued. Place the number 1 by the most important item, the number 2 by the second most important and so forth until you have ranked all 15 items. Page 3 . www.insight.typepad.co.uk. 2. Lost at Sea. Instructions. 1. Provide a 'lost at sea ...



Hunters claim that too many wolves will wipe out the big game animals such as ... What is a wolf pack? A family - mother, father and puppies. Often, pups from the previous year's litter that have lived through the first winter remain with the parents ... survival, dispersal and mortality due to disease, injury and human causes.



the plane next to a fabric bag the pilot had called a survival pack, which had emergency supplies in ..... please answer." Again he released the mike but heard nothing but the hissing of noise in the headset. After half an hour of listening and repeating the cry for help he tore the headset off in frustration and threw it to the floor.



My muscles are clenched tight against the cold. If a pack of wild dogs were to appear at this moment, the odds of scaling a tree before they attacked are not in .... before the Games. Before my fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark, announced he was madly in love with me. Our romance became a key strategy for our survival in the  ...

Catching Fire.pdf

Integrating Early Childhood Development (ECD) activities into

KEY POINT SUMMARY: WHY SHOULD EARLY CHILD DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES BE. COMBINED ... health and nutritional needs to ensure survival are often ..... your child to talk and answer your child's questions. Teach your child stories, songs and games. Talk about pictures or books. Sample toy: book with pictures.


Survival Guide for the Content Area Teacher

Explain difficult concepts and label them with key words EL students can remember. ..... Blank 3x5” index cards to be used for flashcards or concentration games .... Draft IDOE Survival Guide for the Content Area Teacher. 28. “Fact or Fib?” Answers. 1. Fib. Younger language learners may be able to pronounce a new ...

Survival Guide for the Content Area Teacher.pdf

Approaching unseen 20th and 21st century literary texts

Students should be able to show their understanding of different writers' ideas and methods by exploring unseen texts or extracts. .... Ask students to look more closely at the particular words they have selected to answer the question. 'How does Robert .... Resource 1.9. Extract from 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins.


The Hungrier Games: Disaster Resilience Skills for Youth

youth to resilience; and (2) a scavenger hunt game called the Hungrier Games to teach youth the key ... Then put those things in a bag so they are ready to take with ..... Correct Answers: Each of the scavenger hunt everyday items and challenges was linked to one of the five key elements of resilience: Strength. Connections.


Emergency Preparedness Treasure Hunt

This Treasure-Hunt game has been designed for use during camp, vacation Bible school, or other summer activities ... answers the question given to them at a particular station, they will earn another sticker to put on their ... If there is enough room outside or a safe neighborhood nearby, the students may go in small groups.

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Read the selection and choose the best answer to each question. Then fill in the answer on your answer document. .... important for their survival. These animals have several characteristics that ..... J Marcus agrees to play a basketball game against Carter's cousin Sam. If. Sam wins the game, she will get to play with the ...


Hatchet​ by Gary Paulsen

Answer to the Signpost Question. Chapter 1. 23. 6. 8 ... This could cause confusion for students because. Brian is remembering ..... survival. Chapter 6. 5657. Memory Moment. Two years before he and Terry had been fooling around down near the park, where the city seemed to end for a time and the trees grew thick and ...


the Hunger games

choices in the arena that weigh survival against humanity and life against love. before Viewing. reciPe for SucceSS? One way of understanding the film's impact is to consider the success of the book among its key audience. The paragraph below is taken from the official film website for The Hunger Games: THE HUNGER ...

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