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Miniature horse care

predisposed to a range of specific diseases that are different to their larger ' cousins'. This fact sheet aims to help highlight some of these conditions and aid owners and breeders in early recognition and prevention. Hyperlipaemia. Hyperlipaemia is a condition of miniature horses, donkeys and ponies caused by a negative ...

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The Miniature Horse: More Than Just a Smaller Horse!

Dec 1, 2012 ... A publication of the Center for Equine Health • School of Veterinary Medicine • University of California, Davis .... recognition of problems that can .... Dental Issues. Healthy teeth are important to the general health of all horses. The most common cause of death in aged wild horses is the inability to chew food ...



Back pain is a source of poor performance and many different types of horses suffer from back problems. Early recognition of back pain is important, since damage may be cumulative. This information is provided to help horse owners and riders prevent, recognize, and pursue treatment for back pain in their horses. Causes ...


200906 Woody Tongue

WOODY TONGUE: Recognition, Treatment, and Prevention. Many cattle producers have seen cattle with this problem over the years and are familiar with the disease. It usually occurs ... damage to teeth, or a common jaw infection ( lumpy jaw or actinomycosis) can be confused with Woody Tongue. Because excess ...


understanding horse behavior understanding horse behavior

Learning to prevent and correct behavioral problems. • Better ways to manage horses through ... behavior, horse senses, domestication, mating behavior, ingestive (eating) behavior, foaling-time behavior and how horses learn. Some of the ... want to improve their knowledge of horse behavior. PLANNING YOUR. PROJECT.


Preventing and Investigating Horse-Related Human Injury and

May 6, 2016 ... concludes with a practical application of WHS to prevent horse-related injury by discussing effective ... there have been significant decreases in injuries and fatalities in high risk workplace settings such as ... interactions [19], the majority of horse behavioural 'problems' are thought to be caused by equine.

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guidelines for recognition, assessment and treatment of pain

SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION TO PAIN, ITS RECOGNITION AND ASSESSMENT. 1. ..... However, and despite advances in the recognition and treatment of pain, there remains a gap between .... and continue this to prevent occurrence of pain for the duration of time commonly recommended for the problem or which the.


Use and perceptions of health services

curative dental care. Each community also has a dental clinic; at the time of the survey, the larger communities had permanent dentists, while the smaller ones were ..... Most respondents (69%) indicated that their unmet need was for treatment of a physical health problem. Another 14% mentioned the need for a periodic.


Clinical Guidelines for Management and Referral of Common

15.2 Renal Disease Signs and Symptoms. 113. 15.2.1 Haematuria. 113 ... 17.1 Recognition of a Seriously Ill Child (Triage). 133. 17.2 Causes of .... 243. 31.2.1 Clinical Presentation. 244. 31.2.2 Investigations. 244. 31.2.3 Management. 244. 31.2.4 Prevention. 245. 32. Gastrointestinal Conditions Other than Diarrhoea. 245.



Dec 5, 1998 ... Actinomycosis is a chronic disease characterized by abscess appear as ''molar- tooth'' colonies on agar or as ''bread- crumb'' colonies suspended in broth media. Differentiation of ..... Harvey J, Cantrell J, Fisher A. Actinomycosis: its recognition and treat-. 46. Albright L, Toczec S, Brenner VJ, Ommaya AK.


Preventative Health Care for the Horse.pdf

of horses. 2. Location factors: facilities, climate, endemic disease, and population fluxes. 3. Owner factors: cost of prevention vs. cost of disease, likelihood of .... source of infection for other horses near them. There is no vaccine or treatment for this disease. The virus is spread from horse to horse by biting horseflies and ...

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Occupational health

There is a need to develop other systems to protect the health of agricultural workers. Third, occupational health problems have gradually increased in type and ... to recognize the most common hazards in the workplace, know how to prevent and .... treat workers as tools in production, putting their health and lives at risk.



Our group is made up of Equine Dental veterinarians from across the globe and we have over 300 members right here in Australia. Most of our members provide afterhours and emergency care for all equine health issues and using our dedicated search on our website .... prevent her from delivering prematurely, and the ...

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2015 AAHA/AAFP Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats*

Behavioral changes are currently the principal indicator of pain and its course of improvement or ... owner, is essential for maximizing the recognition, prevention, and treatment of pain in animals. Postsurgical pain is ... Degenerative joint disease is one of the most significant and under-diagnosed diseases of cats and dogs.


Registered Dietitians in Aboriginal Communities

Permission is granted to reproduce copies of the report in its entirety for personal or educational purposes, provided credit to the ..... areas of human nutrition. Practice areas may include: health promotion, disease prevention and treatment for a wide variety of health issues. They work in a variety of settings such as: health ...


Standards for Horse Care in South Carolina

In South Carolina, we estimate that there are between 80,000-90,000 horses based on the 2004 SC Equine Census. Sixty ... horses treat them as members of the family, and they are often used for recreational activities such as trail riding. The ..... care, vaccinations for disease prevention, deworming, and dental care.


Horse Management Guidelines

Jan 27, 2016 ... horses (ie: during feeding) allows for recognition of what is normal behavior of each individual horse ... any sudden behaviors from the horse and may prevent any actions that will result in a dangerous ..... fed based on their Body Condition Scores (BCS), age, condition of their teeth, overall health, advice.

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Jan 1, 2012 ... their own lives. Students will also see colonialism in a variety of places that they may have taken for granted: in education, in literacy, in mapping, in tourism, and even ..... his teeth, sprang into bed with me. ... ignorance so to address these potential problems before actually engaging in Native themed.


Streptococcus and enterococcus

streptococci that are important in human medicine and dentistry fall into the genera Streptococcus and ... exclusively tooth surfaces of man and some animals ; some species belonging to this cluster are involved in ..... species have their primary habitat in horses, cattle and pigs, but some strains have become adapted to the.

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intermediate between their own speech and Blackfoot. The state- ... separate Nanwa6iniihanae dialect, as discussed below, necessitatesthe recognition of this ... ba 'an tree, cottonwood hahant grass, medlicine waxu ' horse dog hiwaxuhanx- iibi. (pl.) heO-dbi (pl.) buffalo bull hana"tciin buffalo (herd) hiOeinan deer bihi 'i.