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Noncognitive factors in high-road/low-road learning: I. Modes of

In this series of papers, we attempt to show how these noncognitive factors interact with cognitive factors to facilitate adult learning. ... Adult learninghigh- road learninglow-road learningreflective abstraction ..... In C. N. Alexander & E. Langer, (Eds.),Higher stages of human development: Perspectives on adult growth (pp.


Cultivating postformal adult development: Higher stages and

Cultivating Postformal Adult Development: Higher Stages and Contrasting Interventions. William R. Torbert. Wallace E. Carroll School ofManagement, Boston College. For the last several years, the senior management at Pilgrim Health. Care-the most rapidly growing Massachusetts health management organiza- tion in the ...


Higher Stages of Human Development

development). And then we distinguish three realms of human existence within which that development occurs: ego growth, soul embodiment, and spirit ..... development. As we review the stages of adult ego development, we will take notice of the tendencies toward health-beyond-health, balanced and integrated emotional ...


Society and the Highest Stages of Moral Development.

References. Alexander, C. N., Druker, S. M., & Langer,. E. J. (1990). Introduction: Major issues in the exploration of adult growth. In C. N.. Alexander, & E. J. Langer (Eds.), Higher stages of human development: Perspectives on adult growth, (pp. 3-32). New. York: Oxford University Press. Armon, C. (1984a). Ideals of the good  ...



each later developmental stage includes all the abilities and distinctions of ear- lier stages, later stage leaders are .... at the Strategist stage where one realizes that entirely different worldviews and ethical perspectives are ...... Higher Stages of Human Development: Perspectives on Adult Growth. New York: Oxford University ...


Nine Levels Of Increasing Embrace In Ego Development

sudden twists and turns that move us towards greater maturity. Life seems to offer us ever new hurdles and unforeseen opportunities to expand our awareness, to stay put or to contract on our journey through adulthood. Some general tenets of constructive developmental theory: In general, full-range human development ...

Cook-Greuter 9 levels paper new 1.1'14 97p[1].pdf

Developmental Trajectories in Moral Reasoning Across the Life Span

in moral reasoning stage was correlated with increase in education in adults. ... adulthood. The assertion that structural stages of moral development extend into adulthood remains controversial and there have been no long-term studies to ...... E. (1990) Higher Stages of Human Deaelopment: perspectives on adult growth.


Human Development Report 2014

National Human Development Reports: Since the release of the first national HDR in 1992, national HDRs have been ... date—bring a human development perspective to national policy concerns through local consultations and re- ..... 2.6 In countries where inequality has been high or rising, growth in consumption for the ...


Expectations of gains in the second half of life: a study of personal

To investigate the developmental perspectives of people ... currently agree that gains occur at all stages of life (Baltes 1987, 1997). ... Circumstances and ideas can change, but in general cognitive scenarios function as strong guidelines for activities and self-development. Human striving is generally directed towards the  ...


Neo-Piagetian Theory and Research: enhancing pedagogical

ABSTRACT Educators are continuously challenged to increase their pedagogical effectiveness when teaching ... development into adulthood on teaching, (2) the roles of functional and optimal levels of learner ...... ALEXANDER & E.J. LANGER (eds) Higher Stages of Human Development: perspectives on adult growth,.


The Constructive Developmental Theory of Robert Kegan

Counselors pride themselves in their developmental focus; however, they have predominantly limited themselves to applications of phasic, or life span development. Stage developmental theories have much to offer to understandings of individuals and families, and yet such the- ories are largely absent from the counseling ...


Higher States of Consciousness in the Vedic Psychology of

From a developmental perspective, these exalted states may serve as important candidates for the highest stage or ... stage of adult logical thought, termed formal operations (Inhelder & Piaget, 1958; Piaget. & Inhelder ... associated with higher stages of human growth (Alexander, Davies, Dillbeck, Dixon, Oetzel,. Muehlman  ...


Electrophysiological Correlates of Higher States of Consciousness

Growth of higher stages of consciousness: Maharishi's Vedic psychology of hu- man development. In: Alexander CN, Langer EJ, eds. Higher stages of human development: perspectives on adult growth. New York: Oxford Press, 1990:286- 341. 7. Badawi K, Wallace RK, Orme-Johnson D, Rouzere AM. Elec- trophysiological ...


Transcendental consciousness wakes up in dreaming and deep sleep

Growth of Higher stages of consciousness: Maharishi's. Vedic psychology of human development. In C.N. Alex- ander & E.J. Langer (eds.), Higher Stages of Human De- velopment: Perspectives on Adult Growth (p. 286-341). New York: Oxford University Press. Badawi, B.K., Wallace, R.K., Orme-Johnson, D.W., & Rouzere,.


Developmental Stages of the Learner

3. Determine the role of the family in patient education. 4. Discuss appropriate teaching strategies effective for learners at different developmental stages. ..... Older adulthood. Ego integrity vs. despair. Wisdom. Source: Adapted from Ahroni, J. H. (1996). Strategies for teaching elders from a human development perspective.


A Conception of Adult Development

as adulthood. A good deal is known about the preadult years, which for a century have been the main province of the field of human development. ..... where development takes primarily the form of positive growth. There are generally agreed-upon criteria for judg- ing that one stage represents a "higher level" than another.


Reconciling the Complexity of Human Development With the Reality

adolescents were not as mature as adults). On the basis of our reading of the extant literature in developmental psy- chology, as well as ..... organize discontinuities in the development of abstractions. In C. Alexander & E. Langer ( Eds.), Higher stages of human development: Perspectives on adult growth (pp. 162–187). New.


Mature students in higher education: Academic performance and

development: wisdom as a prototypical case of intellectual growth', in Alexander, C.N., and Langer,. E.J. (eds,), Higher Stages of Human Development: Perspectives on Adult Growth. New York: Oxford. University Press. pp. 54-78. Doty, B.A. (1967). 'Some academic characteristics of the mature coed', Journal of Educational.


Some Implications of Life Span Developmental Psychology for Adult

some practical applications of this work to adult education. An Overview of Life Span Developmental Principles. In contrast to many traditional stage theories of psychological devel- opment (e.g., Erikson, 1982; Kohlberg, 1973; Levinson, 1986), life span development forms a “family of perspectives” (Baltes, 1987) rather than.


Faith Development Research Revisited: Accounting for Diversity in

Higher stages of human development: Perspectives on adult growth. New York: Oxford University Press. Anderson, C. L. (1995). “How can my faith be so different ?”: The emergence of religious identity in col- lege women (campus ministry). Ph. D. Diss., Indiana University, (DAI-A 56/07, p. 2622, Jan 1996). Backlund, M. A. ...