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Bleomycin resistance conferred by a drugbinding protein

Volume 230, number 1,2, 171-175. FEB 05717. March 1988 ... are DNA-breaking compounds which kill both procaryotic and eucaryotic cells at low concentrations. [1,2]. Although these antibiotics have never been used as antimicrobial agents, plasmid-mediated resistance to bleomycin is widely spread among clinically im-.


Mutactimycin PR, a New Anthracycline Antibiotic from Saccharothrix

OF ANTIBIOTICS pp. 373-378. Mutactimycin. PR, a New Anthracycline. Antibiotic from Saccharothrix sp. SA 103. II. Physico-chemical. Properties and Structure ..... 8) BERDY, J.; A. AZALOS & K. L. McNITT: Microbial. Metabolites,. Parts 1, 2, 3. Vol. XIII, In CRC Handbook of Antibiotics. Compounds. CRC. Press,. Inc., Boca.



Note that while the basics of cell culture experiments share certain similarities, cell culture conditions vary widely for each cell type. Deviating from the culture conditions required for a particular cell type can result in different phenotypes being expressed; we therefore recommend that you familiarize yourself with your cell ...


Antifungal Macrodiolide from Streptomyces sp.

Jun 19, 1986 ... Aerobic fermentation cultures of Streptomyces sp. produced an antifungal macrodiolide. This new antibiotic consists of two units of homononactic acid linked to form a cyclic ... The production, purification, and characterization of these compounds are reported. ...... Handbook of antibiotic compounds, vol. 2, p ...


Clinical Guidelines for Management and Referral of Common

Volume III. Clinical Guidelines for Management and Referral of Common Conditions at Levels 4–6: Hospitals. Republic of Kenya. 2009. Ministry of Medical . Services ... 11. 2.1.2 HIV Transmission and Prevention. 11. 2.1.3 Clinical Manifestations. 12. 2.1.4 HIV Testing and Patient Education. 14. 2.1.5 Staging of HIV/AIDS. 15.


Antimicrobial activities of someN-alkylmaleimides | SpringerLink

November 1990 , Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 223–225 | Cite as ... Summary. A variety ofN-alkylmaleimides have been prepared and screened for antimicrobial activity using various fungi, yeasts and bacteria.N-Methyl,N-octyl andN-decylmaleimide showed antifungal activities. All test compounds showed antibacterial activity.


Gibco™ Cell Culture Basics Handbook

Cell Culture Basics Handbook. Now includes transfection. Gibco® Cell Culture Basics Certification. Get certified by the leading authority in cell culture lifetechnologies.com/cellculturebasics ...


Guidelines for Compounding Practices

practitioners, or other persons.2. Guidelines for distinguishing between compounding and manufacturing are as follows: Pharmacists may compound, in reasonable quantities, drug preparations that are commercially available in the marketplace if a pharmacist–patient–prescriber relationship exists and a valid prescription ...

Allen_ Chap_ 1_Art, Science and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 4e.pdf

Wide-Spectrum Antibiotic Activity of Bovine Granulocyte Polypeptides

Jul 3, 1984 ... The antibiotic activity of a polypeptide fraction purified from bovine granulocyte granules was tested against. Escherichia coli ..... handbook of antibiotic compounds, vol. IX: antibiotics from higher forms of life: lichens, algae, and animal organisms. CRC. Press, Boca Raton, Fla. 2. Bolivar, F., R. L. Rodriguez, ...


Cirramycin-B Antibiotic Production By Streptomyces Cyaneus-AZ-13Zc

Cirramycin-B Antibiotic Production By Streptomyces Cyaneus-AZ-13Zc: Fermentation,. Purification and Biological Activities. Atta H.M.. 1. , El-Sehrawi M.H.. 2 ..... Florida. 6. Berdy, J. 1980c. CRC Handbook of antibiotic compounds. Vol II. CRC Press, Boca Raton ,. Florida. 7. Criswell, D.; V. L. Tobiason; J. S. Lodmell and.


Cyclosporin C Is the Main Antifungal Compound Produced by

Acremonium luzulae. MUSTAPHA MOUSSAÏF,1* PHILIPPE JACQUES,1 PETER SCHAARWÄCHTER,2 ... acid composition of the acid hydrolysates, the antibiotic was determined to be cyclosporin C. Cyclosporin C showed a .... (H2SO4-ethanol [11:9, vol/vol]), as well as by analysis by reverse-phase HPLC. (Chromspher ...


2016 Pediatric Medication Handbook

Estimated ETT SIZE = 4 + (pt's age in yrs). 4. Cuffed ETT tube = 3.5 + (pt's age in yrs) (for age 2 or older). 4. ETT position at lip (in cm) estimated as 3 times ETT diameter (in mm). For example, 3.5 mm ETT should be 11.5 cm at the lip. INITIAL VENTILATOR SETTINGS (volume mode; TV = tidal volume). TV = 6 - 10 mL/kg.


VHA HK 1108.05 Outpatient Pharmacy Services

Jun 16, 2016 ... appropriate handling and dispensing of drugs and supplies to outpatients. 2. SUMMARY OF MAJOR CHANGES: This VHA Handbook provides new or expanded topic ... Pharmacist-conducted Patient Medication Counseling (M-2, Clinical Affairs, Part VII, ..... VA Financial Policy Volume XVI,. Chapter 1 ...


Among antibiotics that have antitumor activity, some are

1671. VOL. XXXVIII NO. 12. THE JOURNAL. OF ANTIBIOTICS. Fig. 1. Scanning electron micrographs of the strain 07 on oatmeal agar. A) Spores. 3pm. B) Spores ..... I) BERDY, J.; A. ASZALOS, M. BOSTAIN & K. L. MCNITT: CRC Handbook of Antibiotic Compounds. IV. Part 2, pp. 231 ~ 268, CRC Press, Inc., Florida, 1980.


Antibiotics in the aquatic environment – A review – Part II

a b s t r a c t. Although antibiotics have been used in large quantities for some decades, until recently the existence of ... presence and significance of resistance of bacteria against antibiotics in the aquatic environment despite the numerous ..... interaction of antibiotic compounds and bacteria in the environ- ment – also in  ...


Taxonomy and chemical characterization of antibiotics of

Antimicrobial activity;. Streptosporangium;. Taxonomy. Summary. A new actinomycete strain designated Sg 10, producing antimicrobial substances was ..... CRC Handbook of Antibiotic Compounds, vol. XIII. Microbial Metabo- lites, Parts 1–3. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA. Betina, V., 1973. Bioautography in paper and ...


Guide to Solid Phase Extraction

2. Reversed phase packings. Normal phase packings. Ion exchange packings. Adsorption packings. SPE Theory. 3. How compounds are retained by the sorbent. Reversed phase SPE ... extraction of nonpolar to moderately polar compounds, such as antibiotics, caffeine, drugs, ..... volume samples, samples containing high.


Pharmaceutical Microbiology Manual

Mar 30, 2015 ... ii. This document is uncontrolled when printed: 06/18/2015. For the most current and official copy, check the Master List. ORA.007, Version 1.2. DATE: 03-30- ... microbiology testing, including antimicrobial effectiveness testing, microbial examination of ... be chosen for growth promotion testing (Section D).


Sparsomycin Antibiotic Production by Streptomyces Sp. AZ-NIOFD1

6 2 antibiotic were also determined. In conclusion, the collected data emphasized the fact that the purified antibiotic compound was suggestive of being .... chain spiral shape and spore surfaces smooth method assay [11]. (X13,000). 1 international references of [10, 31- 34]. actinomycete culture AZ-NIOFD1 from five cultures ...



Under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, the Unani Pharmacopoeia of India (UPI), Part- II, Volumes, are the books of standards for compound formulations included therein and the standards prescribed in the. Unani Pharmacopoeia of India, Part- II, Vol. III, would be official. If considered necessary these standards can be amended ...

Unani Pharmacopoeia of India Part II Vol 3.pdf