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Grade 7: Module 1: Unit 2 Overview

and Salva to survive in A Long. Walk to Water. • Reader's Notes from Chapters 16 -18. (from Lesson 6 homework). • Gathering Textual Evidence graphic organizer for Chapters 14-18 (from. Lesson 6 homework). • World Café charts. • World Café protocol. • Survival. • Salva/Nya. Lesson 9. Mid-Unit 2 Assessment: Comparing.


Gateway Lab School ELA Unit w/ Summative Assessments This unit

2. Mid-Unit 1 Assessment: Identifying Perspective and Using Evidence from A Long Walk to Water- Students will complete a graphic organizers in which they gather and make inferences from textual evidence about the differences in perspective of Nya and Salva in A Long Walk to Water. Students will also respond to an.

Gateway Lab School ELA Unit 2014.pdf

Grade 7: Module 1 Overview

Identifying Perspective and Using Evidence from A Long Walk to Water. This assessment centers on standards NYS ELA CCLA RL.7.1 and RL.7.6. Students will complete a graphic organizer in which they gather and make inferences from textual evidence about the differences in perspective of Nya and Salva in A Long  ...


"Journeys and Survival" student packet

Look at the opening map from A Long Walk to Water again: 1. .... Both walk the roadless plain split by the White Nile. And both honor their scrawny, hump- backed cattle as the center of the temporal world, at once wealth on the hoof and a mystical link to .... Writing Paragraph: use the graphic organizer to write a paragraph.


Are You Thirsty?

... Focused: September 21, 2015. 3. Lesson 6 Intro/Conclusion Argumentative Writing. 91. Attachment 1 Vocabulary Chart. 94. Attachment 2 Intro Graphic Organizer. 95. Attachment 3 Introductions. 96. Attachment 4 Conclusions Graphic Organizer. 97. Attachment 5 Conclusions. 98. Text Complexity Long Walk & Water. 99 ...

Are you thirsty Unit Plan.pdf

EQuIP Review Feedback

Lesson/Unit Name: Module 1 – A Long Walk to Water. Content Area: English/ language arts. Grade Level: 7 .... The graphic organizer provided serves as an appropriate scaffolding tool. This tool could be improved by providing guided questions that help students distinguish between a significant and insignificant character ...


Lesson 1

1' Unpacking Graphic Organizer for Class (Chart paper). 0 Create a blank bulletin board word wall area and explain to students the function and purpose. 0 Make copies of Handouts: Vocabulary 3 Column Graphic Organizer, Teaching Task, Rubric. 0 Obtain ... Made, an excerpt from A Long Walk to Water, and viewing " Poor.


teacher's guide by Jan McDonald/Rocky Mountain Readers

(including the Newbery Award winner, A Single Shard), A Long Walk to Water is based on the true story of Salva, one ... in the present time in Southern Sudan tells Nya's story and her own long walk to water. The second time period .... When the people organize by village, what does Salva discover? 5. Describe the rebels .


The Four T's: Topic, Task, Target, Text Module 7M1

the conflict through the perspective of two adolescents in the novel, A Long. Walk to Water, and through reading informational texts about the political and geographical challenges faced by the ... Mid Unit 1: Graphic organizer to record inferences from textual evidence from novel, selected response questions. End Unit 1: ...


Two-Voice Poem

challenging environments. Your poem must use details from our readings. You must also include quotes from A Long Walk to. Water AND quotes from the articles about Sudan. ❖ Possible Survival Themes: 1) perseverance is necessary to survive;. 2) survival requires physical strength; 3) survival requires emotional strength ...

Two-Voice Poem Packet.pdf


SYNOPSIS: Based on a true story, A Long Walk to Water is the compelling and inspiring account of two young. Sudanese people caught in the midst of war, drought and famine. Written by Newbery medallist. Linda Sue Park, this story unfolds through the dual narrative of Nya, a girl living in a small village and Salva , a boy ...

A Long Walk to Water.pdf

Appendix: Protocols and Strategies

Organization should support ease of understanding, and be varied based on purpose. 8. Charts are best in simple .... Finally, in the middle, either write a summary of the learning or create a graphic illustration that synthesizes the group's understanding of the topic .... novel A Long Walk to Water. The appointments ask ...



Mar 31, 2014 ... Park, L.S. A Long Walk to Water. Lexile: 720. Steptoe, J. Mufaro's ... Assessment: Students will use some type of graphic organizer to monitor thinking such as, Venn Diagram,. Double Bubble ... http://www.realclassroomideas.com/resources/ graphic+organizers-wordbank.pdf (Word Bank. Graphic Organizer).


Teaching and Learning Guide

provider of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, clean water and sanitation, quality basic education ..... Create a Y-chart graphic organizer: Looks like, feels like, sounds like. A BLM template is available at .... Kennedy, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. Older students: further ...


Historical Thinking, Reading, and Writing about the World's Newest

(Williams & Christie, 2005) and A Long Walk to Water (Park, 2011), depict the “ Lost Boys” of. Sudan as they ... themes within A Long Walk to Water and Garang's unpleasant, desperate efforts to survive in. Brothers in Hope did .... nuanced details. Graphic organizers, like Venn diagrams and concept maps, are effective tools.


Created by Gay Miller

Table of Contents. Materials Needed for Creating the Foldable Graphic Organizers ... Summary of A Long Walk to Water. 137. Constructive ... Pronoun Organizer. 172. Figurative Language. 189. Compare and Contrast Essay. 208. Lesson #1 – Two Ways to Compare Topics. 212. Lesson #2 – Writing a Thesis Statement. 224.


Social Studies Scope and Sequence: Grade 4

Grade 4 Social Studies: Year-long Overview. To be productive members of .... Maps Graphic Organizer (blank and completed), Globe, Gallery Walk stations, Comparing & Contrasting Maps Gallery. Walk Graphic ..... able to modify land and bodies of water to benefit human development even if it is bad for animals and plants.


Grade 7: Curriculum Map

Module 4A. Module 4B. Mid-Unit 1. Identifying Perspective and. Using Evidence from A. Long Walk to Water. (Chapter 5). (RL.7.1 and RL.7.6) graphic organizer and selected response. How Working Conditions. Affected Lyddie. (RL.7.1 and RL.7.3) selected response and short constructed response. Evidence, Ideas, and.


Build Text-Dependent Questions to Facilitate Close Reading of

Feb 15, 2013 ... Grade 3: Alexander's goal was to save enough money to purchase a walk-talkie. (Have students use a graphic organizer to trace how he used his money throughout the story.) Using examples from the story and your graphic organizer, explain how Alexander's decisions affected his long-term goal of being ...


A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

A LONG WAY GONE. Ishmael Beah was born in Sierra Leone in 1980. He moved to the United States in 1998 and finished his last two years of high school at the United Nations International School in New. York. .... summer day, the sun wasn't too hot, and the walk didn't feel long either, as we chatted about all kinds of ...