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Benchmarks for Oral Reading Rate – Words per Minute

Reading. Level. Level 1. Needs Support. May indicate that the reader should be in easier texts, and/or needs fluency support– see p. 2. Level 2. Approaches Standards. Fluency instruction needed – see page 2 of this packet. Level 3. Meets Standards. Level 4. Exceeds Standards. J. 44 wpm or less. 45-54 wpm. 55 -85 wpm.


A Guide to Reading Fluency and the Assessment of Specific

Aug 28, 2008 ... The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found that 44% of fourth grade students could not fluently read grade level text. The most effective reading curricula directly and explicitly address fluency. However, classroom reading instruction should avoid over- reliance on oral reading to ...


Read Naturally Masters Edition (ME) Teacher's Manual

grade-level material to the Hasbrouck-Tindal Oral Reading Fluency Norms table ( below). If this score places the student ten or more words below the 50th percentile, you should add a fluency-building program to his/her regular instructional program and further diagnose the student to see if s/he also needs support in other ...


Reading Fluency Intervention Strategies to Build Automaticity at

Reading Fluency Intervention. Strategies to Build Automaticity at. Multiple Levels. Roxanne Hudson, Ph.D. University of Washington [email protected] ... R. Hudson 2008. Automaticity. Text level. • Refers to the fluidity of text reading, including the rate of reading. • Typically measured in correct words per minute.


Fluency Instruction

Write fluency-related words: accuracy, automaticity, prosody, grade-level text, instructional-level text, independent level, rate, WCPM, WPM on large sticky notes or display cards. These note cards will be displayed on a wall or poster. Using the CD-ROM, print out handouts to distribute to participants. ( ParticipantHOs.pdf).


One Minute Reader Placement Guide

Choosing a Passage for Testing the Student. This packet includes one story from each of the One Minute Reader levels—E, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. These levels are reading levels, not grade levels. Use your judgment as to which level might be a good fit for a student. For example, if a student is just starting second grade, you may ...


The Six-Minute Solution: A Reading Fluency Program (lntermediate

_.,._ .... :: The Six-Minute Solution: A Reading Fluency Program. (lntermediate Level). Gail N. Adams, M.Ed. Sheron M. Brown, M.A., M.S.. Grades 3-6 ... Judy Wollberg of Sopris West, whose support and guidance were invalu- able to us during this .... rect words per minute (cwpm); Student B, a struggling reader, has an aver-.


Hasbrouck & Tindal's Oral Reading Fluency Data

This table shows the oral reading fluency rates of students in grades 1 through 8, based on an extensive study conducted by Jan Hasbrouck and Gerald. Tindal. The results of their study are published in a technical report entitled, "Oral Reading Fluency: 90 Years of Measurement," which is available on these websites:.

oralreadingfluency_6th 7th 8th.pdf

Teaching Sight Vocabulary and Improving Reading Fluency A

NEPS LWG 2012. Teaching Sight Vocabulary and Improving Reading. Fluency. A precision teaching approach. A Guide for Teachers and Parents. This NEPS ... level. Outlined below is a method that will support you to achieve this proficiency level. It is a precision teaching method although precision monitoring may be.


Reading Fluency

Texas Education Agency • Region XIII Education Service Center. Reading Fluency: Principles for Instruction and Progress Monitoring. Professional. Development ..... grade level. Note: Instructional goals for students should be based upon their reading levels. (wcpm), not grade levels, on the chart. Texas Center for Reading.


Quick Reference Procedures Manual

It is a fidelity assessment. No extra time is given. Fluency is the point. Report Cards. Only the reading levels from the TRC for BOY, MOY, and EOY should be reflected on the report card per the state procedures for all NC schools. Dibels should never be placed on the report card. It is meant to inform instruction. DO NOT.


Idaho Reading Indicator

measures first month grade level reading skills, the winter IRI test measures fifth .... Questions. Skill-3. Answer. Comprehension. Questions. Skill-6. Answer. Comprehension. Questions. Skill-9. IRI Instructional Support Guide – Summer 2004. Page 11 ...... reading below 100 to 120 words per minute, she/he won't be able to.


Download the Read Naturally Encore Placement Packet

The purpose of this section is to guide you through the placement process. You will learn how to ..... Consider criteria such as the student's grade level, comprehension skills, oral vocabulary level, motivation, and frustration level. Placement .... electronic timer or the words-per-minute calculating timer. Note: Always conduct a ...


DIBELS® Next Benchmark Goals and Composite Score

Dec 1, 2010 ... will be included in the DIBELS Next Technical Manual, which will be available in January, 2011. ... Why doesn't Letter Naming Fluency have benchmark goals? Answer: ... Answer: The difficulty level of the passages used for DORF and Daze changes by grade, so composite scores and benchmark.


Rev DRA2 Technical Manual - Revised 6-19-12 w CCSS_LB

Jun 19, 2012 ... Table 1. DRA2 K–8 Oral Reading Rates (words per minute) by. Fiction/Nonfiction and Level………………………………………… 30. Table 2. DRA2 K–8 Accuracy Rates for Levels 14–80…………………… 32. Table 3. DRA2: Cronbach's Alpha… ………………………………………… 40. Table 4. Oral Fluency ...


Administration and Scoring Guide

DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency and Retell Fluency. Roland H. Good III, Ruth A. Kaminski, and Sheila Dill. 32. Word Use Fluency. Roland H. Good III, Ruth A. Kaminski, and Sylvia Smith. 42. DIBELS Approved Accommodations. Kelli D. Cummings. 48. Benchmark Goals. 49. References. 55. This guide was updated with new ...


Fluency and Word Identification: Grades 3–5

CEC standards encompass a wide range of ethics, standards, and practices created to help guide those who have ... Fluency and Word Identification: Grades 3–5. Level A • Case 1. Background. Student: Andrea. Age: 8.6. Grade: 3rd. Focus: Sight Words. Scenario. Andrea is a typical third-grade student who gets along well ...


AIMSweb® Default Cut Scores Explained

scores on the new National Norms, they were struck by the high level of consistency of the percentiles ... reasonable to use those percentages as a guide to the number of students who should be identified as at-risk ... Sound Fluency ( by grade and period) that predicted success, and these are consistently close to the 35th ...


K-8 Keyboarding Standards and Benchmarks for Hopkins Public

grade level can use to reinforce keyboarding skills at home. In addition, Hopkins staff will look for an alternative keyboarding instruction program that may be used with 5th and 6th graders once these keyboarding standards are firmly in place, since there may be a readiness among those older students to have experience ...


SLD FAQ Document

Reading fluency is defined on page 2 of the SLD guide as follows: “Reading fluency is characterized as including accuracy, rate, and prosody. Accuracy relates to the ability to decode words in text without error. Rate refers to the time it takes to automatically decode words, and is measured as “words per minute”. Prosody.