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Container Shipping Policy and Models of Multi-Level Governance

Key Words: Container shipping, Multi-Level Governance, Policy, Post-Fordism. 1. Introduction. The nature ... liberalisation has had a particular impact upon the maritime transport sector as container shipping retains a ... many government and supra-national organisations such as the European Union and the OECD. Hence ...



Key words: Post-fordism, Maritime Transportation, Cycles, World Economy. Article published Journal of ... specialization of maritime shipping, have induced new opportunities for maritime transportation ... application across a wide range of areas, including the law, state policy, political practices, industrial codes, governance.


How to enhance training and recruitment in the shipping industry in

Mar 1, 2011 ... Why have these policies not met their objectives? In this report, we show that this failure is primarily caused by the lack of a link between state aid (such as tonnage taxes) and seafaring training and employment. If the EU wishes its policies to be effective in supporting the whole maritime cluster for the long ...

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Peter W. De Langen. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Port, Transport and Regional Economics, ... effects of intra-port competition guide EU policy initiatives to liberalise and re-regulate the market of port ..... maritime sector (Selkou and Roe 2004), to post-fordist models (Chlomoudis and Pallis. 1998; Van Klink ...



have particular relevance to the policy-making process in the maritime sector. ..... economic issues. 3. Recognition and incorporation of policy networks into the process of governing. 4. Replacement of traditional models of command and ..... with architecture, governance, literature, philosophy or shipping, the EU, the Far.


Greek Ports: Structural Challenges and Forms of Adjustment

Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean, Greece ... As a result ports moved towards the post fordist model (Notteboom and ... rest of EU countries. The port market analysis certifies the necessity for a further reform towards the participation of the private sector, which is the intention of the Greek.


UNIVERSITY OF TURKU Faculty of Humanities Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Sea Region ports, seaport innovations, environmental innovations, EU port ... city interface, neoliberal economic thinking, innovation-oriented port policy. ...... Selkou, E. and Roe, M., 2004. Globalisation, Policy and Shipping. Fordism, Post-. Fordism and the European Union Maritime Sector. United Kingdom: Edward.



ernance in the maritime sector before we can go on to assess its significance for the processes of policy making ..... responsibility for policies do not normally participate and although the EU's move toward subsidiarity .... described as classically Fordist and as such were inappropriate for the Post-Fordist. (and Postmodern) ...


Policy transfer, neo-liberalism or coercive institutional isomorphism

Keywords: Regulation; Policy transfer; Neo-liberalism; Managerialism; Globalization; Higher education; Quality assurance; Hong Kong. 1. Introduction. The changing nature of ... movement to post-fordist regimes of accumulation, requiring fundamental transitions in the organization of the state and its fiscal and managerial ...


The Maritime Labour Market

Jun 3, 2013 ... Master Thesis in Logistics and Transport Management, Spring 2013. University of ... The transition towards a global maritime labour market has led to a reduction in the number of ships flying the ...... on the international stage, shipping policy and regulation has developed on many levels and through many ...


The Collapse of Sovereign Maritime Governance

Sep 25, 2014 ... maritime policy is highlighted as an example. Roe (2013) emphasised the policy failures in the maritime industry and investigated a number of practical examples of this in our time. For example, the European Register of Shipping project of the EU could not be put into practice since the rational actors (i.e. ...

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On Governance of Quality Shipping in the Baltic Sea : Exploring

Nov 8, 2014 ... the shipping industry is global, quality shipping governance is not; therefore, quality shipping governance ...... protection, and economic sustainability in maritime transport (the concept of quality shipping is presented in ...... enlargement) and the EU has been active in developing its policies and proliferating.


Investing in the Future of Jobs and Skills

Sector Report. Transport and Logistics. Authors: I. Davydenko (TNO Mobility and Logistics). Dr G. Gijsbers (TNO Innovation Policy group). Dr M. Leis (TNO ... Emerging Competences and Economic Activities in the European Union. ...... The report is part of a series of sixteen future-oriented sector studies on innovation,.


The changing spatiality of port governance: the case of Antwerp

in networks, both in the literature and in policy making, (2) general evolutions in ( local) government practices and ... handling companies, (4) the existence of differences in port governance practices in Europe with municipal port ... encompasses the effects of the crisis of North Atlantic Fordism, globalisation, and state.


Port regions and globalization

Feb 19, 2010 ... and Coordination among Adjacent Seaports, Ashgate, pp.41-53, 2009, Transport and mobility. ... functional levels such as the Maritime Industrial Development Area (Vigarié, 1981), the. European estuary ... of national port policies, regional growth pole strategies, and local planning constraints. Another ...


Port dynamics 75.pdf

Hanjin Shipping Chair Professor of Global Logistics, Asia Pacific School of Logistics, Inha University, Incheon, ... It is now opportune to reflect upon the past forty years of port dynamics and raise a series of ..... of damage during stevedoring; customs procedures; port authority policy & regulation; accession to port; quality of.

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imiss2013 – proceedings of the international scientific meeting for

Maritime Economics and Logistics, 9, 84–103. Roe, M.S. (2007c). Jurisdiction, Shipping Policy and the “New” States of the European. Union. International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference. (IAME), Athens, July 4th- 6th. Roe, M.S. (2007d). Shipping policy governance: a Post-Fordist interpretation. In.



Transport Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. ... transportation. The relationship between ports and cities was self-reinforcing, where growth in port activity led urban growth and vice versa. The last century the ... important change in the port and shipping industry was the internationalization and globalization of.


The Future of the Global Economy

Co-operation and Development (OECD) shall promote policies designed: – to achieve the highest sustainable economic growth and employment and a rising standard of living in Member countries, while maintaining financial stability, and thus to contribute to the development of the world economy;. – to contribute to sound ...


Territorial Impact of Globalization for Europe and its Regions

In the strategic policy documents of the EU, globalization is identified as one of the four ... All instruments of external economic policy need to be deployed ..... The fordist period – from the 1950s to the 1970s – has been one of catching up for backward regions at both international level in Europe and national level in the US ...