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Why entertainment content posts get more likes and comments on

entertainment content posts get more likes and comments on Facebook (which the result from the survey suggest) secondary ... and users want social networking sites to make them and their friends to have fun. Liking and commenting is a way to ... through posts and messages (Pempek et al.,. 2009). Posts can also be ...


Bryan Furuness is Writing an Essay on Facebook Status Updates

Furuness, Bryan M., "Bryan Furuness is Writing an Essay on Facebook Status Updates" Barrelhouse Magazine / (Spring 2010): -. Available at ... etcetera — but the smallest and most heavily utilized piece might be the status update. ... status updates sound like something I would hate: line after line of trivial complaint,.


An analysis of humor orientation on Facebook: A lens model approach

FB friends “liked” status updates, and the number of unique friends who com mented on status updates. ... defined as humor orientation (HO), is considered one of the most desirable traits a person can have (Cann et ... except sleeping and resting” and “When you get upset, remember it takes 42 mus cles to frown, and only 4 ...


The Relationship Between Facebook Use and Well-Being Depends

and (3) composed, broadcast communication, such as a status update, blog post, or tweet aimed at a ... an individual's Facebook communication with strong ties would predict improvements in well being more than would .... include very lightweight actions such as “likes” or “pokes” in addition to more substantive text- based.


Faceplant: Impression (Mis)management in Facebook Status Updates

Abstract. While recent research examined the impressions projected by users of Social Network Sites through their relatively static online profiles, the addition of status updates to. Facebook offers the opportunity to study a more fluid type of impression management. In this paper, we take a first look at data collected with a ...


The JustGiving guide to social media fundraising

Update your Facebook status with your. JustGiving link – so all ... can share your page with their Facebook friends. You can also use it to promote your page. • Get on YouTube. Make a video – maybe a funny parody of your training, or just you telling the camera ... share these on sites like Flickr or Picasa. Show people what  ...


Justgiving hints and tips

Ask friends to ʻdonateʼ their status update to you. Via their statuses ... can share your page with their Facebook friends. You can also use it to promote your page. • Get on YouTube. Make a video – maybe a funny parody of your training, or just you telling the camera what ... share these on sites like Flickr or Picasa. Show.


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guide will help you do just that. To increase the likely hood of likes, clicks, comments, and shares you can ask a question in your status plus add an image. Facebook has become more visual over time and simple status updates of just text won't cut it anymore. Check out on the next page where to get some awesome.


Liam Gallagher's Most Hilarious One-Liners - NME

Jun 5, 2013 ... What better opportunity to look back at the Oasis man's best one-liners – like this one, on being invited to design a gnome for the Chelsea Flower Show: “It'd be a fucking rock'n'roll .... On Kanye West: “If I ever win any more fucking awards I'd personally invite him to get up and fucking take my award of me.


Social Media 101 for Shelters and Rescue Groups

Getting Spotlighted on Other Pages: Other brand pages can “like” your page, “tag ” you (example below), or promote your content. “Tagging” another page in your status update also makes your update show up on that page's wall. Image: Iams tagged. Petfinder's Facebook page in it's status update. Now that update appears .


Facebook Ads for Fun and Profit v2

Not as qualified as some, probably more qualified than most. I quit my day job because of FB ads, and I get 300 to 500 percent return on them. Which is to say, for every $1 I spend on ads, I will ... Here's a ballpark of what a typical read through should look like (can be wonky if you have omnibus editions, or the last book just ...


Supportive Responses to Social Sharing on Facebook

Feb 27, 2016 ... Using millions of de-identified Facebook status updates with .... more likes and comments than posts without feeling annotations, and posts with ..... negative self -relevant posts get 51% longer comments. We'll address the tone of these comments shortly. Likes. Likes follow a different pattern than comments,.



Dec 1, 2013 ... First of I`d like to than all the 90 participants who answered the survey, and the two girls who did the pilot ... you get Faceraped by a close friend or someone you know it is more fun than if it is somebody that ...... comments on status updates as well as changing personal information or changing the language ...


The Ultimate Guide to Awesome Meetings

meetings are a fundamental part of our work day, most of us haven't been taught or trained on how to run an ... to Cut Meetings. 2.4 Case Study: How SourceNinja Gets an Extra 7 Hours of Productivity. Every Week. 2.5. ... for discussing things that can be documented like status updates, spreadsheets, or bug reports but for  ...


Understanding Likes on Facebook: An Exploratory Study

Jun 24, 2013 ... celebrities and their comments and status updates in social media. Do more likes and favourites indicate higher value, popularity, success and vice versa? ... Is the facebook user, who gets more 'likes' for his/her posts, more influential than a person who gets fewer 'likes'? Are there other factors dominating ...


Facebook the Orgy-Porgy

as the quasi-religious and erotic Orgy-porgy, frivolous games like Centrifugal ... As one of the most famous chess players in history, he claimed his status as world .... Facebook. Walls, message boards, and chat rooms are quickly becoming the new public meeting places where friends get together to catch up, reminisce,.


to view the PDF online.

For more information, contact: Amanda Willis (909) 985-3116 x155 or [email protected] oparc.org. START A TEAM. BE CREATIVE. HAVE FUN. Assemble a team of 4-6 bowlers made up of family, friends, ... Like us on Facebook to get event updates! Inspire ... fun and cool! OPARC would like to thank all of the participants, sponsors,.


Tips for fundraising through social media

the message short, honest and funny while sounding like myself. ... Boundless Fundraising Facebook Application - Set automatic status updates with this ... this will draw more people to your page. Once they read your story, they will be more inclined to donate. - Update on your fundraising goal and status: “I am at $890!


'It's just drama': teen perspectives on conflict and aggression in a

Apr 4, 2014 ... Contemporary youth conflict often plays out through social media like Facebook and. Twitter. ..... My sister and her friends, when they get angry at each other, they 'll try to post the most provocative .... Folami: Facebook is fun when there's Facebook drama on somebody's Facebook status. That's like, I don't ...


Reader's Digest - 10 Ways You Can Brag Without Sounding Like a

According to social psychologist Ilan Shrira, comparative boasting is risky because it can disparage others in your company. "There's a big difference between saying you're good vs. saying you're superior to others or put differently —saying that others are worse than you," he writes in Psychology Today. Comparative.