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Policy Brief #20a

Program, and the Russian and. Eurasian Program. DEMOCRACY CHALLENGED: THE RISE OF SEMIAUTHORITARIANISM, Marina Ottaway. Carnegie Endowment, forthcoming January 2003. FUNDING VIRTUE: CIVIL SOCIETY AID AND DEMOCRACY PROMOTION, Marina. Ottaway and Thomas Carothers, editors.


Democracy promotion and civil society

backlash against democracy promotion that targets civil society? My reasons for focusing on civil society strengthening programmes instead of programmes that are aimed at election .... participation subverted republican virtue (Berman. 1997: 417). She contends that .... et. al. 2006: 33–4). US-funded civil society assistance.


Middle Eastern Democracy: Is Civil Society the Answer?

civil society groups with large amounts of funding, training, and technical assistance. Despite civil society's apparent appeal, the United States should proceed cautiously. The reality is that Arab civil society on the whole been has not been a force for democratization. Civil society, as the zone of voluntary associative life ...


Open Networks, Closed Regimes: The Impact of the Internet on

Africa's New Leaders: Democracy or State Reconstruction? Marina Ottaway. Aiding Democracy Abroad: The Learning Curve. Thomas Carothers. Democracy Challenged: The Rise of Semi-Authoritarianism. Marina Ottaway. Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion. Marina Ottaway and Thomas Carothers, ...

Open Networks Closed Regimes.pdf

1. Carothers pp5-21.pmd

Ottaway of Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion. (2000). ... organizations devoted to promoting democracy abroad sprang into being. This new ... undergoing a turgid, often opaque, and rarely very democratic process of political change, as a country in “transition to a democratic, free market society.”4.


Foreign Aid for Promoting Democracy in the Arab World

Jul 8, 2002 ... On the Middle East, see Imco Brouwer, “Weak Democracy and Civil Society Promotion: The Cases of Egypt and Palestine,” in Ottaway and Carothers, editors, . Funding Virtue, pp. 21-48. 3. Amy Hawthorne, “The 'Democracy Dilemma' in the Arab World: How do you promote reform without undermining key ...


Transnational aid for civil society development in post-socialist Europe

Indeed, for most multilateral agencies, philanthropic foundations and national donor organizations the provision of grants to NGOs is the cornerstone of their developmental aid to post-socialist Europe. Such assistance is framed in the language of 'democratic consolidation' and 'civil society development', or increasingly in ...


The Evolution of Western Aid for Palestinian Civil Society: Bypassing

Such literature has reinforced the idea that the promotion of democracy by international actors is a necessity for the region. However, it has been widely assumed that international (i.e. mostly 'western') donors are participating homogenously and in an automatically positive manner in 'funding virtue'1 and that civil society ...


Democracy Promotion: Theory and Practice

Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion. Chapter 11. Access through Cv2. Carothers 2006. Confronting the Weakest Link: Aiding Political Parties in New Democracies. Chapters 4 and 7. Access through Cv2. Carl Gershman 2004. “Democracy promotion: the relationship of political parties and civil society ...


BOOK REVIEWS The taming of democracy assistance, by Sarah

The Taming of Democracy Assistance is Sarah Sunn Bush's ambitious effort to get behind the scenes and into the minds of the ... carry out democracy assistance programmes in foreign countries with donor funds. She theorizes that .... Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion. Washington, DC: Carnegie ...


When and why is civil society support “made-in-America

Sep 18, 2015 ... American donor officials fund American NGOs as a strategy of aiding democracy abroad more in .... the largest donor in American democracy assistance, obligated $261 million to aid civil society in 2011. The. NED obligated .... observation and control by virtue of NGOs' national origins. First, American ...


Promoting Democracy in the Western Balkans after the Global

S. Sampson, 'The Social Life of Projects: Importing Civil Society to Albania', in C. Hann and E. Dunn , K.F.F. Quigley, 'Lofty Goals, Modest Results: Assisting Civil. Society in Eastern Europe', in M. Ottaway and T. Carothers (eds), Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion, Washington, D.C: Carnegie ...


NGO Civil Society Brief - Philippines

civil society briefs. Country context the republic of the Philippines is located in southeast asia, east of viet nam. the Philippine archipelago is made up of more than 7,000 islands located between the Philippine sea and .... assistance, seeing ngos as useful channels for funneling support to ...... Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid.


The Impact of U.S. Democracy and Governance Assistance in Africa

civil society, elections and political processes, and governance sub-sectors of democracy assistance. The challenge of extrapolating conclusions too broadly from one case study is clear. This paper does .... Transit project that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has funded in eastern and central Europe.


The Int'l Dimensions of Democratization Reading Group Spring

Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and. Democracy Promotion. Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Pastor, Robert A. 1993. Integration with Mexico: Options for U.S. Policy. New York: Twentieth Century Fund. Pastor, Robert A. 2001. Exiting the Whirlpool: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Latin America.


the European Endowment for Democracy and Democracy

In June 2012, the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) was established with an aim to address the shortcomings of existing EU programmes and provide direct assistance to opposition forces and civil society groups in both the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood. According to its Statutes, the EED is governed by ...


Democratic solidarity: Rethinking democracy promotion in the New

further argues that the provision of any outside assistance to democratic transitions in the Middle East will need to involve ... toral or monetary assistance to those states (not civil society members) that formally request such ...... Carothers T and Ottaway M (2000) Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion.


Civil society in poverty alleviation:

16 Carnegie Endowment study on Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion: ' Funding Virtue' (Ottaway and Carothers 2000). This study is interesting as was undertaken before the current PRSP processes. The primary focus was US official aid but some aspects of the study also examined European aid. In this regard the ...


Think Again: Civil Society

sources of funding, features that advocacy groups usually lack, especially the scores of new ... Virtual Civil Society? Critics of political scientist Robert Putnam have seized on the rise of the. Internet to rebut his views on the decline of associational life in America. .... aid each year is devoted to democracy promotion . Support ...



ment for International Peace in Washington, D.C. He is the author of many works on democracy promotion, including Aiding Democracy. Abroad: The Learning Curve (1999), and is the coeditor with Marina. Ottaway of Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion. (2000). Journal of Democracy Volume 13 , ...