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Law, State, and Society in Early Imperial. China: A Study with Critical Edition and Translation of the Legal Texts from Zhangjiashan Tomb no. 247. 2 vols. Leiden: Brill. ..... Taiwan de chuantong Zhongguo she hui [Traditional Chinese society in Taiwan]. ...... 2013b. Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937–1945. Boston: ...


Change and Un-change: Bian Zhilin's Struggles in the War Time

ii. Abstract. This thesis analyzes the heterogeneous works of Bian Zhilin (1910- 2000), a famous modern Chinese poet, during 1937-1958, a relatively ... and un- change, to restore the traditional harmony of self. ...... 25 For the progress of the Resistance War, see Rana Mitter, Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937- 1945.


The Making of the Modern Chinese State and China's Quest for

describing and analyzing the origins and evolution of the modern Chinese state, between them they offer valuable vantage points ... Today the Chinese state, led by the Communist Party of China, boasts the world's largest population and second largest ...... Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937-1945. Boston: Houghton.


UC Irvine

Jan 1, 2014 ... 1900–1937. 22. CHAPTER 1: Child Welfare and International Shanghai in Late Qing China. 23. CHAPTER 2: Child Welfare and Chinese Nationalism. 64. PART II: Crisis and ...... 17 M. Colette Plum, “Unlikely Heirs: War Orphans During the Second Sino-Japanese War, 1937–1945” (PhD diss.,. Stanford ...


CHINA 17 This content downloaded from on Fri, 08

CHEN, TSE-CHVAN. The story of Chinese stamps. Free China review 12 (Jan. 1962), 7-12. illus. DRAK.E, F. S. Has Chinese civilization a mission in the modern world? CCul 4, no. 2 (June. 1962), 71-72. KRAMERS, R. P. Changing Chinese identity: from cultural totality to nation among nations. SEAJT 2, no. 4 (Apr. 1961)  ...


A Study of Wang Tao's (1828-1897) Manyou suilu and Fusang youji

Mar 1, 2010 ... Chapter 2 The Legacy of Chinese Foreign Travel and its Late Qing. Context . ..... 1 John King Fairbank ed., The Chinese World Order: Traditional China's Foreign Relations (Mass,. Cambridge: Harvard .... 8 Gong Pengcheng, You de jingshen wenhua shilun遊的精神文化史論 (A Discussion of the Spiritual.


Translating Chinese Poetry from the Second World War

share. Thank you. Finally, I am indebted to Mu Dan, Zhao Ruihong, Zhou Dingyi and Feng Zhi, whose poetry I write about and translate in the pages that follow. ... “The Sound of Bombs—Translating Chinese Poetry from World War II” ... Chinese writers, who lived in Kunming, China during World War II, Mu Dan (1918-1977),.


John Rabe and the Nanking Massacre

Forgotten Holocaust of World War II, in which Chang shares her discovery of ... revisits the Nanking massacre, a national wound for the Chinese, in which over ... 1945). The apologetic tone surrounding the explanation for one's party membership was typical in postwar years. However, Rabe's activism in the Nazi Party is.


Initial Campaign:Strategic Context, Battles and the Influence of

campaign in the Theater of China should be officially recognized as the first campaign of the. 4. Peattie, Mark, Edward J. Drea, and Hans J. van de Ven. The battle for China: essays on the military history of the Sino-Japanese War of 1937- 1945. Stanford Univ Pr, 2010. 27. 5. Mitter, Rana. Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, ...


'JIAN BEI PIAN': LAO SHE'S forgotten wartime EPIC POEM

Abstract. 'Jian bei pian':. Lao She's forgotten wartime epic poem by. Janette Briggs. This thesis is the first English-language critical study of Chinese author Lao She's ...... 34 Li Qingguo, "Kangzhan shiqi Lao She chuangzuo de yi ge cemian." ...... China's World War II, 1937-1945 (Boston: Mariner Books, 2014), pp. 223-224.


Constructing the Chinese: Paleoanthropology and Anthropology in

two scientific disciplines inspired the ways in which the Chinese intellectuals constructed their national identity. The first wave concerns the international quest for human ancestors in North. China and the northwestern frontier in the 1920s and 1930s. Foreign scientists, such as. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Amadeus Grabau, ...


the control of the media in the people's republic of china

1937-1943. 47. Chart 1.3 Organizational Makeup of the CCP PD after 1994. 53. Chart 1.4a-b Media Terminology in English and Chinese. 56. Chart 1.5 Bureaus and ...... World War II. See, for example, the essay on the subject in Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno. Dialektik der Aufklärung: Philosophische Fragmente.


Report Title

Bibliothèque de diffustion, t. 57-59). [Eur]. 1950. Geschichte : China : Allgemein / Sinologie und Asienkunde : Amerika / Sinologie und. Asienkunde : China. Yang ..... Yi jiu ba si. Wang Heyi yi. (Taibei : Han yi jin shi ming zhu jing hua,. 1950). ( Han yi jin shi ming zhu jing hua ; 52). Übersetzung von Orwell, George. Nineteen.

Chronology 1950-1979.pdf

Again New Extra Journal 5

Lost in China? Mainlandisation and Resistance in post-1997 Hong Kong. Carol Jones. 21. Taiwan's Colonial Experiences and the Development of Ethnic ... Nationalists and the Communists on the Chinese Mainland after World War II: ...... as a traditional Chinese arranged marriage in which the bride had no say (Carroll .


The Inferno Tango: Gender Politics and Modern Chinese Poetry

thus, their relationship with the female poets who entered this traditionally male- dominated field. Why Gender? Challenged by the radical changes of the time, Chinese intellectuals since the late. Qing period endeavored to construct new subject positions by envisioning a modernized. China. Besides modern technology ...


Redefining xia: Reality and Fiction in Wang Dulu's Crane-Iron Series

32 Roland Altenburger, The Sword or the Needle: The Female Knight-errant (xia) in Traditional. Chinese ..... Chinese Literature in Shanghai and Peking 1937- 1945 (New York: Cloumbia University Press,. 1980). 79 Due to the ...... Forgotten Holocaust of World War II (London: Penguin, 1998); Takashi Yoshida, The Making of.


Treatment of Human Parasitosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

importance of which is surely still underestimated despite its common and world- wide presence. Düsseldorf, Germany. Heinz Mehlhorn. Guangzhou, China ..... Chapter 2. Treatment Methods of Traditional Chinese. Medicines Against Intestinal Protozoan. Infections. Changling Ma. Abstract Protozoa that parasitize the ...


Making Malaysian Chinese: War Memory, Histories and Identities

Malaya, 1941-1945, in Malaysian History and Historiography” at the Violence and ... China. See: Stephen Leong, “The Malayan Overseas Chinese and the Sino-. Japanese War, 1937-1941,” Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 10, 2 ( 1979): 293-. 320. ..... 45 Wang Gungwu, “Memories of War: World War II in Asia,” 18.



A general at the end of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, he was a prominent ... selected texts from Japan, China, and Taiwan, written between 1700 and the 1960s, with ... 2. Yingxiong); Zhang Ying's 1951 play, Zheng Chenggong, produced in Taiwan; Zhu Xie's .. ' play Zheng Chenggong, published in 1956; and Guo Moruo's ...


"traitors to the chinese race (hanjian)": political and cultural

Sep 4, 2010 ... hanjian emerged during the second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), which in China is ... 3 For instance, see Nicholas Kristof, "Grace Wang and Chinese Nationalism," The New York Times, April ...... 45 Margherita Zanasi, "Globalizing hanjian: The Suzhou Trials and the Post- World War II Discrouse on.