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User Manual

XM42 User Manual. DO NOT DISCARD. The Ion Productions Team, LLC. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS www.xm42.com. 1 of 5. WARNING: READ AND ... Do not handle or untwist/remove butane canister while flame is present. 7. Remove .... Thank you for your purchase, we hope you enjoy owning your own flamethrower!


TM 3-1040-204-14 Flamethrower, Portable, M2A1-7

M2A1W7 portable flamethrower W.“ W W. Gun and hose assembly ., ,W .. TM 3— 1040—204Jl4. N umber. 012. Zgejiaaiaaiiaaajasisassjssja. W W U W W _ . , W W W W W W _ W W W W a _. W W a W W W ._ W . ,. W W W . a W W W W W a W W W WW A . W _ _. W W W W . . WW W W M W W _ W W W .W M A W W W . W W W ...


tm 3-1040-221-12 technical manual operator's and organizational



The Inferno Torch Instruction Manual

Minimum Cylinder Size - 20 lbs. Safety Precautions: Read and understand all warnings and instructions before attempting to operate the equipment. Never permit children to use this torch. Warning: • Flames from this torch can cause serious burn injuries to your skin and body. • Blocking flame at torch head may cause flame.


327 Tempo de Aplicação de Lança-Chamas no Controle de Plantas

(manual and mechanical). Infestation percentage, fresh and dry weight assessments of the remaining weeds in each plot were made. The application of 10 s m-2 for the flamethrower was efficient in controlling weeds in early stage of development and it can be used as an alternative to mechanical and manual weeding, ...


Triple Grill Instructions Manual

burner tube can lead to a fire beneath the appliance. Flame Thrower Ignition: This ignition system works by throwing a flame to the side of the burner to light it. Push any control in and turn anticlockwise to the HIGH position. Hold the control knob in until that burner ignites. You may need to push and turn the knob a few times.



Flame Thrower Ignition. • Manual Flash Tube Ignition. • Easy-Clean Briquette System. • Built-In and Cart Models Available. • Matching Side Burner Available. • Rotisserie Kits Available. • 15,000 BTU Drop-In Sear Burner Available. • 14,000 BTU Cast Stainless Burners Available. Quality you can afford. The Sizzler Series is a ...


Gorky 17 Manual English

In the upper-left corner are three buttons to switch between the three groups. Each character has a separate bag for weapons and healing items but all characters share the group 3 items (Other Items). Here's an example: if one of the party has a key everyone can use it, but if he has a flame thrower no one else can use it.


rules - weapons manual

FLAMETHROWER basic mode: Choose a square 1 move away and possibly a second square. 1 more move away in the same direction. On each square, you may choose 1 target and give it 1 damage. in barbecue mode: Choose 2 squares as above. Deal 2 damage to everyone on the first square and 1 damage to ...



Mar 15, 2016 ... substances always operate this unit according to the use and care manual, ensuring you provide adequate ... A “T” Handle type manual gas valve must be installed in the gas supply line to this ..... then complete the turn where you will hear the click of the flame thrower ignition system to ignite the burner.

BLAZE POWER BURNER Manual revised 6-16-16.pdf

Jackson Grills Premier Series Owner's Manual

Carefully move the flame thrower. (burner ignition) away from the burner head. Undo the 3 screws that hold the burner head to the base plate and carefully move burner head off of the 2 side burner orifices. Remove the 2 orifices from the side burner valve and replace with the new natural gas orifices supplied in the natural  ...



THIS MANUAL APPLIES TO THE FOLLOWING BLAZE GRILLS: Model: BLZ- 3PRO / 3 BURNER. Cutout Dimensions. 10 1/2″H x 32 1/4″W x 23 5/8. /” / ″. BTU Output. 18,000 BTU per Burner x3. Infrared Back Burner 10,000 BTU. Total BTU. 54,000. Primary Ignition. Push N' Turn Flame Thrower. Secondary Ignition.

pro manual revised 6-16-16.pdf

Worms Armageddon manual

FLAME THROWER. Press the SPACEBAR to propel flames from the huge tank on the Worm's back! Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to spray the burning flames in an arc. The flames are subject to wind direction, so you must use caution. The Flame Thrower is a powerful weapon, estimates of its potential damage ...


91899 manual

or across hot torches or work pieces. Fuel Compatibility. LP Gas (Standard Propane). Number of Burners. 3. Hose Working Pressure. 350 PSI. Hose Length. 44”. Gas Bottle Type. Camping Propane Bottle (not included). Bottle Thread Mounting. Standard without Ring Seal (1”-20 TPI). Tips: Flat Flame Tip, Pipe Heating Tip, ...


Turbo STS Manual 030206.qxd

Manual with the consumer after delivery and/or installation. Note to Consumer: Leave this Owner's. Manual in a convenient place for future reference. FOR YOUR SAFETY, IF YOU SMELL GAS : 1. Shut off gas to the appliance. 2. Extinguish any open flame. 3. Open lid. 4. If odor continues, immediately call your gas supplier.


Anarchists Cookbook v2000

48.Ripping off Change Machines. 49.Clear Box Plans. 50.CNA Number Listing. 51.Electronic Terrorism. 52.Start a Conf. w/o 2600hz or MF. 53.Dynamite. 54.Auto Exhaust Flame Thrower. 55.How to Break into BBs Express. 56.Firebomb. 57. Fuse Bomb. 58.Generic Bomb. 59.Green Box Plans. 60.Portable Grenade Launcher.


staff officers' field manual organization, technical and logistical data

FM 101-10, Staff Officers' Field Manual-Organization, Technical, and Logistical Data, consists of three parts published as separate volumes. Part I -Unclassified Data. Part II -Extracts of Tables of Organization and Equipment. Part III-Classified Data (under preparation). PART I. This volume is for use as a planning guide only .


DX 959

Printed In Malaysia. AT0949011A. MIC980508. DX 959. SOLID STATE CITIZENS BAND. AM/SSB MOBILE TRANSCEIVER. OWNER'S MANUAL. Page 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2. Installation. Location . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3. Mounting The Radio .


Manual for AX-MX-43

MX-43 Instruction Manual. Temperature Calibrator for Moisture. Analyzer MX-50. 1. Safety Information. Information. It recommends that you read the safety and operation instructions before using the thermometer. Repair: Do not disassemble the instrument to avoid damage and fire. Troubleshooting: Contact the local A&D  ...


OPERATORTS MANUAL Single-Stage Snow Thrower

May 5, 2011 ... WARNING. READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS MANUAL .... where there is an open flame, spark or pilot light. (e.g. furnace .... One Snow Thrower. •. One 20 oz. Bottle 5W-30 Oil. •. Two Ignition Keys. •. One Chute Assembly. •. One Snow Thrower Operator's Manual •.