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National Maritime Center

Jun 28, 2016 ... An acceptable method of temporarily sealing a crack formed in the hull of a vessel is to ______. o (A) drill holes at each .... When checking the level of a volatile liquid in a tank on the weather deck of a tank vessel, you ..... Adapted for testing purposes only from Fire Fighting Manual for Tank Vessels. CG-329.


Advanced Fire Fighting at Sea

The fire fighting principle is based on disturbing the fire process. This is possible by breaking down one of ..... BLEVE. Fires in which tanks or vessels are involved can when pressure valves are damaged be exremely .... guide but, because of the possible tiredness, the intensity of the action and the possible contact with high ...

Manual Advanced Fire Fighting at Sea 0115.pdf


May 26, 1981 ... This booklet outlines Coast Guard views and policies for the transportation of liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas by water. 4. CG-329, Fire Fighting Manual for Tank Vessels, U.S. Coast Guard, 1974. This manual is intended to help seagoing personnel to familiarize themselves with the nature ...



Explain the various systems and equipment used for aircraft firefighting on board ships and shore activities. ..... An AFFF station consists of a 600-gallon AFFF concentrate tank, a single-speed injection pump or a two-speed ..... and NATOPS , U.S. Navy Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Manual, NAVAIR 00-80R-14, Chapter 2.


nff water mist solutions

The Novenco Fire Fighting (NFF) water mist system gives you the opportunity to integrate local ... The NFF water mist system uses water from the vessel's freshwater tank, with a backup connection for seawater. ... objects through local fire fighting systems. The system activation for a section is done manually from release ...


(VI-3-4) Guidelines for Equipment on Fire Fighting Ships

ships for fire fighting and rescue work on offshore installations, harbour facilities and ships. 1.2. The range of ... guishing equipment required by these Guide- lines and giving details of type and performance of pumps ... location of the foam concentrate storage tanks. 3.2.3 For FF3. – details of the type and performance of the ...


DNV Ship rules Pt.6 Ch.4 - Additional Fire Protection (F-AMC)

consultancy services relating to quality of ships, offshore units and installations, and onshore industries worldwide, and ... Rules for Ships, January 2011 ...... C 100 Manuals. 101 Manuals for the fire fighting, fire detection and alarm systems shall be kept in one place (for example: the wheelhouse or engine control room,  ...



Oct 1, 2014 ... are key references on the Coast Guard's (USCG) role in marine fire fighting: • Marine Safety Manual, Volume VI, Chapter 8, Coast Guard Fire Fighting Activities . • NFPA 1405, A Guide for Land-Based Fire Fighters Who Response To Marine Vessel. Fires. The San Diego Harbor Police Department responds ...


DNV Ship rules Pt.5 Ch.7 - Tugs, Supply Vessels and Other Offshore

CLASSIFICATION OF. DET NORSKE VERITAS. Veritasveien 1, NO-1322 Høvik, Norway Tel.: +47 67 57 99 00 Fax: +47 67 57 99 11. SHIPS. NEWBUILDINGS. SPECIAL SERVICE AND TYPE ..... C. Protection of the Vessel against External. Heat Radiation (Class Notation Fire Fighter I) ............... 17. C 100. Passive fire ...


Fire Manual

Emergency Diesel Generator: The fuel oil suction valve from the fuel oil tank located in the emergency diesel room can be shut off from outside the space. 21.4 FIXED FIREFIGHTING SYSTEMS. 21.4.1 Firemain, Fire Pumps, and Fire Stations: The firemain system is the ship's first line of defense against fire. It is required no ...

TSGB Fire Manual.pdf

Storage Tank Fires:

have storage tanks in their districts that firefighters have never ... Describe proper response/extinguishment techniques storage tank Fires: Is Your Department Prepared? (1) A storage tank full surface fire at a petroleum storage facil- ity. ( Photos ..... the method of extinguishing tanks fires in manual op- erations, using portable ...


Annex P – Marine Firefighting, Vessel Salvage & Lightering

ANNEX P: MARINE FIREFIGHTING, VESSEL SALVAGE &. LIGHTERING. This document is an On Scene Coordinator's (OSC) guide to marine firefighting, salvage and lightering operations. This document is designed to work in concert with the Incident Command System. Operational Period Planning Cycle and should be ...

Annex P (Jan 10).pdf

Estimating Fire Protection Water Demands For Chemical Plants

In an explosion resulting from a building, vessel or vapor cloud, manual fire fighting is essential especially in areas where the fixed protection systems have been damaged. Hydrants and monitors located in the vicinity of the explosion center may be sheared off. Large amounts of fire water may be wasted if wet barrel ...


Maintenance and Inspection for Fire Fighting Appliances and

the maintenance of fixed and portable firefighting equipment carried in ships in compliance with. SOLAS. ... maintenance, servicing and testing of fire-fighting equipment in Antigua and Barbuda ships will be in accordance with the .... the manually operated storage tank main service valve is secured in the open position; and.


Foam Concentrates and Solutions

concerning level of cleaning and for proper disposal of old foam concentrate and rinse water. Procedure: 1. Isolate the foam agent tank from the firefighting system. Follow appropriate instructions and/or manuals related to the specific system. 2. Relieve pressure from any pressure vessel through the shell vent valve on the ...


A Master's Guide to Ship's Piping - 2nd Edition

a product tanker was gravity ballasting into a segregated tank. The ballast line passed through a cargo tank. When ballast stopped flowing, a corrosion hole in ..... Mild steel piping fitted with hydrants for hoses where saltwater is used for manual firefighting. The fire main is designed for a typical working pressure of 10 bar.



The purpose of this publication is to provide those serving on ships carrying liquefied gases in bulk with up-to-date information on ... This is a revision of the first edition of the ICS Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas) and is intended to be a companion to the ICS Tanker .... 2.16 Fire-fighting and fire protection equipment . 14.


Fire Safety Analysis Manual for LP-Gas Storage Facilities

This Manual is dedicated to Jim Hurley of Eastern Propane Gas, Inc located in ... of the Fire Service. We wish to thank Mr. David Stainbrook of Rego/ECII for supplying us with the valve line art used in the sample configurations in Chapter 5; Mr. James Griffin of ..... Head shields to reinforce the pressure vessel on the railcar.


Firefighting Aircraft

Firefighting Aircraft. Recognition Guide. CAL FIRE Aircraft Contact Frequency 122.925. CDF Air to Ground 151.2200 www.fire.ca.gov ..... dispensing tanks. Over 8 P2Vs are currently employed in aerial firefighting roles by operators such as Aero Union and Neptune Aviation Services. Cruise Speed: Gallon. Capacity:.


Engineering Examination Branch Reference Library

United States Coast Guard Publications. A Manual for Safe Handling of Flammable Liquids – CG 174. Chemical Data Guide for Bulk Shipment by Water - M16616.6. Firefighting Manual for Tank Vessels - CG 329. United States Navy Publications. Electricity - NAVPERS 10086-A. Basic Electronics Vol 1 - NAVPERS 10087-C.

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