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fiberoptic endoscope is the most valuable single tool available for the anaesthesiologist to manage the difficult airway.1. Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy is very useful for the anaesthesiologist in the management of difficult tracheal intubations, evaluation of the upper airway, verification of endotracheal tube placement ...


Stanford Advanced Airway Management and Fiberoptic Course

Sep 9, 2017 ... COURSE HIGHLIGHTS. • Over 30 evidence-based lectures, reviews, and case discussions. • 12 state-of-the-art difficult airway stations, including airway ultrasound and surgical cricothyrotomy. • Integrated, 6 station fiberoptic intubation course , including preoperative endoscopic airway examination (PEAE).


The Difficult Airway in Head and Neck Tumor Surgery Niels F

endoscopy under general anesthesia, including direct laryngoscopy, esophagoscopy, and .... Awake fiberoptic intubation was an acceptable alternative. It was not necessary in this case, as the airway evaluation predicted. As the above case underlines, ... an awake fiberoptic intubation was performed without difficulty.


Flexible Fiberoptic Endoscopy for Airway Problems in a Pediatric

Flexible Fiberoptic Endoscopy for Airway. Problems ... We used 8exible 6beroptic endoscopy to evaluate 87 patients ... cally ill pediatric patients in whom evaluation of the airway in the operating room under general anesthesia would have been difficult. diazepam (0.1mglkg)(or both) was given only when it was considered.



Use of the fiberoptic bronchoscope in anesthesiology has dramati- cally increased since its introduction in the 1960s. The fiberoptic bron- choscope is now an indispensable tool used in many clinical airway scenarios. It has proven to be especially useful in securing the difficult or compromised airway and managing the ...


a new aid to routine and difficult tracheal intubation

Video-intuboscopy: a new aid to routine and difficult tracheal intubation. M. WEISS. Summary. Video-intuboscopy gives a video display of the view from the tip of the .... video-endoscopy. Intuboscopy. Intuboscopic-guided intubation was first described by Murphy in 1967.10 He used a fibreoptic choledo- scope in a nasally ...


The Difficult Airway Ed George, MD, PhD Kenneth L. Haspel, MD

The Difficult Airway. Ed George, MD, PhD. Kenneth L. Haspel, MD. One of the most serious challenges in the care of patients is that presented by the difficult airway. ... A difficult airway may be anticipated by review of the patient's old records, when ..... a fiberoptic scope permits ventilation while the endoscopy is performed.


Fiberoptic Intubation: An Overview and Update

Evidence is presented comparing FOI to other techniques with regard to difficult airway .... Awake intubation is recommended for patients who are at high risk for difficult mask ventilation, particularly those who may be at an elevated risk for aspiration ...... Ovassapian A. Fiberoptic endoscopy and the difficult airway, 2nd.


5 Fiberoptic techniques

fiberoptic laryngoscopy; fiberoptic intubation; difficult airway; emergency airway; awake intubation; topical anesthesia; intubating laryngeal mask airway; endoscopy mask; swivel adaptor; fiberscope; video-fiberscope. Fiberoptic intubation is among the most versatile techniques for managing both the anticipated and the ...


Modern Airway Management

make laryngoscopy difficult. Awake fiberoptic intubation remains the gold standard in the expected difficult airway. ... KARL STORZ video laryngoscopes enhanced visualization in expected difficult intubation.3. 2 KAPLAN MB et al. ..... 11301 BNXK Flexible Intubation Video Endoscope Set 5.5 x 65,. CMOS technology, with ...


A comparison of direct laryngoscopy and jaw thrust to aid fibreoptic

fibreoptic intubation*. M. R. Stacey,1 S. Rassam,2 R. Sivasankar,2 J. E. Hall3 and I. P. Latto1. 1 Consultant Anaesthetist, 2 Airway Research Associate and 3 Senior ... We compared two manoeuvres, jaw thrust and laryngoscopy, to open the airway during fibreoptic ..... 2 Ovasappian A. Fiberoptic Endoscopy and the Difficult.


Difficult Airway Intubation with Flexible Bronchoscope

Apr 22, 2012 ... Method: We reviewed the medical records of patients diagnosed with difficult airway who underwent flexible ... MD, Assistant Physician, Division of Respiratory Endoscopy, Hospital das Clínicas,. Universidade de São ..... Murphy P - A fiber- optic endoscope used for nasal intubation. Anaesthesia. 1967 ...


Tracheal intubation with King Vision in a patient with oral opening

tracheal intubation in a patient with multiple predictors of difficult airway2. Case report: Patient with cavum ... Patients with impaired mouth opening can usually be intubated by fiberoptic endoscopy. ... SWIVIT--Swiss video-intubation trial evaluating video-laryngoscopes in a simulated difficult airway scenario: study protocol ...


Murphy P. A fibreoptic endoscope used for nasal intubation

the flexible bronchoscope did result in further publica- tions [8, 9], although it was a decade or more until the advantages of a flexible endoscope for difficult intubations became established [10–13]. The first textbook on fibreoptic intubation did not appear until 1990 [14]. The first dedicated flexible fibreoptic laryngoscope was.


Flexible Fiberoptic Endoscopy in Difficult Intubations

FLEXIBLE FIBEROPTIC ENDOSCOPY IN DIFFICULT INTUBATIONS. ENJE TH. EDENS, MD. ROBERTO L. SIA, MD. GRONINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS. Intubation problems sometimes occur very suddenly and can be divided into two groups. The expected ones include the patients with a short neck and long teeth,  ...


A simple approach to facilitating fiberoptic intubation in the difficult

lized methods to access the difficult airway, but this approach presents a number of challenges as well. These include the presence of blood and secretions in the nasal and pharyngeal airways, edema from transoral attempts, or anatomic distortion from radiation and prior surgery, all of which obscure the endoscopic view.


Clinical application of a novel endoscopic mask: a randomized

management of predicted difficult airway. Hypoxia during awake nasal fiberoptic bronchoscopic intubation leads to discontinuation of the procedure, prolonged manipulation time and increased risk of severe complications. The main aim of the study was to test whether the novel endoscopic mask is helpful for hypoxia ...


Simulator Training Improves Fiber-optic Intubation Proficiency

pediatric difficult airway cases was observed before and after a short computer- based tutorial and. 10 minutes of self-directed practice. The primary outcome was the total time required to place the endo- tracheal tube (ETT), secondary outcomes included the number of endoscope collisions with mucosa, and a calculated ...


Difficult pediatric airway management using the intubating laryngeal

Keywords: Difficult airway. Intubating laryngeal airway. Air-Q. Fiberoptic intubation. Pediatric airway evaluation. Bronchoscopy. Micrognathia. A B S T R A C T. Objective: .... Endoscopic grading of the airway [10] revealed that with the ILA a majority (37/41, 90.2%) of difficult airways achieved a grade 1 or. 2 endoscopic view.

air q difficult airway ENT algorithm-1.pdf

The difficult airway in obstetric anesthesia: Techniques for airway

intubation of a parturient with a difficult airway are re- viewed. The role of regional anesthesia in this setting is discussed. The most appropriute methods for intubation of the obstetric patient are direct laryngoscopy, the lighted stylet, and fiberoptic endoscopy. Availabk data suggest that re- gional anesthesia, specifically ...