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Vladimir Putin and the Rule of Law in Russia

May 8, 2008 ... Collapse did not result in widespread or lasting anarchy, violence, or substantial civil unrest.20 One flag was lowered and another was raised. Laws continued to be passed with the same feverish. (reviewing JEFFREY KAHN, FEDERALISM, DEMOCRATIZATION AND THE RULE OF LAW IN RUSSIA.


Federalism and Electoral Authoritarianism under Putin

May 3, 2002 ... Key words: democratization, electoral authoritarianism, federalism n December 1993, Russia ratified its first postcommunist constitution that, in. Article 1, proclaimed that it was “a democratic federative rule of law state with a republican form of government.” However, there are now major concerns about.


The Role of Asymmetrical Federalism in Ethnic-Territorial Conflicts

Empirical Analysis: the case of the Russian Federation ... democracy. Democratization as a context of ethnic conflicts in a federal state is important for analysis. The relationship between conflict and democratization resembles ...... sotsialisticheskoe pravovoe gosudarstvo, a socialist rule-of-law state which implied the radical.


The New Federalism and the Paradoxes of Regional Sovereignty in

Feb 20, 2004 ... predominantly Russian regions challenged the center on revenue collection, erected barriers to interregional ... regional laws/constitutions conform to those at the federal level.4 Within a year, a number of Yeltsin-era decrees ...... 36 Jeffrey Kahn, Federalism, Democratization and the Rule of Law in Russia.


Course Syllabus Title of the course Contemporary Russian politics

May 2, 2017 ... Communism. Cambridge University Press. Ch. 4, pp. 112-155. Kahn, Jeffrey. 2002. Federalism, Democratization, and the Rule of Law in Russia. Oxford. University Press. Ch. 8, pp. 234-278. 7 How strong is the state? Corruption, bureaucracy and state building in Russia. Russia's surprisingly weak state.


www.ssoar.info Federalism and democratisation in Russia

and the degree to which the rule of law extends over the country's geo- graphic and social terrain'.21 Thus, O'Donnell argues that two further con- ditions must be met before a country can be considered democratic: '1) elected officials should not be arbitrarily terminated before the end of their constitutionally mandated terms ...


Asymmetrical Federalism in Ethnic-Territorial Conflicts

Obydenkova, Anastassia, “Institutional Tools of Conflict Management - Asymmetrical Federalism in Ethnic-. Territorial Conflicts: Quantitative Analysis of Russian Regions”, Peace, Conflict and Development: An. Interdisciplinary Journal ...... (2002). Federalism, Democratization, and the rule of law in Russia. Oxford: Oxford.



THE LEGISLATIVE BODIES IN THE LAW - MAKING PROCESS. I.Bogdanovskaia . 1. Law-making in a constitutional state. ▫ Law-making and separation of powers. ▫ Law-making process and democracy. ▫ Law-making and rule-of-law state. ▫ Law -making and the social state. ▫ Law-making and federalism. 2. Pre-legislative ...



Jeffrey Kahn, “The Federal Reforms of Vladimir Putin,” in Kahn, Federalism, Democratization, and the. Rule of Law in Russia. Elena Chebankova, Putin's Reforms and the Management of the Regions; J. Paul Goode, The Decline of. Regionalism in Putin's Russia: Boundary Issues; “Russian Regional Politics under Putin and ...


Can the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Lead the

Mar 5, 2016 ... Constitutional Court may enable us to formulate prospects about the future of Russia as it struggles to reform itself into a modem democracy. Under democracy , Americans have relied on the rule of law to protect them from excessive and illegal government intrusion into their lives. The rule of law ensures ...



Hopkins University Press, 2004); Rebecca Bill Chavez, “The Construction of the Rule of Law in. Argentina: A Tale of Two Provinces,” Comparative Politics 35 ( July 2003); Vladimir Gel'man and Tomila. Lankina, “Authoritarian Versus Democratic Diffusions: Explaining Institutional Choices in Russia's Local. Government ...


Determinants of Democracy The Harvard community has made this

An expansion of political freedom—more democracy—has oppos- ing effects on economic ... rience democracy. A common view since Lipset's (1959) research is that prosperity stimulates democracy; this idea is often called the. Lipset hypothesis. .... maintenance of the rule of law, which is used in the subsequent anal- ysis.


Understanding Electoral Frauds through Evolution of Russian

Russian Federalism: from "Bargaining Loyalty" to "Signaling Loyalty". Kirill Kalinini, Walter R. Mebane, Jr. ... Key words: elections, electoral frauds, Russia, turnout, signaling, bargaining, governors i Ph.D. student, Department of ...... Federalism, Democratization, and the Rule of Law in Russia. Oxford: Oxford University Press.



law in Russia and in particular, the enforcement of the country's formal written rules. Did, for instance ... Russian space meets western business practices. 20. Nordlit 39, 2017 here as a threat of imposing sanctions without necessarily implementing them. Law ...... Federalism, Democratization and the Rule of Law in Russia.


Federalism and Political Recentralization in the Russian Federation

May 25, 2006 ... This article analyzes trends in Russian federalism by examining the rise of United Russia as a party of power. For the first ... federation, thereby affecting the nature of contemporary federalism in Russia. In using the term ''party of ...... Federalism, democratization, and the rule of law in Russia. Oxford: Oxford.


Understanding the Multinational Game: Toward a Theory of

Multinational Game: Toward a Theory of Asymmetrical. Federalism. Christina Isabel Zuber1. Abstract. This article presents a baseline theory of asymmetrical federalism in multinational states. ... the development of Russian federalism exemplifies the theory. ...... Federalism, democratization, and the rule of law in Russia.


Boris Nemtsov and the reproduction of the regional intelligentsia

Available at: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/2015/03/02/russian-citizens-owe-it- to-boris-nemtsov-to-keep-the- ... Soviet hyper-federalist Russia of the early years of the Boris Yel'tsin presidency, sub- national regions quickly emerged as powerful ...... Federalism, Democratization, and the Rule of Law in Russia. Oxford :.

__lse.ac.uk_storage_LIBRARY_Secondary_libfile_shared_repository_Content_Lankina, T_Boris Nemtsov and the Reproduction of Regional Intelligentsia_Lankina_Boris_Nemtsov_and_the_Reproduction.pdf

Veto Players and the Rule of Law in Emerging

The authors investigate the relationship between constitutional design and the rule of law in emerging democracies. The authors ... When majorities fail: The Russian Parliament, 1990-1993. New York: ... The role of constitutional courts in the establishment and maintenance of democratic systems of government. Law ...


the rule of law as a practical concept

Mar 2, 2012 ... These reports were presented at the Conference on “The Rule of Law as a practical concept” organised at. Lancaster House, London (U.K.), on 2 March 2012 by the European Commission for Democracy through Law. (Venice Commission) in co-operation with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the ...


American Efforts at Promoting Regime Change in the Soviet Union

appear on CDDRL's website: http://cddrl.stanford.edu. Center on Democracy, Development, and The Rule of Law. Stanford Institute of International Studies ... and implementation of policies to foster growth, democracy, and the rule of law. ... with different electoral laws, legal practices or federalism, which provides Russian.