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1 © William Hackborn The Science of Ballistics: Mathematics

primarily exterior ballistics, the branch most indebted to mathematics. Exterior ballistics is founded on the physics of a projectile as it moves through air. In. Aristotle's physics, motion is of two types: .... parabolic trajectory), new methods ( e.g. for the calculation of the range when a shot is fired uphill), and new expressions (e.g. ...


Earth--Mars Transfers with Ballistic Capture

Oct 27, 2014 ... Abstract. We construct a new type of transfer from the Earth to Mars, which ends in ballistic capture. This results in a substantial savings in capture ∆v from that ... are called exterior transfers since they first go beyond the orbit of the Moon. ... methodology and steps that we will use to find these new transfers.

Earth Mars Transfers with Ballistic Capture_ arxiv14108856v1.pdf


Moulton F. R. (1926) New Methods in Exterior Ballistics. University of Chicago. Press. Muir P. H. and Beame P. W. (1989) A note on error expressions for reflected and averaged implicit Runge–Kutta methods. BIT, 29, 126–139. Nordsieck A. (1962) On numerical integration of ordinary differential equations. Math. Comp., 16 ...


Connect with Industry | Government | Academia

Sep 11, 2017 ... methods in all areas of ballistics. The Society .... Exterior ballistics implementation within NATO: overview of relevant STANAGs and NATO Armaments ..... Chaired by Frederick Rickert and Meir Mayseless. 08:00. 862 - Research On The Damage Diagnosis For Rails With A New 3D Scanning. Method.


Example 3: From Ballistics to Differential Equations

The main problem of exterior ballistics is to determine the trajectory of a projectile launched from a cannon with a given angle and a given velocity. The differential ... Prussian officer, publishes new tables in Berlin ..... analytically and thus favored the creation of new numerical algorithms such as Adams-Moulton methods.


The United States' European Phased Adaptive Approach Missile

Nov 7, 2014 ... The European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) missile defense system was initiated by the Barack Obama ... New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty was signed in 2010, Russia refused to engage in further nuclear arms .... Defending Against Depressed Trajectory Shahab-3 Targeting Incirlik, Turkey .


a probabilistic technique for the assessment of complex dynamic

nal committee member, for his real world, technical perspective on my dissertation problem, and for conveying ...... 124 Mission Capability and System Health trajectory for a single mission and threat scenario. .... Conceptually, resilience engineering brings new perspectives on the understanding of system safety, accidents,.


Velocity Measuring Approaches for the Determination of Ballistic

Department of Mechanical Engineering, The City College of New York,. Convent Avenue ... approaches for the determination of ballistic limits of GLARE 5 fiber- metal laminate plates and to investigate the effects of .... as the study of the transition from internal to external ballistics occurred in the vicinity of the gun muzzle [21].


numerical and experimental investigation of perforation of st-37 steel

In this thesis, it is aimed to determine the ballistic limit thicknesses of ST-37 steel plates under oblique impact ... experimental and numerical methods. In experimental ...... In literature, ballistics is divided into three main types as follows [2, 3]:. 1. Interior (Internal) Ballistics. 2. Exterior (External) Ballistics. 3. Terminal Ballistics.


Aerodynamic and Flight Dynamic Characteristics of 5.56-mm

This report is focused on the M855 round, one of the most commonly used ammunitions for the M4 and M16A2 weapons. The aerodynamic characterization of the M855 round was accomplished at muzzle velocity as well as simulated downrange velocities out to 600 m. The resulting aerodynamic data will be used to update ...



weight at high temperature (Krier and Summerfield, 1979). Therefore, decreasing the molecular weight of the gas in the chamber is a significant method to achieve a higher muzzle velocity in the advanced gun technology research based on chemical energy propulsion. A new species of tube weapon called the combustion ...


Analysis of Effect of Ballistic Coefficient in the Formulations and

Abstract. In one dimensional vertical motion in the case of tracking a target, many types of filters included Kalman varieties have been used so far. This paper is presenting a new approach of inverse ballistic coefficient included in the target state vector for reducing the convergence time. For analysis, estimation of object's ...


The Berger Bullet Difference

I say, a good bullet for a paper or steel match -» may be a great bullet for shooting competitions, but that doesn't mean it will work weil for hunting. Iwouid rath- er have one that shoots 1 MOA and has great terminal performance than a buliet that shoots half-MOA and goes straight through without expansion. The quest.


Aerodynamic Drag Modeling for Ballistics

The data and methods used to account for aerodynamic drag can make or break a long range shot. ... All of external ballistics is based on how much velocity the bullet loses as it flies thru the air. The amount of: .... natural reluctance of people to change and adopt a new paradigm even though it's better. But even if people ...


Getting to the point: Evolutionary change in prehistoric weaponry

A major difficulty in testing this model is, identifying the functional variables that characterize different weaponry. The evolution of prehistoric weaponry is reexamined here from an evolutionary perspective where projectile points are considered part of the complete weapon system and variation within that system is identified.



trajectory computations, or (2) find a new standard bullet which is a more appropriate model for the actual bullet. Both approaches have been used through the years. In our own work we have found that the first approach works very well, mainly because it is easy to measure ballistic coefficients of bullets in flight with simple ...


The social construction of technological systems: New directions in

New Directions in the. Sociology and. History of Technology edited by. The Social. Construction of Technological. Systems. Wiebe E. Bijker,. Thomas P. Hughes, and Trevor .... pursue this new approach-a sociology of technology. Two months ..... the external, if these would have prevented the search for solutions wherever ...


1 © William Hackborn The Science of Ballistics: Mathematics

primarily exterior ballistics, the branch most indebted to mathematics. Exterior ballistics is founded on the physics of a projectile as it moves through air. In. Aristotle's physics, motion is of two types: .... parabolic trajectory), new methods ( e.g. for the calculation of the range when a shot is fired uphill), and new expressions (e.g. ...


From three-photon GHZ states to ballistic universal quantum

Jul 16, 2015 ... to provide a new approach to scalable ballistic LOQC with significant .... state, all the qubits in the exterior are equivalent, however in the cases where .... ballistic generation. To implement this scheme with only 3-photon GHZ as re- sources we have proposed a boosted fusion mechanism based on [13] and ...


Why Obama is Right on Missile Defense--What's Next?

efforts to defend itself and its allies against ballistic missile attack under a new approach utilizing proven, available, and affordable technologies that would address the immediate short- and medium-range missile threats from. Iran, namely SM-3 missiles aboard Aegis ships and, later, ground based missiles. In anticipation of ...