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SAEON Fynbos Node Science Plan: 2016 – 2018

all threatened plant species in South Africa occur in the Western Cape (see boxes 1 and 2), 96% of which are ... interaction of the ocean currents create a spatial gradient in rainfall seasonality from strongly winter .... Exploring understudied aspects of fynbos ecology and abiotic phenomena that have potential to affect or ...

SAEON Fynbos Node Science Plan July2016.pdf

a global biodiversity hotspot

date. In this book, authors specializing in different fields of research take us on a journey from Kwongan's geological origin, to modern interactions between plants , soils, and animals (including humans), exploring fundamental links between biodiversity and ecosystem services. Although largely unknown outside of Australia, ...


Intensifying postfire weather and biological invasion drive species

May 2, 2017 ... strate an important interaction between extreme weather and disturbance by fire that may ... Fynbos plant species use strategies to persist or ..... Estimates of the regression coefficients from generalized linear models exploring the drivers of change in perennial species numbers within plots for the full study ...



The results show that the spatial simulation model places greater emphasis on interactions .... based simulation models have explored the importance ...... mountain fynbos. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany. Richardson, D. M., I. A. W., Macdonald, and G. G. Forsyth. 1989. Reductions in plant species richness under stands ...


Thirty years of change in the fynbos vegetation of the Cape of Good

were used to examine the role of post-fire age. fire frequency and intensity, as well as biotic interactions (competition from overstorey proteoids and alien plants ) in influencing vegetation composition over this time period. The mean similarity in ... sity in contributing to the high species diversity in fynbos systems. CONTENTS.


Plant-soil interactions in global biodiversity hotspots

May 18, 2016 ... This Special Issue explores plant-soil interactions in global biodiversity hotspots and highlights the ... hotspots with >3000 plant species per 10,000 km2 (Mutke and Barthlott 2005; Barthlott et al. 2007). ... are extremely species-rich: the South African. Cape (fynbos), California (chaparral) in the United States,.


Novel ecosystems: theoretical and management aspects of the new

We explore the issues relevant to those types of ecosystems containing new combinations of species that .... invade and transform the species-rich fire-prone fynbos shrub- lands in South Africa's Cape Floristic Region ... such as plant– animal interactions, microbial communities breaking down organic matter in soils, and the ...


Species Interactions, Local and Regional Processes, and Limits to

Journal of Animal. Ecology 1992,. 61, 1-12. REVIEW. Species interactions, local and regional processes, and limits to the richness of ecological communities: a theoretical perspective .... diversity such as the fynbos heath-flora of Southern. Africa (Kruger ..... pool exhaustion were explored as possible expla- nations, but they ...


South African Country Study on Climate Change

Dec 1, 1999 ... of South African biomes and selected key plant species, and to quantify and assess threats to current centres of .... interactions. Paleobiogeographic patterns in Succulent Karoo and Fynbos biomes. It is useful to explore vegetation change in the past to gauge the potential impact of climate change in the ...


Geographical covariation and local convergence of flower depth in a

Oct 23, 2008 ... an ANCOVA without the interaction term. The statistical package spss (release 16.0; SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA) was used throughout. As a further test of fine- scale guild convergence among plant species, we used regression to explore the relationship between the flower tube length of the most common ...


Fynbos Proteaceae as model organisms for biodiversity research

biome's exceptional plant diversity.2 Proteaceae dominate the overstorey of fynbos vegetation, play a key role for ... value generated by the fynbos wildflower industry4 and serve as flagship species for conservation. The key role of ... group's extraordinary diversity; and interactions between Proteaceae and other organisms.


Ecology and management of alien plant invasions in South African

This study sought to develop a robust conceptual framework for effective management of the most important invasive alien plant (IAP) species. Two methods were ... Ecology and management of alien plant invasions in South African fynbos: Accommodating key complexities in objective decision making. Article · August ...


Nectar distribution and nectarivorous bird foraging behaviour at

While foraging strategies of animals may be shaped by the distribution of their food resources, these strategies in turn also affect the ecology and ... plant species relative to the number of pollinating bird species. Chapter 2 describes how I .... skills to little details of the fascinating fynbos. It was an honour to work with you.


Exploring the Phylogenetic Structure of Ecological Communities: An

interacting organisms can be used to investigate the contemporary ... Instead, species are usually treated as equivalent units, with independent func- tional traits (e.g., Diamond and Case 1986; Roughgarden. 1989; Webb and Peart 1999; Weiher and Keddy 1999; .... example of such a trait might be plant secondary chem-.



A restoration field trial was designed to investigate herbaceous weed control and Sand Fynbos plant establishment on a fallow field at ... weed cover and the interaction between weed cover and shrub establishment. ... herbicide treatment be used to control herbaceous weeds prior to the re-introduction of fynbos species.


Fire variability, as well as frequency, can explain coexistence

(i.e. obligate resprouting vs. obligate seeding) common among Mediterranean plant species and use simulations to explore the inter-relationship between variability in the time between fires and the coexistence of species. 3. ... attempts to protect the rare fynbos shrub Orothamnus zey- heri by suppressing fires resulted in ...


Vegetation responses to season of fire in an aseasonal, fire-prone

Aug 10, 2017 ... among planting seasons, sites and species, significant interactions occurred among the experimental ... rich fynbos shrublands (Myers et al., 2000) of the Cape Floral Kingdom (CFK), South Africa. (Kruger & Bigalke ... fire plant density ( Bond, Vlok & Viviers, 1984; Le Maitre, 1988; Cowling & Gxaba, 1990),.


Species richness of alien plants in South Africa: Environmental

Abstract: This study explores the correlates of alien plant species richness in South Africa at the scale of quarter-degree squares (QDS; ª 25 ¥ 27 km; ... Les résultats révèlent une interaction entre les caractéristiques naturelles et les variables ... the region; by far the most work has been in the fynbos biome. The substantial ...


Robberg Nature Reserve Brochure

similar to that of other rocky headlands on this coastline and it presents a fine example of how plants and animals adapt to the interacting influences of land and sea. www.capenature.co. ... Montane fynbos adapted to harsh coastal conditions. Plants here are adapted to 'pruning' by wind-driven salt spray, shallow soils and a ...


Freshman Seminar Proposal October 2010 The Hedgehog and the

ideal place to explore those interactions because it is a microcosm of the world, from the perspectives of climatologists ... unusual plants around Cape Town appeared around 3 million years ago. Our species arrived later, during the upheavals of the Ice Ages. We struggled at first, and then, in a rare geological moment of ...