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Dynamic Fracture of Conventional Endodontic Instruments versus

Dynamic Fracture of Conventional Endodontic. Instruments versus Experimental Files. J. F. Roulet, DDS. It is important to know under which conditions en- dodontic instruments may fracture. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of steri- lization procedures and instrument size and type on the fracture of ...


The Role of the Blood Clot in Endodontic Therapy an Experimental

It was decided to study how the periodontal tissue would react if the entire pulp was removed froiii the main canal and the apical part subsequently allowed to fill with blood. The aim was primarily to see if the results would have any significance in clinical endodontics. At the same time one might expect that an experimental ...


Cytotoxicity Profile of Endodontic Sealers Provided by 3D Cell

Cytotoxicity Profile of Endodontic. Sealers Provided by 3D Cell. Culture Experimental Model. Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal Silva¹, Nancy Kudsi de Carvalho¹, Carina. Taboada Ronconi¹,Gustavo De-Deus¹, Mario Luis Zuolo², Alexandre Augusto. Zaia². ¹Department of Endodontics, Health. Sciences Center, UNIGRANRIO.


Mineral trioxide aggregate - a new experimental material for

Mineral trioxide aggregate - a new experimental material for retrograde filling. Sealing ability of amalgam super EBAcement and MTA when used as retrograde filling materials by J. Aqrabawi 2000;188:266-268. J Nicholson. Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is a remarkable material for use in endodontics. It is basically the ...


Statistical and other methodological issues in the production of

production of reliable experimental endodontic research and why they matter. DONALD M. BRUNETTE. It has long been assumed that science is self- correcting and that lack of reproducibility or even fraud will be uncovered in subsequent attempts to replicate observations or experiments. Recent studies have cast doubt on.


REVIEW Photoacoustic Endodontics using PIPS™: experimental

May 4, 2012 ... Photoacoustic Endodontics using PIPS™: experimental background and clinical protocol. Giovani Olivi1, Enrico DiVito2. 1 University of Genoa. 2 Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. ABSTRACT. The goal of endodontic treatment is to obtain effective cleaning and decontamination of the smear layer ...


Apical periodontitis development and bacterial response to

perform experiments under aseptic and controlled. Mo¨ller A˚JR, Fabricius L, Dahle´n G, Sundqvist G, Happonen R-P. Apical periodontitis development and bacterial response to endodontic treatment. Experimental root canal infections in monkeys with selected bacterial strains. Eur J Oral Sci 2004; 112: 207–215.


theoretical and experimental endodontic ultrasonic devices used

THEORETICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ENDODONTIC ULTRASONIC DEVICES. USED. Amza Gheorghe 1, Amza Oana Elena 2, Nitoi Dan 3, Apostolescu Zoia 4, Petrescu Valentin 5. 1 Polytechnic University of Bucharest, [email protected] 2 University of Medicine and Pharmacy, oana_amza @yahoo.com. 3 Polytechnic  ...


Biocompatibility of two experimental scaffolds for regenerative

regenerative endodontics. Objectives: The biocompatibility of two experimental scaffolds for potential use in revascularization or pulp regeneration was evaluated. Materials and Methods: One resilient lyophilized collagen scaffold ( COLL), releasing metronidazole and clindamycin, was compared to an experimental ...


Irrigant flow in the root canal: experimental validation of an unsteady

International Endodontic. Journal 43, 393–403, 2010. Aim To compare the results of a Computational Fluid. Dynamics (CFD) simulation of the irrigant flow within a prepared root canal, during final irrigation with a syringe and a needle, with experimental high-speed visualizations and theoretical calculations of an iden-.


Endodontic treatment of experimental root perforations in dog teeth

Abstraet - Experimental root perforations were made in 131 teeth of 5 mongrel dogs. The perforations were treated according lo five dilTerent endodontic teehniques and the results were ob- served after 3 weeks, 3 months and 1 year. The histologie reaetion was dominated by inflammation and downgrowth of gingival.


Antibacterial Effectiveness of Peracetic Acid and Conventional

This study evaluated the in vitro antibacterial activity of conventional and experimental endodontic irrigants against Enterococcus faecalis. The following substances were evaluated by direct contact test: 2.5% sodium hypochlorite ( NaOCl); 2% chlorhexidine (CHX);. 1% peracetic acid. After different contact periods (30 s, 1, 3, ...


Effect of photodynamic therapy (PDT) onEnterococcus

Conclusions. Photodynamic therapy killed E. faecalis in experimental primary endodontic infections and retreated human root canals. PDT is an effective supplement in root canal disinfection, especially in endodontic retreatments.


Experimentally Induced Anachoresis in the Periapical Region After

After obturation, coronal openings were restored with silver amalgam. Induction of anachoresis. Experimental bacteremia was induced at 120 days after endodontic treatment using Streptococcus pyogenes FOA-0307 (106 CFU in PBS ), which was applied by intravenous injection. The tested S. pyogenes strain had genetic ...


Experimental and numerical analysis of penetration/removal

Mar 7, 2017 ... Experimental and numerical analysis of penetration/removal response of endodontic instrument made of single crystal Cu-based SMA: comparison with NiTi SMA instruments. To cite this article: M Vincent et al 2017 Smart Mater. Struct . 26 045014. View the article online for updates and enhancements.


Effect of some endodontic sealers on cell migration in experimental

Effect of some endodontic sealers on cell migration in experimental granulomas. Barry Feiglin, B.D.Sc., Ph.D., Melbourne, Australia. THI UNIVERSITY. OF MELBOURNE. CRCS or calciobiotic root canal sealer (a calcium hydroxide- based sealer), Proco-sol and Tubliseal (both zinc oxide eugenol-based sealers), and Diaket- ...


Regeneration of periapical lesions post-endodontic treatment and

Jul 5, 2017 ... Regeneration of periapical lesions post-endodontic treatment and periapical surgeries in experimental animals utilizing thermo-responsive nano-β- tricalcium phosphate/chitosan hydrogel: a proof of concept. To cite this article: Wafa I Abdel- Fattah et al 2017 Biomed. Mater. 12 045007. View the article ...


Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry

try and Endodontics (Spain). - Benjamín Martín-Biedma - Area: Operative Dentistry and Endodontics (Spain). - Carlos Canalda Sahli - Area: Operative Dentistry and. Endodontics (Spain). - David Jaramillo - Area: Operative Dentistry and. Endodontics (United States). - Francesca Monticelli - Area: Operative Dentistry and.


efficency of photoactivated disinfection on experimental biofilm

ON EXPERIMENTAL BIOFILM – SCANING. ELECTRON MICROSCOPY RESULTS. Ivan Filipov, Kremena Markova, Elena Boyadzhieva. Department of Operative dentistry and Endodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine,. Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Journal of IMAB - Annual Proceeding (Scientific Papers) 2013, vol.


Testing endodontic sealers on human umbilical vein endothelial cells

Abstract: The toxic potential of the endodontic sealers ingredients, especially the unreacted monomer, that can irritate the periapical tissue and interfere with the healing process, thus having a negative impact on the biocompatibility of the material. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of three experimental  ...