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Grade 5: Module 4: Unit 3: Lesson 14 Editing Sentences and

GRADE 5: MODULE 4: UNIT 3: LESSON 14. Editing Sentences and Creating Visual and Multimedia Displays for a. Presentation. Agenda. Teaching Notes. 1. Opening. A. Homework Review and Engaging the Writer (5 minutes). 2. Work Time. A. Expanding, Combining, and Reducing Sentences for. Meaning and Style in an ...


Editing Checklist Grade 3-4

ISTEP+ Editing Checklist. 3 rd – 4th. Grade. Editing Checklist. 1. Have you started each sentence with a capital letter? 2. Have you capitalized names of people and places? 3. Have you used correct punctuation? 4. Have you spelled all words correctly? 5. Have you used the correct form of your action words (verbs)?.


Proofreading, Revising, & Editing Skills Success

LESSON 2. Writing Sentences. 21. LESSON 3. Avoiding Awkward Sentences. 33. LESSON 4. Creating Sentence Variety. 41. LESSON 5. Shaping Paragraphs. 49 ... Proofreading, Revising, and Editing Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day begins with a discussion about ..... Ms. Lundquist my second grade teacher has.


Grade 3‐5 MELD Grammar Mini‐Lessons

10-15 minute mini-lesson that help students apply proofreading and revision skills to writing. • The Smarter Balance Rubric, ELA CCSS Standards, AAL and MxAL Language Features, and. Students' Writing samples dictate the topics covered in these lessons. • Sentence Lifting. • Proofreading. – Students correct spelling ...


Proofreading and Editing Symbols O

Aug 14, 2015 ... punctuation mark. Example. ^ H e explained the rules of. Henderson middle School great skiing trips in the^)A/fnter. My friend Joe![ln^w green car. A .... proofreading symbols, (see page 5) to insert or delete letters as needed. ...... In addition your participation in class discussions, is a part of your grade. 13.


English Language Arts Grade 5

Use the “writing process” (prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, and editing) n/a. NOTE: Responses to questions 14 and 26 (short-response Reading and Listening questions) are not scored for writing mechanics. Writing mechanics is assessed in question 27, the editing paragraph. Standard and Performance Indicator ...


Editing Scoring Materials

Page 5. Grade 3. Question 1. Here is a paragraph a student wrote about a pet dog. The paragraph has some mistakes in capital letters and punctuation. Some sentences may have no mistakes. There are no mistakes in spelling. Read the paragraph, and find the mistakes. Draw a line through each mistake in the paragraph.


ELA Update: TEKS and TAKS

STAAR grades 3–5 assessments should be redesigned so that 85% of students can complete ... There will be a total of 32 points available for the grade 4 writing test. □ 24 multiple-choice questions. ▫ 8 revision questions (2 passages). ▫ 16 editing questions (2 passages). □ 8 points for the expository written composition.


Second and Third Grade Writing Folder

b) Get ideas on paper. 3. Revise. a) Vary beginnings of sentences. b) Vary length of sentences. c) Use more vivid words. (Both nouns and verbs) d) Avoid overused words. Use "instead of" words. 4. Edit your work. a) Peer conference. b) Correct spelling. c) Check punctuation. d) Correct grammar. 5. Type your work.

2nd 3rd Grade Writing Folder.pdf

Grade 5 English Language Arts Practice Test

read aloud the directions above the passage, and. • read aloud the Writing Topic and the other information under the Writing. Topic (all of page 5). When you are finished, you may check your work in this session but do not work on any other part of the test. Notes to Teacher: • The passage under the directions must NOT be ...


CMT Language Arts Handbook

Testing time (in minutes). 70. 75. 70. Degrees of Reading Power (DRP®) for CMT 4. Grades 3 and 4. Grades 5 and 6. Grades 7 and 8. Number of passages. 6. 7. 7 ... On CMT 4, each passage will contain both Editing & Revising questions at each grade level. There will no longer be separate editing passages and separate.


Grade Five

The K-5 Standards define what students should understand and be able to do by the end of each grade. ... through five are focused on developing comprehension strategies that will enable them to manipulate grade-level texts of appropriate ... Provide opportunities to correct punctuation of quotations in writing (edit).


th Grade – Informational Writing

Writers develop subtopic paragraphs for each chapter. 3-4 days. 5. Drafting. Writers include text features to support their subtopic paragraphs. 2-3 days. 6 ... Editing. Writers edit to prepare for publishing. 1-2 days. 10. Optional Possibility— no lesson plan and not a CCSS requirement but many students love to do this so it's up ...

Grade 4 Explicit Instruction Informational Writing Unit.pdf

Persuasive Essay: Grade 5 Writing Unit 3

4. Writers learn strategies for revising and editing persuasive essays. 5. Writers publish and share persuasive essays. Materials to be provided by the teacher: 1. ... Grade 5, 2011-2012, Lucy Calkins. 3. Writing to .... Session 13: Writers create concluding paragraphs for their persuasive essays that end with a final plea. W. 5.1 ...

Persuasive Essay.pdf

Peer Editing Sheet

Is the thesis statement the last sentence in the introductory paragraph? (If “no,” run. (don't walk) to the writer and tell him/her that immediate plastic surgery is required in order for his/her essay to earn a strong grade.) 5. Does the topic sentence present the main idea of the body paragraph? 6. Which literary devices are ...


SBAC - Sample Items - Grade 5 ELA

Test Design and Test. Specifications. ELA passage selection aligned to. CAS text complexity standards. Item writing. Item writing materials developed using CAS. Pilot test. Summative, interim, assessments in sample schools. SMARTER. Balanced. Assessment. SMARTER Balanced Assessment. 5 th. Grade ELA. Item Types ...


Primary Writing – Written Products Examples

5. The sentences begin with different words. Yes No. Yes No. 6. The sentences vary in length. Yes No. Yes No. (Word choice). 7. Descriptive words are used. ... rubric and/or the traits that have been emphasized: Ideas. Organization. Word Choice. Sentence Fluency. Voice. Editing. Edit writing for conventions including:.


Grade 5 ELA Blueprint

Guidance on Writing Tasks/Modes to Inform Instruction for Grade. 5. This chart offers guidance for creating high-quality text-based writing activities aligned to the ... passage set. •. 40 minutes. •. 2 passage sets*. •. 5–10 items per passage set. •. 40 minutes. •. 1 passage set*. •. 5–10 items per passage. •. 8–14 editing items ...


Grade 4 Writing Assessment

compound sentences, and audience; Readiness Standard. (D) edit drafts for grammar, mechanics, and spelling [using a ... STAAR Grade 4 Writing. Page 4 of 5. Texas Education Agency. Student Assessment Division. October 2015. Reporting Category 3: Editing. The student will demonstrate an ability to edit a variety of ...


Perfect Paragraphs

3. Order - list five points in a logical order that flows. 4. Topic Sentence - shape a topic sentence with controlling ideas. 5. Write - construct a clean paragraph beginning with a topic sentence, then supporting sentences, then a linking sentence. 6. Edit - check the paragraph for grammar, spelling, punctuation and word choice.