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Competition in the regeneration niche between conifers and

Functional Ecology,. 14, 401–412 regression analysis, height-growth rates of temperate conifer and angiosperm saplings were similar (Reich et al. 1995). The RGRs ...... paleoecology and physiological ecology. Ecophysiology of. Coniferous Forests (eds W. K. Smith & T. M. Hinckley), pp. 37–62. Academic Press, San Diego.


Cenozoic climate change shaped the evolutionary ecophysiology of

Jun 12, 2012 ... ecophysiology of the Cupressaceae conifers ... aDepartment of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064; bDepartment of Integrative Biology, University of. California, Berkeley ...... Beerling DJ, Osborne CP (2002) Physiological ecology of Mesozoic polar forests in.


Leaf-level resource use for evergreen and deciduous conifers along

2000 British. Ecological Society. 281. Blackwell Science, Ltd. Leaf-level resource use for evergreen and deciduous conifers along a resource availability gradient ... †Department of Forest Ecology and Management, 1630 Linden Drive, University of Wisconsin–Madison,. Madison ...... Physiological Ecology: Ecophysiology of.


Ecophysiology of urban trees and their management.

the exclusive property of physiological ecology, deriving from Lie- big's Law of the ... ecophysiology as applied to urban trees? Physiological ..... 2:38. 20. Grier, C.C. and S.W. Running. 1977. Leaf area of mature north- western coniferous forests: Relation to site water balance. Ecology. 46:801-807. 21. Griffin, J.R. 1972 .


Ecophysiological Parameters for Pacific Northwest Trees

physiological variables typically used as input parameters for biogeochemical models of coniferous and deciduous forested ecosystems in the Western United. States. Parameters are based on the ... tems for application to simulation modeling. Keywords: Ecological modeling, ecophysiology, Pacific Northwest forests.


Functional Ecology 2000 14, 281-292 Leaf-level resource use for

Ecology 2000. 14, 281-292. Leaf-level resource use for evergreen and deciduous conifers along a resource availability gradient. B. D. KLOEPPEL,*t S. T. GOWER,t J. G. ... •^Department of Forest Ecology and Management, 1630 Linden Drive, University of Wisconsin-Madison, ...... Physiological Ecology: Ecophysiology of.


Dave M Barnard

PhD, Tree Ecophysiology and Micrometeorology. Dissertation: An analysis of the physiology and environmental interactions that ... MSc, Forest Ecology and Physiology. Thesis: Stem sapwood water transport and storage strategies in three conifers from contrasting climates. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 2002-2006.


Physiological ecology of natural regeneration of harvested and

forest management; and expanded research with particular emphasis on seed biology, responses of tree species and genotypes ...... coniferous forests. Sunflecks sometimes comprise up to 80% of the total irradiance at the forest floor. (Chazdon and Pearcy, 1991). Physiological responses, growth, and survival of.


Ecophysiology of natural regeneration of forest stands in Spain

In this review, we focus on four groups of factors that influence natural regeneration: seeds (seed production, seed banks, seed viability, serotinous cones in conifers, seed dormancy and seed germination), seedling performance, sprouting and ecological factors of the site (soil characteristics, weed competition, temperature ...


Research Group of Forest Ecophysiology

British Ecological Society (Member 128272), Japanese Ecological Society, Plant Species. Biology, American ... -Editorial Boards-. Tree Physiology (1999, 2005-), Eurasian Journal of Forest Research (2000-), FOSNOLA .... 1) Prediction of forest dynamics and sustainability of mixed conifer-broadleaf forests based on a FACE  ...


Ecophysiology, a meeting point between function and management

Key words: tree physiology, ecophysiological parameters, forest ecosystem management. Resumen .... environment linked ecology and physiology and a new ...... Coniferous forests (Scots and Maritime pine): carbon and water fluxes, balances, and ecological and ecophysiological determinants. En: Fluxes of carbon,.


Ecophysiology of seedlings of three Mediterranean pine species in

Awada, Tala; Radoglou, Kalliopi; Fotelli, Mariangela N.; and Constantinidou, Helen I. A., "Ecophysiology of seedlings of three. Mediterranean pine ...... Lassoie , J. P., T. M. Hinckley, and C. C. Grier. 1985. Coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest. In Physiological Ecology of North American Plant Communities. Eds. B. F. ...


Research History at the Cedar River Watershed

Proceedings: Research on Coniferous Forest Ecosystems, p. 103,. Pacific NW Forest and Range Exp. Stat., Portland. 1973. McColl, J.G. 1973. A model of ion transport during moisture flow from a Douglas-fir forest floor. Ecology 54:181-187. McColl, J.G. 1973. Environmental factors influencing ion transport in a Douglas-fir .


Jaret S. Reblin

Jun 8, 2017 ... have taught laboratory courses in Plant Ecophysiology, Forest Ecology and Conservation ... Population Ecology, and Introductory Biology among others. Education. John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio. MS in Biology, 2001 ... parasitic plant on two host conifers with different ecophysiologies?


evapotranspiration: challenges in measurement and modeling from

measurements over deciduous and conifer forests, an assortment of crops, grasslands and wetlands. ... John King received an MS in Forest Ecology (1991) and PhD in. Plant Physiological Ecology (1997) from Duke University. ... and graduate courses in tree physiology, silvics, forest ecophysiology, and ecosystem science.


Strategies and Case Studies for Incorporating Ecophysiology into

mercial and ecological importance, southern pines, espe- ... amples of the physiological and morphological determi- nants of ... Most university forest management curriculums require a formal course in forest ecophysiology, and imparting a mental model of how the various biotic and abiotic components of a forest commu-.

Martin et al 2005a.pdf

Pines beyond the polar circle: Adaptation to stress conditions

hand, low survival and fertility may cause smaller effective population sizes, which in turn influences patterns of genetic variation. ... Ecology of the northern populations ..... Woodward, F.I., 1995. Ecophysiological controls of conifer distri- butions. In: W.K. Smith & T.M. Hinckley (Eds) . Ecophysiology of Coniferous Forests . pp.


Canopy stomatal conductance and xylem sap abscisic acid (ABA) in

Jul 2, 2002 ... Plant hormones and ecophysiology of conifers. In. Physiological Ecology: Ecophysiology of Coniferous Forests. Eds. W.K. Smith and T.M. Hinckley. Academic Press, London, pp. 63–78. Edwards, W.R.N., P. Becker and J. Èermàk. 1997. A unified nomen- clature for sap flow measurements. Tree Physiol.


Seed origin and warming constrain lodgepole pine recruitment

Jul 26, 2017 ... climate manipulation using infrared heaters in subalpine forests of the Southern. Rocky Mountains, USA. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 203, 142–157. Mitton JB (1995) Genetics and the physiological ecology of conifers. In: Ecophysiology of. Coniferous Forests (eds Smith WK, Hinckley TM), pp. 1–36.


Comparative study of genetic variation and differentiation of two

Keywords: allozymes, forest trees, genetic distance, heterozygosity, permutation test, simple sequence ... observed in broad-leaved as well as in coniferous tree ..... MITTON, J. B. 1995. Genetics and the physiological ecology of conifers. In: Smith, W. K. and Hinckley, T. M. (eds). Ecophysiology of Coniferous Forests, pp.