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Recorder Power Handout

PO Box 480054 Charlotte, NC 28269 | 844-509-1422 | [email protected] americanrecorder.org. 4. 6. Cuckoo (not in the video). I include this song as very easy practice for learning the note C. It uses only two notes, A & C, and only one finger needs to move. This piece is also fun to do with two alternating groups. One group is ...


MyNewsletterBuilder | January 20, 2011 Singing Games - Recorder

Jan 22, 2011 ... When the students can name the notes successfully, review some of the simple reading songs from previous grade levels by having students sing the letter names that you point to on the staff. (hand staff or a staff drawn on the board) When doing this, introduce some of the easy recorder songs that they'll be ...


How to Play Simple Songs

Hi! I'm Vicki Boeckman with the American Recorder Society. In this video series I will help you learn How to Play Simple Songs! I'll show you some basic note values and rhythms. You will learn a couple of different scales or parts of scales. Plus you'll learn how to articulate, or tongue, on the recorder. One of the important ...


Recorder Karate.pdf

If you choose to make your own Recorder Karate song list, the following tips should be helpful to you: First, be careful to use only reproducible sources if you copy songs for your students. Many beginning methods expect you to buy a separate book for each student. The songs shouldn't be too easy. The students should ...



Hymns Made Easy presents 60 standard hymns in simplified form. The hymns are written in two or three parts or .... That Saints may tune the lyre. With songs of joy, a happier strain,. To welcome in thy peaceful reign. .... The veil o'er the earth is beginning to burst. 4. How blessed the day when the lamb and the lion. Shall lie ...


Recorder Basics

Is there another song you can teach us? Composer: Sure! Let's learn a French song called “Au Claire de la lune,” or what I call “Moonlight,” for short. Use Gino's Checklist for Easy Recorder Playing if your students are having a hard time remembering all the things they must do and think about in order to play the recorder.


Camden Whole Class Recorders Book 1

speakers or headphones, please look at our web pages: You'll find practice information for your class, demo versions and accompaniments to play along with , for all the tunes in this book. If you can already read music and don't want to use the beginner notation, there are versions in standard notation at the back of the book ...


4th Grade Recorder Newsletter

There are two fundamental reasons for learning to play the recorder. By learning to play a relatively easy woodwind instrument like the recorder, fourth graders become much better prepared to tackle the more ... For each song or skill the student learns, practices, and performs for Mrs. Steinmetz, he/she receives a different ...


1 Differentiating Recorder Instruction in General Music Classroom

Jan 20, 2016 ... [email protected] Differentiating Recorder Instruction in General Music Classroom. Whole-Part-Whole Instruction. Whole. Part. Whole. Acculturating the song through singing. Learning patterns of the song. Playing the entire song. ACTIVITY EXAMPLES1. 1. Playing Recorder. Activity Type. Procedure.



Teacher will ask students to play through the song 'Just B' and assess their performance as a whole using the performer and instrumental checklists with one compliment and one wish. 4. Students will try the song once again and attempt to do so with no mistakes.


8 Easy Christmas Duets For Recorder

Arranged By David Burndrett. 8 Easy Christmas Duets. Good King Wenceslas. Descant Recorder 1. Descant Recorder 2.... mf... mp.. D. Rec 1. D. Rec 2..... 9. D. Rec 1. D. Rec 2.



The contents of this document may be changed in the future without advanced notice. Contact our Customer Support Center for the latest information relating to product names and model numbers. • The illustration of the screen and the recorder shown in this manual may differ from the actual product. The utmost care has ...


Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli - Best Album - For Easy Piano

HAYAO MIYAZAKI &STUDIO GHIBLI. ~A~· 7Jllltll. BEST ALBUM. For EASY PIANO. IMAGE ALBUM & SOUND TRACK ..... This PDF file is distributed FREE OF CHARGE; if you paid for it, get a refund. You are welcome to make copies and .... no T%ro -Endl"8 Sbudailta. ~ l" l;;;i;;;;;;I. {My Netsbbor T%ro -The EndlIVJ Song } ...


IC Recorder

IC Recorder. Operating Instructions. Getting Started. Basic Operations. Other Recording Operations. Other Playback Operations. Editing Files. About the Menu Function ..... When you use the IC recorder for the first time or when no file is recorded, the following window may be displayed. P Notes. • If you do not press N PLAY/.


Dreidel Song – Flute Oboe

5œ œ œ œ 6œœ Œœ 7œ œ œœ 8w. &bb. 9œ œ œ œ 10œœ Œ œ 11œ œœ œ 12w. &bb. 13œœœœ 14œœŒœ 15œ œ œœ 16w. &bb .. 17œœœœ 18œœ Œ œ 19œ œœ œ 20w. The Dreidel Song. Jewish Folk Song. Arrangement by www. GoBando.com. Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved. Flute/Oboe. (Beginner Level).


Recorder and Differentiated Instruction

combine with orchestration and SR from previous lesson. H. Evidence of DI: Whole class instruction, small-group work, back to whole-class work for final result. Interest Center: More information about the origins of the song, as well as extra verses. Learning Center: Key parts of the song, with SR recorder fingerings above.

Recorder and Differentiated Instruction.pdf

Download the Recorder World teachers guide.

The children will learn the basic techniques of recorder playing and develop the musical skills needed to continue ... Demonstrate how this hand should be at the top of the recorder with the other (right hand) gently .... Mamma Mia video – many of the children will be familiar with this song but may not realise how 'old' it is.


The Application of Gordon's Empirical Model of Learning

these notes as well as some basic rhythmic notation using The Classroom Recorder. (Burakoff 81 Burakoff, 1970). Treatment for the/control group involved a teaching- learning procedure in which individual fingerings, pitches, and rhythm symbols were presented one at a time and then assembled in the playing of songs ...


schedule of classes

For all recorders. Get your mojo back! Susan Richter: alto recorder learning to play “up”. All recorders. We will focus on alto recorder, learning to read and play parts in the range ... Danny Johnson & Bruce Brogdon: Lute songs by Dowland, Campion, Caccini (Intermediate & up) ... This was the original "easy listening" music!



It comes down to one simple, unavoidable fact: Every note you play that's not recorded is lost forever. Whether it's a new song idea, a hot riff or just a phrase that you need to practice over and over, record it and it's yours. To hear again. To share. To develop. To improve on. All it takes to capture your art is a multitrack ...