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Earth, Earth's Moon, Mars Balloons

o http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/press/spirit/20040311a/11-ml-02-earth-. A067R1_br.jpg. Please Print: (A) Earth, Earth's Moon, Mars Comparison. – 1 per student. (B) Relative Size & Distance Sheet. – 1 per student. (C) Student Reflection. – 1 per student. Optional Materials. (D) “Earth, Earth's Moon, Mars Balloons” ...


Mars Matters

Apr 12, 2016 ... MARS MATTERS: REFLECTIONS ON THE SIX-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF. PRESIDENT OBAMA'S LANDMARK SPEECH AT THE. KENNEDY SPACE ... “ Mars matters.” Because its formulation and evolution are comparable to Earth's … Mars matters. Because we know that at one time it had conditions ...



Animals in the Cold: http://esero.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/07_Animals-in- the-cold.pdf. • Could humans ever live on Mars? What would they need to take with them? • How could you describe the Earth to an alien? http://esero.ie/wp- content/uploads/2015/01/05_Where-do-you-live.pdf. REFLECTION. • Did I meet my ...


Mars Exploration camp

Compare and contrast Earth and Mars .... Mars Exploration 5. Journal Reflection and Discussion Time. Mission Link. Viking 1 & 2 – Orbiters and Landers 1975 & 1976. Post these missions in the classroom. .... Explore: Do the Physical Processes on Earth that Led to an Environment Suitable for Life Also Exist on Mars?


Plasma and Magnetic Field

Martian Ionosphere and Its Effects on Propagation. (Plasma and Magnetic Field). 2.1 Introduction. As an ionized medium, the ionosphere plays a special role in radio wave propagation. The. Martian ionosphere differs from Earth's in a number of ways. Due to the greater distance from the Sun at Mars than Earth, the weaker  ...


Our Solar System

Are all the other planets similar to Earth, or are they very different? 2. Do other planets have moons like Earth's Moon? 3. How do astronomers know what the other planets are made of? 4. Are all the planets made of basically the same material? 5. What is the difference between an asteroid and a comet? 6. What determines ...


Earth, Earth's Moon, Mars Balloons

o http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/press/spirit/20040311a/11-ml-02-earth-. A067R1_br.jpg. Please Print: From Student Guide. (A) Earth, Earth's Moon, Mars Comparison – 1 per student. (B) Relative Size & Distance Sheet. – 1 per student. (C) Student Reflection. – 1 per student. Optional Materials. From Teacher Guide.


Radar penetrates only the youngest geological units on Mars

May 25, 2010 ... reflections is due to the more Earth‐like radar properties of Mars, as compared to the. Moon‐like properties that were anticipated. Citation: Stillman, D. E., and R. E. Grimm (2011), Radar penetrates only the youngest geological units on Mars, J. Geophys. Res., 116, E03001, doi:10.1029/2010JE003661. 1.


Nonthermal escape of the atmospheres of Venus, Earth, and Mars

EARTH, AND MARS. Bernie D. Shizgal • and Gregory G. Arkos. Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences,. University of British Columbia,. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Abstract. ... as the exosphere. For Earth the exobase is at approxi- ...... reflection of the actual exosphere, although one could consider the ...


Evidence for a simple pathway to maghemite in Earth and Mars soils

Evidence for a simple pathway to maghemite in Earth and Mars soils ... diffraction pattern exhibits superstructure reflections. ... Magnetite in Earth soils can also be the result of synthesis by magnetotactic bacteria (Fassbinder et al., 1990) and, possibly, extracellular synthesis (from Fe oxides and Fe2) by dissimilatory iron-.



World War. SPECULAR REFLECTIONS. The question of attempts by inhabitants of Mars to communicate with Earth by means of mirrors aside, the possibility of observing natural reflections from Martian seas was also considered. Through a telescope, Mars presents an ochre disk dappled with dusky markings and crowned ...


Absorption and reflection of radio waves in the Martian ionosphere

Mars, for the same electron density and signal frequency, is much more severe than in Earth's atmosphere. 2. Observations and analysis. MARSIS can be operated either in a ground sounding mode or in the Active Ionosphere Sounder (AIS) mode. Here we use data obtained in the AIS mode. The radar operates between ...


The ionosphere of Mars

Earth's ionosphere has been probed extensively by radar methods: – Send pulses of gradually increasing frequency upwards. – Then measure the delay until the reflected pulse is detected. – The frequency at which reflection ceases gives the density. – The delay gives the height. Ionospheric structure - 2. Fig from  ...


Solar System Scale

diameter. (kilometers). Sun (a star). 0. 1,391,980. Mercury. 0.39. 58,000,000. 4,880. Venus. 0.72. 108,000,000. 12,100. Earth. 1.00. 150,000,000. 12,800. Mars . 1.52 ... AU – astronomical unit, which is the distance from the Earth to the Sun. ... Assessments: Have students write a reflection paper on what they learned in this.


Flux and the 'inverse-square' law e.g., Sun's flux at the planet Mars

(Because 1 J s-1 = 1 W, by definition). Flux, S, from a star drops off with increasing distance. In fact, it decreases with the square of the radial distance, r, from the star, as. S µ 1/ r2. e.g., Sun's flux at the planet Mars. Solar flux. = Distance from Sun. = 1.5 A.U.. Mars. Solar flux. =1370 Wm-2. Distance from Sun. = 1 A.U.. Earth.


Abrasion by Aeolian Particles: Earth and Mars

TECH LIERARY KAFB, NY. 00b2345. NASA Contractor Report 3788. Abrasion by Aeolian Particles: Earth and Mars. R. Greeley. Arizona State University. Tempe, Arizona. S. Williams. University of Santa Clara. Santa Clara ...... travelling at greater heights are also travelling at higher speeds. Evidently, this is a reflection.


Preliminary Analysis of Establishing Cycler Trajectories Between

Many cycler concepts have been proposed to provide safe and comfortable quarters for astronauts traveling between the Earth and Mars. However, no literature has appeared to show how these massive vehicles might be placed into their cycler trajectories. In this paper, we explore the use of V∞ leveraging to establish ...


TFAWS-2014-PT-09 Paper

May 6, 2011 ... Thermal environments were determined around ISS/Shuttle in Earth and Mars orbits and also around ... solar and IR fluxes and those sink temperatures were compared for Earth and Mars as well as LEO and. GEO. .... Planetary Infrared – infrared fluxes reflecting off of the planet and reaching the spacecraft.


Navigating a Spacecraft

throw the hall at exactly the right speed and assume where the catcher will be according to his or her running speed. In the same way, a launch from Earth to Mars must consider the speed of the spacecraft and the speed of Mars in its orbit around the Sun. To add to the complication, Earth too is moving in orbit around the ...


Unraveling Earth's Early History — High School Sample Classroom

The term “planetary bodies” as used in this task is a general term that refers to the Moon, Mars, and Earth. Materials Needed. All materials are provided. If the teacher decides to allow students to use a spreadsheet/plotting program or graphing calculators, then the students need to have access to such tools and know how to.